A hot Summer night

Ray Foster tossed and turned, unable to sleep. It was a hot night, and his A/C needed a tune-up, it was fighting a losing battle to give him any cooling. As he lay there restless, his mind gave him a flashback. His former wife, Jolene, had liked it when he was feeling up her body when she was asleep, bringing her up to a wide awake lust. When she opened her eyes, they’d be blazing with sexual heat, her cunt would be a soaking wet furnace. She’d pull him down on top of her, grab his cock and pull it against her, and urge him on to fuck her cunt, go deep, fill her. Ray was of course happy to do so, letting out a loud gasp of pleasure as he sank in the full length, her growl of pleasure joining his as he buried his cock.

She’d loved it when Ray pinned her knees down by her ears, and fucked her as hard as he could. She’d growl, pant, moan and grunt, sounding just like a slut in heat, and shriek and scream as she’d cum all over his cock, the tight gripping heat making him explode, squirting wildly, depositing his cum deep inside her fiery box.

Jolene was a lady who took off her dignity with her clothes, and did her whorish best. Ray’s cock was always hard and eager when she was horny and ready. Her other favorite way to get fucked good and hard, she’d pull her legs back, wrap her ankles around his back, and they’d start going at it like rutting animals in full heat, no lovemaking, no gentle tenderness, just blazing hot, primal, animalistic fucking. The fiery furnace of Jolene’s cunt, swallowing his cock as he plunged his meat deep inside her, balls deep in the hot, wet depth of her cunt, would make his cock throb. The tight grip of Jolene’s cunt walls clutched at him, her cunt muscles began massaging up and down his prick rapidly, squeezing hard. Ray knew what she wanted, and he would cup her ass cheeks, pull them apart and rub her tight little asshole. Her body would start to buck beneath him, and then he’d ram his finger in as deep as possible, and start finger fucking her asshole. Her back door would clamp down on his finger, Jolene would start cumming wildly beneath him, howling with pleasure, and with one last thrust, Ray would bury his cock as deep as possible. Her pussy was rippling with spasms, milking wildly at him, and with a loud grunt, he felt the cum streaking up his shaft, bursting deep inside Jolene’s hot, eager cunt, his body shaking as he shot stream after stream inside her cunt, feeling her pussy rippling up and down his shaft, sucking every drop out of him.

Jolene was indeed a slut, not just for Ray. Coming home from work early, and finding her fucking two guys at once displayed what a slut she was. The door to the bedroom was ajar, the mingled grunts and growls, the sounds of hot fucking, he watched, stunned as he saw Jolene on her hands and knees. One of the guys grabbed her hair and pressed his cock against her mouth, she eagerly swallowed what he gave her, and he heard her let out muffled moans around her mouthful of cock as the other guy, kneeling behind her on the bed, leaned forward and pushed his cock up inside her cunt. It didn’t sound like Jolene was being hurt, Ray saw her start to rock her hips back and forth, pushing her ass back against the man fucking her.

They rearranged themselves, one man lay on the bed, and pulled Jolene over him, so she could sit down on his prick. Jolene slowly began to ride him, while the other guy pushed her forward onto the man’s chest. With her ass up-thrust, he was moving up behind her, pulling her cheeks apart as he pressed the head of his cock to the tight rosebud of her ass. Jolene shrieked as she felt her ass opening, her asshole being pried apart by a rock hard, insistent dick. It took a few thrusts before her cries of discomfort switched over to moans as the two cocks began to slowly fuck both her cunt and asshole. It didn’t take long before Jolene was squealing and crying out with obvious pleasure, enjoying this rodeo, the slap of flesh against flesh filling the room. Ray’s cock was stone hard, watching Jolene getting both holes fucked. When she looked over at the door, her eyes were glittering with triumph as she saw Ray watching her. She said something he couldn’t make out, and the two guys fucking her looked over. Jolene grinned, and made a beckoning motion with her fingers. Ray was almost in a trance as he walked in, unable to stop himself.

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