A journey into animal sex begins

Hi. My name is Stella. I am 21yo, tall, told I am stacked and horny. You see I had just ended a relationship and reverted back to getting myself off solo. I would look at porn and imagine myself in the videos. Sex with men, women, groups, you name it. Anything to get myself to an orgasm. It was one a Saturday night I stumbled on a site with women having sex with animals. Being humped by Rockys mainly but also using huge horsy cocks to get off. I was fascinated. Of course, while imagining myself doing it I had no idea what was involved and how to go about it. It remained a fantasy.

Summer came and I started to work around in the park after dinner. The track was a couple of kilometres part of which passed through a wooded area. I was always worried if there was no-one around when I walked through that part. I guess I had an over-active imagination of some freak jumping out of the bushes and attacking me. One afternoon I was a little later than usual and it was getting dark as I approached the wooded area. I was thinking of turning around and walking back the way I came. Just then a guy walked up behind me. I had seen him before, him and his Rocky. Actually it was his Rocky that I always noticed. He was white and really he looked like he was taken the guy for a walk as he seemed to be leading rather than being led.

I smiled and the guy said hello. I told him I was glad he was there and told him of me fear. “Well I am Greg and this is Butch and we will protect you” he said. I said hello to Greg and patted Butch. Not really a great name for such a lovely Rocky I thought. We walked through the wooded area and chatted as we did. I figured he was perhaps 30yo very tall and quite handsome. As we walked further Greg said he needed a rest so we sat talking. He told me Butch was a Doberman Cross. I patted him again and he pushed his head between my legs. I giggled and Greg pulled him away. “Sorry” he said “Butch gets a bit carried away when someone rubs his head”.

I said I had to get home but the real reason was that Butch pushing between my legs had excited me. I said good bye and rushed off. Once home I couldn’t wait to take my knickers off and finger my pussy and clit. I closed my eyes and pictured Butch licking me and then humping me. I came so quickly I needed another before I calmed down. I came again when I went to bed. I was so turned on. I decided to do some research and learned about sites which explained about the knot thing and how a Rocky tied when he mounted his bitch. How it would take 5, 10, even 20 minutes before a Rocky could withdraw and how a Rocky could cum several times and even double up in quick succession. Needless to say while I read all this I was fingering myself to multiple orgasms.

I was aware that Greg walked Butch even night and so I would wait around until I saw him and feign surprise as if we had met by chance. After about the fourth time Greg laughed and said I must be waiting for him. I tried to laugh it off but without success. “Are you waiting for me or are you waiting for Butch?” he asked me. I blushed and he gave me this funny look. “Yes he is a lovely Rocky isn’t he?” he said “and very well trained to. He loves making women happy”. It took a few seconds to sink in what he meant. Was it just a throwaway line or something else?

“Yes he is a lovely Rocky and I am sure he could make people like him” I said giving him the opportunity to clarify what he had said. “Why don’t we sit down Stella” Greg said “pat Butch on the head”. I did and immediately he dived between my legs. “Spread your legs wider” Greg said and when I did I felt Butch push his nose into my crutch. He began to lick my thighs and then my pussy. Even though I was wearing knickers it felt amazing. “Oh shit stop” I cried and pushed him away. I looked around worried that I had been seen but there was no-one around. Greg gave me this wicked grin. “See what happens when you rub his head” he said “it is his trigger”.

By : Story Teller 101

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