A married couple purchases Melinda for the night

Being a submissive wife has its ups & downs.

The hard part was the added responsibility. Kelly was a strong business minded woman. She worked hard all day as an office manager. At night, or on the weekends, she still had to work. A different kind of work. She was a sexual submissive to her husband, catering to his every need. It was a role she willing embraced.

The good part was the feeling it gave her. She loved pleasing her husband. It gave Kelly comfort to be submissive to him, because he knew how to treat her properly, and with great respect. It made Kelly feel safe to be in his bondage. Tied by his ropes. And then there were the orgasms. The lovely orgasms. That was the best part of being a submissive wife. All the orgasms she could ever want.

It gave their marriage a much needed jolt whenever possible. After several years of marriage, any way to spice up their love life was always a good thing.

As she undressed from her office attire, she wore a soft pair of silk stockings, a white pair of bra & panties, and a see-through negligee.

It wasn’t something she wore often. And she wasn’t required to dress like that around the house. It was something she chose to do for that particular evening, which was very special.

Richard came home around 6 pm. He had been working a little later than usual thanks to a big merger his company had been working on.

“You look amazing,” he said upon seeing his wife.

Kelly was in the kitchen in her sexy little outfit preparing a home cooked dinner. There was a row of candles which were arranged in the dining room, but hadn’t been lit yet.

“I thought I’d do something special, since, you know, today is a pretty special day for us,” she said.

“Did you think I forgot?”

Her eyebrow raised. “Did you?”

“Our 10th anniversary.”

She smiled, “You remembered.”

“I did. And I also got you something. A nice little surprise.”

He took something out of his pocket and held it upright to show his wife. From the short distance, Kelly couldn’t tell what it was, but it looked like a key card or something.

Kelly sharpened her eyes and put her hands on her hips. “Well, are you going to tell me what it is, or am I going to have to guess?”

He put it back in his pocket. “I can’t give you all the details yet. But it’s something I know you’re going to be thrilled with.”

“Any hints?”

“What do you want?” Richard asked. “What do you want to have happen to you? Would you be interested in another woman?”

She flashed a skeptical look. “Is this another one of your games?”

“I’m absolutely serious. Would you be with another woman if you had the opportunity?”

She paused. “It’s something I’ve been interested in for a while. You already know that.”

“Then we’ll make it happen tonight,” he said. “I want our 10th anniversary to be unforgettable. I mean it, tonight will be special, and unlike anything we’ve ever done before.”

She squinted at him. “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“I got us tickets for a very unique event. We’ve never been there before, but I’ve heard many great things about it from people I trust.”

“Sounds exciting.”

“Of course it’s exciting. Anything you want to happen, it will come true, sexually speaking. Think, what do you want to have happen? What do you want your first lesbian experience to be like?”

Kelly used her vivid imagination. “I’d like bondage to be involved in some way. Maybe I’m tied up and she comes over and licks me. That’s how I’d imagine my first time to be.”

“What would you want her to look like? Any preferences? You can have whatever you want.”

“It doesn’t matter. Just as long as she’s sweet. Preferably not a lesbian. I’d like to have the same experience level as her so we can kind of explore it together. I guess that would be my ideal scenario.”

“You can pick the woman you want.”

“I can?” she asked.

“You pick, and she will be yours. Whatever suits your needs.”

Both of Kelly’s eyebrows raised. “Oh my.”

“How would you feel if I fucked her?”

She gave a playfully sharp look. “Looking for an excuse to cheat?”

“Technically, you would be cheating too, since she’d be eating your pussy and making you cum.”

“Touche,” she smiled.

“So how would that make you feel?”

Kelly and Richard gave each other playful expressions. They were always totally honest with each other. And they had been married long enough to know each other’s thoughts.

“Now that you mention it, it does sound pretty hot. Having a threesome is not something I think about often. But it’s crossed my mind on certain occasions, here and there.”

“Just think, you would be tied in bed, this other woman eating your pussy, then I’d fuck her. Nice and hard. Maybe you can clean her afterwards with your mouth. Enticing, isn’t it?”

“God, this all sounds so deviant,” she said with a slightly nervous tone in her voice.

“But does it make you wet? That’s the big question.”

“Sure, I suppose. My first lesbian orgasm followed by a threesome. That’s enough to make any woman moist.”

“Then it’s settled. We’re doing it.”

