A loving tale between a worrisome daughter and her troubled father.

It was late on a Friday night and I was waiting in the sitting room for my dad to return from work. He had recently been promoted in his already well-paying job, which was fantastic news to the both of us, but we soon realized the cons of this promotion. He had to work longer hours, which he truly didn’t mind as he has worked hard his entire life to support me, his darling daughter.

My mom died giving birth to me which shattered my father’s heart. She was his one true love, the woman of his dreams, and for her to die to give me life was the most painful and heartwarming thing to ever happen in his life. All the love he had for my mom was now put onto me. He made sure that I was always one hundred percent happy in whatever I was doing, be that school, sports, friends you name it! He made sure that it was right for me no matter the price.

As I grew older, we began to build a relationship. I know some kids would be distraught if their father wanted to spent time with them but I always had time for mine. I knew he loved me so much with all the sacrifices he has made throughout the years just so I could live comfortably, even if it meant he didn’t. I truly look up to him and know how a real man should act which I’m so eternally grateful for.

Another con to his promotion is that he had to mingle and micromanage dozens of people. Let’s just say that he’s not very extroverted as he’s always preferred to stay at home with a group of small friends than to go out clubbing. With this new arrangement he began to build up stress. Stress wasn’t new to him as you can imagine, raising a daughter by yourself would give you way too much of it, but I apparently made it easy for him as we built a close friendship. I would even go as far and say that he’s my best friend and hopefully he’d say the same. We always crack jokes together, often directed towards a flaw we have which always ended up with us roaring with laughter. Like I said, I truly love and look up to the man, which made what I was about to do turn my stomach.

See, I had entered into a sex education program in my high school. It was aimed towards students sixteen years of age and up as teenage pregnancy was on a high in our area. When I told my father he seemed thrilled. He always supported me especially when it came to furthering my education.

The teacher for the class was a lovely old lady named Miss Evergreen, who seemed to know her stuff very well. She had the kindest face I’ve ever seen. It was wrinkled and creamy white of colour with dark brown eyes that looked like chocolate swirling around in a blender. Her hair was cut to her shoulders, which suited her perfectly as her brown, frizzy hair flowed down her head almost angelically. She would smile at you when asking a question and her voice could make you fall asleep, which definitely did happen to a few people in the class. She never raised her voice not even once. She somehow managed to control the whole class with her soft-spoken mouth. I absolutely adored her and made the very awkward subject seem so peaceful.

One day, she was on the benefits of having sex. She rambled on about how having a healthy sex life can improve your life by lowering your blood pressure, having a better immune system and much more. One of the benefits was a lowering of your stress and anxiety levels. As soon as those words flooded my eardrums I thought of my father and how stressed and unlike himself he was ever since getting promoted. Ideas soon followed, ‘Should I try get someone to hook up with him?’ ‘Who would even want to fucked him? None of my friends and I’m not going to ask their moms or go to the strip club. That would be far too weird’. I sat there thinking of what I could do when it dawned on me ‘How long has my dad gone without sex?’.

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