A Kenyan in my Wife

In June of this year my family and I spent a two week, luxury vacation in Kenya. It proved, as you’ll find out, to be an unforgettable experience. My wife Kirsten and I have been married eleven years now and I guess you could put us down as your typical white, British, middle-class couple. We of course have our daughter Poppy who is five and plans for a bigger family eventually. Both of us travelled all over Europe together in our early twenties but our determination to see Africa was one we had been saving for a special occasion. A popular tourist resort on the coast of Kenya, Malindi offers all kind of sun-drenched activities from great beaches to wonderful food and evening entertainment. From our experience you can certainly add white, wife fucking to that list. Kirsten can testify to that!

I should say at this point that neither of us had ever done anything like this before. That said, prior to our trip, we had been going through a rocky spell in our relationship. My wife is a lovely woman and a terrific mother to Poppy. She is thirty-five with dark hair just past her shoulders and a stunning hour-glass figure. Toned, shapely legs combine with a 32dd all natural bust that is the envy of many of her friends. With not only a great body Kirsten is a well spoken, stylish and alluring lady with a dry sense of humour. Nevertheless, in December of last year I began an affair with one of her very attractive friends. Her name was Sanja and she was a pretty young black woman whom Kirsten had known for years. I put my indiscretion down to the usual reasons: booze, boredom etc. Certainly no excuse and when my wife found out she was devastated. I had hoped in my darkest moments that she had some idea. That she suspected I was cheating on her but no, it was a complete shock. For a time we lived separately, Kirsten and Poppy taking the house while I stayed at a nearby hotel. I don’t mean to make excuses. What I did was unforgivable but perhaps it was my wife’s conservative nature that drove me to it. Despite her figure she had always been so unwilling and strangely shy of showing off her body. Or of experimenting in the way I wanted too. Deep down maybe I yearned for a trophy wife and Kirsten had never fulfilled that potential.

In May we got back together. Kirsten seemed to have forgiven me which in someway made me feel worse. Having almost lost my family it didn’t seem right that I get off ‘scott free’. As for my wife. She just wanted to put it behind us and after only a month she decided we needed a break. A holiday to forget and build bridges again. Poppy was not due to start back at school for another month and I had plenty of leave from work. For years Kirsten had been interested in Kenya: the culture and lifestyle. It seemed a good a time as any to realise our dream of seeing Africa together. After some research Malindi seemed a good destination with an excellent choice of resorts and family services. We booked, packed and set off for an unforgettable experience.

Our two week holiday began June 12th. The first week went fantastically well and our grand Four-star had excellent facilities for kids and fantastic coastal views. A long, golden beach in front of the seafront was shared with the pubic but there was a smaller, private stretch five minutes walk away. Kirsten loved Malindi from the start, drawn into the culture. Right away she set about buying presents for her family and a few things for the house. Poppy adored the beach which was were we spent some time almost every day. At night we ate and listened to authentic, live music either at the hotel or one of the beachfront restaurants. We even began having sex again. Only once, during the first few days did she open up about the affair with Sanja. Saying that she thought about my cheating a lot. Sneaking around behind her and how it had made her feel. Especially as she took her marital vows so seriously.

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