Kelly raised an eyebrow. “If you keep talking like this, you’re going to make me drip all over the floor and I’ll have a real mess to clean.”

“That means I’m doing something right.”

“You always do.”

Richard smiled, “For our 10th anniversary, your dreams will come true. This is going to be an amazing night. Come on, wear a nice dress. I’m taking you out for a nice romantic dinner. Afterwards, I’m taking you someplace special. A place we’ve never been before.”

“You still haven’t told me where we’re going.”

“You’ll find out when we get there,” Richard replied. “I promise you will be satisfied. Now get dressed.”

“I’ve got the perfect black dress for tonight,” Kelly said. “It’s new. I’ve been dying to wear it.”

“After dinner, you won’t be wearing it for very long.”

“I love you Richard. The past 10 years of my life have been a great adventure, you know that, don’t you?”

“I love you too,” he replied. “And the adventure is just beginning.”

There was a playful expression on Kelly’s face. She knew she could trust her husband. He always made the right choices for her. But the secrecy was what grabbed her attention. Richard was never a secretive person. But tonight was different.

Kelly put away the pots & pans, and put the food back in the fridge, while she was still dressed in her skimpy outfit. She was curious about her husband’s surprise for their 10th anniversary. Whatever it was, it must have been good.

However, she had no idea how good things were going to be. It was the perfect anniversary gift that was going to take their sex life to a whole new level.

Part 1 of 3: The Slave

Melinda waited alone in the room.

It was sort of an office. Sort of a library. There were books all around the walls. And there was a large wooden desk. There was a chair in front of the desk for Melinda to sit later. There was also a video recorder sitting on a tripod, facing her. It was turned off at the moment.

The room was a place of elegance & sophistication.

She was only there because a close friend had recommended that particular organization. She was told that everything was professionally run, and so far, that appeared to be the case. Everything was handled in a corporate-like manner.

The door opened and in walked the Madame. She was tall, voluptuous, and she wore an elegant gown. She had a powerful demeanor about her, which was to be expected from a prominent Madame.

Melinda stood.

“Thank you for waiting,” the Madame said.

They shook hands.

“No worries. I understand you’re a busy woman.”

“I’m always busy, but I love what I do.”

“I can see that.”

“Have you found everything to your liking?” the Madame asked. “I hope my staff has been helpful with you.”

“Yes, very much so, thank you.”

“Great. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to begin recording this interview session now,” the Madame said. “I have a tight schedule. Please, have a seat.”

Melinda sat down while the Madame activated the video recorder. Then the Madame sat behind the desk and got comfortable, as the two women looked at each other.

“We’re going to begin the interview now,” the Madame said.

Melinda nervously nodded. “Okay.”

“I’ve already reviewed your resume and medical records. Everything looks acceptable. This is the final phase of your audition. We like to record this so our organization can make things more suitable for you.”

“I understand.”

“State your name for the camera,” the Madame ordered.

“Melinda Cartwell.”



“Marital status?”



“I’m a paralegal,” Melinda replied. “I help lawyers prepare cases, interview clients, do research, that sort of thing.”

“How would you describe your appearance?”

Melinda thought for a moment. “I have shoulder length hair. Slightly wavy. Auburn color, which is kind of brownish. Average build. I’ve been told that I’m attractive.”

“Do you agree?” the Madame asked.

“If that’s what people think, then that’s their opinion.”

“I’m asking your opinion. Do you agree that you’re attractive?”

“I think I am. I’m definitely not supermodel attractive, but I’m fine with my appearance.”

“What’s your best facial feature?”

“Probably my eyes. They’re dark blue. I like them.”

“I’d have to agree,” the Madame noted. “Piercing blue eyes. A cute nose. And pretty lips. You have a very lovely face.”

“Thank you.”

“And your body? How would you describe your body?”

“My proportions are fairly average. I stay in shape by running on the weekends and doing yoga on the weekdays.”

“How would you describe your breasts?”

Melinda thought for a moment. “They’re small handfuls. Firm. Slightly upturned. They’re shaped like pears. My areolas are light pink. I have pink nipples which protrude.”

“Are your nipples sensitive?”


“Do you play with your nipples when you masturbate?”

“Sometimes,” Melinda acknowledged.

“And your legs and butt? How would you describe them?”

“Fairly toned,” Melinda replied, with a hint of pride in her voice. “It’s from all the exercising that I do in my free time.”

