A husband fantasized about his beautiful wife with another man

At the time I write this story Andrea, (My wife)
is 36 years old, and quite a knockout. She’s always
been into bodybuilding and has been a runner since she
was a kid. With all of the attention that she has given
herself, it really shows. At her age she still has a
hard body, and a deep rich “California Girl” tan. Her
chestnut hair is beautiful. And her dark brown eyes
seem to see right through me sometimes. My Andrea is a
beautiful “self made” woman that any man would be proud
to call wife.

It is funny the effect one person can have on
another. Take my story for instance. I had been
married to my beautiful wife for about ten years or so,
and during that period of time my fantasy was to have
a threesome and watch her have sex with another man.

Now Andrea didn’t like the idea at all, or at
least did one hell of a job of hiding it! Over the
years she did, however, tell me stories of her and
other men while we had sex. I have a feeling that her
continually telling me that these other men were bigger
and better than me gradually began to influence her
thinking and curiosity. Well, after a few years of
this, I began urging her to make my fantasy a reality.
For most of the time she would either say no or tell
me maybe in the future, all the while thinking I would
never actually let her do it, I’m sure.

One evening while we were making love and Andrea
was sharing her sexual stories, I mentioned a friend of
mine at the office, who was a real ladies man and
rumored to be very well endowed. Gradually, Andrea
would start talking about how it would be interesting
to fuck a larger cock than mine. Now this might turn
a lot of men off, but it drove me wild, and I ejaculat-
ed instantly, coming like never before.

After several weeks of talking about Andy in our
stories, Andrea would always mention her fucking Andy
by name and even saying how much better it is to fuck
bigger cocks than mine, which always make me cum long
before Andrea got off. Andrea saw what an effect this
was having on me and finally agreed to have sex with my

It was hard for me at first to approach Andy
about having sex with my wife, but over lunch I brought
up the idea. “Andy, have you ever done anything you
would consider… kinky?”

“Sure, you know my saying: 8 to 80, blind,
cripple, or crazy.”

“Yeah, yeah. But have you ever, oh, say… had
sex with a married woman and her husband knew about

“No, can’t say as I ever have, but it sounds
pretty kinky all right. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, no reason really.”

“Come on, Greg. What are you up to?”

Well, at this point I was dying to tell him that
I wanted him to fuck my Beautiful wife and terrified at
all the things going through my mind at the same time.
What if he laughed at me, or told other people, or even
just got disgusted and left. All these things were
racing through my mind a mile a minute, then all of a
sudden I heard myself say, “You know, Andy, Andrea and
I have been flirting with the idea of a threesome.”

There was a brief silence, and then Andy said,
“Greg, let me tell you, as much as it turns me on to
think about being with you wife, I’m not sure I could
do it with you there.”

“But the idea does appeal to you?”

“Are you kidding! I gotta tell you, your wife
has one of the greatest body’s I’ve ever seen, and I’d
love to fuck her.”

This was making my dick so hard I couldn’t stand
it. I found myself really enjoying this whole process
of talking to another man about him fucking my wife.
At this point, I told Andy that we were just thinking
about it, and that I would keep him informed. He said
he also would think about the possibility of doing it
while I was there watching.

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