A married woman’s passion is ignited by a young stranger

Laura kissed her husband on the lips and watched as he turned, picked up his carry-on bag and headed down the tunnel to the waiting plane. She still couldn’t believe that he was going to Florida and leaving her in Minne-fucking-apolis — in January! In prior years she’d gone with him to his partners meetings. But not this year. In the interest of cost savings and efficiency, this year spouses weren’t permitted.

She watched as he disappeared from sight, then she turned and headed back to the main concourse. It wasn’t fair, she thought. The spouses had to put up with the long hours, had to entertain the clients, and had to be the perfect company wives. And then they get left behind, in January, in Minne-fucking-apolis! It just wasn’t fair!

Laura Sanderson was a 34 year old homemaker. She’d given up a promising career of her own to follow her husband from Phoenix to Minneapolis. Where once her life had been full of meetings and deadlines, now it was full of empty time; empty time she tried to fill while she waited for her husband.

And she’d been so looking forward to this trip. She’d even bought a new bikini especially for the occasion. And what a bikini it was, what there was of it. Not many women her age could wear such a skimpy garment. But she could. Her blonde hair, 5’9″frame and 36C, 25, 36 measurements still looked awesome in a bikini. To bad she wouldn’t get to flaunt it for her husband, she thought wistfully.

Oh well, she thought. When things look their bleakest, it’s time to shop! And being only 2:00 PM on Saturday, she still had plenty of time.

* * *

‘That was sure a waste of time,’ she thought as she pulled out of the mall parking lot. Over two hours of shopping and nothing to show for it. Could it be that she was losing her touch? Oh, well. If she hurried, she could still make it to Beverly’s before they closed.

Beverly’s was a small women’s boutique in a strip mall on the way home. It was very pricy, and naturally, one of her favorite shops. It was quarter to six when she pulled into the parking lot. She knew it was almost closing time, but she was such a good customer that Bev never hesitated to stick around to see that she was satisfied.

“Can I help you?” a young woman asked as she entered the store.

“No thanks,” she said. “I usually deal with Beverly.”

“I’m sorry,” the lady responded. “Bev’s not in today. My name’s Candy. Is there anything I can help you with?”

Laura hesitated, looking over the young lady. She was in her early 20’s, probably 22 or 23, and about 5’7″ with strawberry blonde hair. Her slightly small breasts were more than offset by her long, slender legs and firm buttocks. And she was exquisitely dressed.

“Maybe,” Laura replied. “Let me browse a bit. I haven’t seen you before. Are you new?”

“Yep,” she answered. “I started a couple weeks ago. I’m in my last semester at the university, so I only work a couple of days a week.”

“I see. Well, let me look around a bit. I’ll call you if I have any questions.”

“We close in a few minutes,” Candy said, “but I’m in no hurry to be anywhere, so take all the time you need.”

“Thanks,” Laura said as the young woman walked away. She seemed nice enough, but there was something about her. Something she couldn’t quite put a finger on. Oh well, she thought, and she refocused her attention on shopping.

* * *

Laura was looking at sweaters when Candy returned. “The store’s all locked up,” she smiled. “I’m completely at your disposal. Is there anything in particular you’re looking for?”

“Well,” Laura began. “What I’m really looking for is something sexy, something a little risqué.”

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