“Now tell me about your sexual experience. Have you had many partners?”

“Not really,” Melinda replied. “Less than 7, in my whole life. I’m more of a relationship type person than someone who goes around looking for one night stands.”

The Madame smiled, “And yet here you are, being adventurous.”

“I know,” Melinda blushed.

“Would you describe yourself as being sexually adventurous?”

“Not exactly.”

“Then what brings you here?”

“The experience,” Melinda replied. “I’d like to experience something new, just for myself. It’s hard to explain, but I’d like to explore my sexuality while I’m still young. I’m sure you hear that a lot.”

“All the time,” the Madame agreed. “So, do you like experimenting with new things?”

“Sure, sometimes. Who doesn’t?”

“Do you like to experiment with anal?”

“I’ve done it with a few of my past partners. Not all the time, but it’s enjoyable once and a while.”

“Threesomes?” the Madame asked.


“Would you be open to the possibility?”

“I’d be open to it. I wouldn’t mind if it was with the right people. Especially if I was, you know, the submissive of the group. I wouldn’t know what to do otherwise.”

“How about bondage?”

“I have experience with light bondage. Nothing extreme or hardcore. Just homemade stuff, with things around the house, stuff like that. Nothing painful either.”

“Was your bondage experience fulfilling?”

“It was okay,” Melinda replied truthfully. “I’m not very experienced with it. Neither were my past partners. It was sort of playing around with a fun little fantasy.”

“Bondage is an art. Not many people are good at it.”

“I agree.”

“What about lesbian encounters,” the Madame asked. “Have you ever been with a woman before?”

“I’ve had a few lesbian experiences in college with a roommate. Nothing since then.”

“Did you enjoy it? Do you still think about it?”

Melinda smiled, “Yes and yes.”

“Do you think you’re good at eating pussy?”

“I’ve been told I am.”

“All things considered, I think you would be great with couples. You have such a natural spark about you, you’re curious, open minded, and you swing both ways when necessary.”

“I’ve never thought about being with a couple before,” Melinda replied. “But it sounds doable. I think I’m up for that.”

The Madame nodded. “You’re a very attractive woman Melinda, with a wonderful personality. We’re happy to have you here.”

“Thank you.”

“Now that leads us to the final three questions. The most important questions. First, how submissive are you? Tell me about your submissive side.”

Melinda gathered her thoughts. “Ever since I became a sexual person, I knew I was submissive. Maybe I didn’t understand it right away, but I knew what I liked. I enjoy being controlled and ‘taken’ in the bedroom.”


“There’s a freedom in letting go. When I am told what to do, or if I’m bound, all control is lost. To me, there’s a freedom in that. Everything is out of my hands. I feel safe and warm. And I love the feeling of being the center of sexual attention. My body is being worshiped and used by my partner.”

There was a sexual tension in the air. It was raw emotion. Melinda was letting go during the recorded interview. And the Madame was enjoying every second of seeing Melinda’s vulnerable side.

“Now the second question,” the Madame said. “Are you ready to become a slave?”

“I am.”


“I take orders well. I enjoy being told what to do, and how to do it. Even with my job, I’m very punctual with all of my boss’s orders. I can handle light pain. As long as it’s not too painful, I’ll enjoy it. It’s all part of being a good submissive, right?”

“You’re right,” the Madame agreed. “Now for the third and final question. Why do you want to be auctioned for a night?”

“It’s the ultimate submissive fantasy. You know, looking my best, being admired, then being bought by a total stranger. I love the idea of being sexually used by someone I’ve never met. It’s very taboo.”

“Do you think you can handle the pressure?”

“I think so,” Melinda replied.

“How do you know?”

“Because I think I’ll get off on it. It’s hard to explain. But I know I’ll enjoy it. I’ll definitely be nervous, but I could handle it.”

The Madame smiled and graciously stood. She lifted the video recorder from the tripod and held it in her hand. Then she walked towards Melinda and stood in front of her.

“We’re done with the questions,” the Madame said, pointing the camera down at Melinda. “The final part of the process is to see if you can actually perform under pressure.”


While still pointing the camera down, the Madame lifted the lower part of her gown and exposed her bare vagina.

“Now, perform for the camera,” the Madame said. “Impress me.”

Without hesitation, Melinda leaned forward and pressed her lips to the bare skin of the Madame.


