a letter to Lisa’s husband from her bull master giving him an update on her progress

So I know I promised to keep you up to date with your wife’s submission and slut training.

I still think back to that first time when you chatted to me about Lisa, I mean I had spotted her many times before and had lustful thoughts, I’d seen you two head out on your woodland walks, I’d glimpsed her exposure and then that day In September 2009, you saw me and I knew I’d been seen, I had gotten too close. Yet knowing I was there, I clearly heard you tell her to remove her top and skirt, which was all she wore – lovely, because she did so without hesitation and neither did there seem to be any reluctance I her movements, nor any intimidation from you. I was wondering if she knew I was there, if she had that would have made it ultra-special. I was not more than 10 feet from you both. Of course I didn’t know it was your intention that I ‘catch’ her in the following moments. However I didn’t and I watched her stay naked for another 20 minutes or so, at no time did she look distressed, maybe a bit nervous.

Then you came over the following day and explained things and I kicked myself for mot stepping out of cover to confront you both. Especially when you told me, that she had promised, she’d have full sex with any stranger who caught her out like that and that had become a big thing’ for you both as she got more aroused and bolder, during your walks out there. And then came those fantastic invitations to take her in your bed with her blindfolded. I must admit I thought you were really winding me up that first time, but there she was and totally ‘hot for it’ – Man was she wet! You gave me that note saying it was up to me if I wanted to wear a condom, that all three holes were open to me, including anal without lube and ATM, I was in heaven to play with such an attractive wife, later you said she’d pee drink (if careful) and arse rim (true but not very well at that time).

And then you gave me a ‘head’s up’ about ‘THAT’ Saturday evening. Sure enough while slowly masturbating my cock I saw you drive in and she got out in just stockings and high heels, when the security light flashed on it was brilliant, she just took it in her stride and went into your house, I came as I watched her climb up the windowed stairwell now back lit by the lights inside the house; still lovely and naked. I was amazed at how poised and calm she was.

I phoned her 2 days later just as you suggested. I expected the phone to be slammed down, but no. The next time I got her to undress and stand exposed to me naked, but for heels and stockings; framed in the front doorway of your home. It was wholly my idea to dare her to walk across to me like that, I had no hope that she would do that, but she did the next time I called her. When I saw she was starting to walk, I had to bite hard to stop myself shooting cum. She was nervous, excited and totally aroused, but she was totally calm, wasn’t walking fast or hesitant, not looking around or back.

Do you wonder why your wife, such an attractive wife and mother, who we both know is being fucked by other men at times, and would probably be desired by most men between 14 and 70, comes to me ‘a balding, overweight man almost 60 years of age’ for this ‘other sex fun’. Yes the first few times I phoned and dared her to come over, not really expecting she would, but she always did. These days, it’s her who mostly calls me when she needs some rough stuff, as you know it’s been once a week for over 2 years now and that doesn’t include the parties we three have. As you know I occasionally have one or two rough and ready mates who are sometimes here when your wife needs to play and she enjoys that, I have been wondering how you’d feel about joining us as a sissy boy. You are now well used to sucking cock, eating arse, drinking cum and pee, taking cock up your bumhole and so on from me. Your wife is totally turned on by the idea when I put it to her, so what do you think?

By :Peter Thompson

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