A lethal game of facesitting

Sophie’s has a soothing bath. The huge heated public baths were free and open to both sexes. Sophie noticed attendants positioned around the springs to hand out towels to bathers. No one glared at her body when Sophie removed her clothes. If anyone looked at her, it could result in a punishment for one of the men, even if it was a woman that did the looking. If anyone DID look at her, it was because of her long red hair, which labelled her as fiery & interesting. To her right some children were romping and having great fun splashing in the warm water. The boys were noticeably reluctant to splash the little girls back. There was something stopping them from retaliating. To her left were two young women about Sophie’s age – twins.

“Hi” One of the twins said to Sophie. Sophie then exchanged pleasantries and small
talk with them. The twin’s names were Samantha and Amber. Both were tall blondes with long sexy legs. They kept their long blonde hair tied up and piled high which added to their height. Sophie immediately took a liking to these blonde beauties (who were professional ‘Glambabes’) and soon they were laughing and joking with Sophie like best friends.

.. One thing led to another, and after a successful audition, Sophie was now driving to a Smothering Arena in Nebraska. Today it was hosting a number of celebratory smothering games. It was the last major smothering event in the region before next week’s Smotherpalooza.

There were nine specially selected beautiful women and girls, their status was known as ‘Glambabes’, they were by far the highest & most appreciated people in the society. They
eliminated unfit males, the ones who had proven that they were not capable of living by society’s strict rules, as offerings to their feminist interpretation of God. The victims were, at least in the arenas Sophie had been to, sometimes wrestled down, and ALWAYS sat on and slowly smothered.

Kansas didn’t have Smothering arenas, but it DID contribute a decent contingent of a hundred convicts from their prison system that could be smothered here tonight, for the enjoyment of the spectators, the sponsors (mostly feminine hygiene, hair & make-up manufacturers, insurers and magazines), the media, and the participants, as did North Dakota (87), Colorado (104), Missouri (46), Alabama (27 – they had many more that were ready for smothering, butmost of those went to more local events) and Montana (100), making 464 men available for tonight’s little lip-wettener / warm up event for next week’s Smotherpalooza, which has Denver’s biggest stadium fully sold out already.

Sitting on and smothering young males was an accepted part of everyday life in the cultures of these states in the 2070s – it was not quite the same in some of the coastal break-away republics, but here even petty criminal girls still ranked higher in SO many ways than did the males, for example in voting rights & in the weighting of their words in court. Many women and girls, even Sophie, had partaken of this delicious pastime, but never before in a professional capacity. But now that Revlon had selected her in a beauty pageant, Sophie would become one of the nine ladies sitting with grace on the young males’ fortunate faces until they perished tonight.

Seven of the ladies at tonight’s event were experienced Glambabes – this means they smothered slaves for a living, and had special triumphal powers in court and in the State Congresses too, two of which were the Twins. Because they offered constant sacrifices to the Woman God, they were revered throughout the American society. It was perceived to be an ancient tradition to have Glambabes, and such positions were eagerly sought after by all young women. The other two tonight were going to be newbies, Sophie was one of them, and she was a little nervous about it, because of all the attention and admiration she was about to get for her elegant style.

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