The training was a very informal thing.

When Melinda had extra time away from work, she would visit the Madame in the same place where she did the interview.

There, she was schooled in the art of being a proper obedient slave.

“You have much to learn,” the Madame said. “Fortunately, you are a naturally gifted submissive. Training you will be easy.”

And the Madame was right.

Melinda was a natural. She was groomed in the art of good submissive behavior and proper manners. She was taught the intricacies of giving oral sex. And she was taught the proper way to relax when being bound.

As Melinda went about her normal life, the auction was always in the back of her mind. When she was working as a paralegal, spending time with her mother & sisters, or going to coffee shops with her friends, she couldn’t help think about the decision she had made.

A part of her felt she was crazy for doing such a thing. Another part of her knew it was exactly what she wanted. After all, the Madame ran a highly professional operation and everything was safe.

But if she didn’t do it, she knew she would always regret it.

Melinda was in the prime of her life. She was a grown woman. And she had chosen to make a decision which would impact her forever.

Part 2 of 3: The Auction

It was the night of the big auction.

She sat in a small private room while a make-up artist fixed her appearance. It was a short process, and when it was done, Melinda opened her eyes to see that she was prepared like a Hollywood actress ready for a big premiere. Perfect in every way. Her hair had been nicely done too.

The make-up artist left the room and Melinda stood in front of a small wardrobe, deciding what to wear.

After a brief thought, she decided on a see-through pair of a black bra & panties. She wore the tiny outfit and examined herself in the mirror. Next came the high heels on her feet, and she took another look at herself.

Melinda could barely recognize her reflection.

Gone was the educated legal assistant. Gone was the girl next door. Gone was the proper young woman.

There stood Melinda, the slave, complete with glamorous make-up, well done hair, and a bra which was thin enough to reveal the color of her nipples.

As she looked at her reflection, she wondered who her purchaser would be. Would it be a man? A woman perhaps? Would the person be gentle or rough?

God, she hoped the person would be gentle. Melinda was a woman who liked her submission to be treated with love and care. She was an affectionate submissive. That was the kind she liked. She wanted a thoughtful dominant. Either way, she was prepared to accept the outcome. She was an adult woman who made a choice to be there.

After all, it was her big fantasy.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Melinda said.

The door opened and the Madame entered, wearing a beautiful long red dress. Her make-up was also done nicely. The Madame’s eyes looked up & down the submissive, pleased with what she saw.

“Gorgeous as ever,” the Madame complimented, closing the door.

“Thank you.”

The Madame was holding a black collar, and instantly, Melinda knew what it was for. But the Madame didn’t talk about the collar, not yet at least.

“How do you feel?” the Madame asked. “Nervous at all?”

“A little bit. Partly excited.”

“I can assure you, that’s a very normal feeling for a woman in your position. It’s perfectly healthy.”

“Well I’m glad to hear it.”

“You’ll do fine,” the Madame reassured. “Mentally, you’re in the right place. And we have so many great people looking to purchase a slave tonight. You’ll be in good hands.”

Melinda smiled, “I’m very happy to hear it.”

“What’s your biggest hope for the night?”

“To have the anonymous stranger push me to the limits. I’d like to explore. I mean, that’s the purpose of all of this, right?”

The Madame nodded and gave a slight smile. “Yes it is. And I can promise you that your desire to be pushed will be met. You see, the clients that come here to purchase slaves are very experienced. They know exactly what they’re doing. So your submissive side will be pleased when the night is over.”

“You’re making me even more nervous, but in a good way.”

“Don’t be nervous,” the Madame replied graciously. “Now tell me, what’s your biggest fear?”

“That whoever purchases me will be unkind. You know, that sort of thing. I don’t like pain, not the bad kind anyway.”

The Madame smiled, “I can assure you, that won’t happen. All of our members and clients will handle you with the utmost care.”

“That’s what I’ve heard. And that’s part of the reason why I’ve decided to become a slave here.”

“Speaking of which, it’s almost time. You can wait here if you’d like, or behind the stage. My assistants will guide you to the stage when it’s your turn.”
Melinda took a deep breath. “The butterflies in my stomach. My goodness. I’m nervous. But I’m ready.’

The Madame rubbed the shoulders of the trained slave. It was done in a motherly and caressing way.

“You’re a strong woman. You can do this.”

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