A hot camping trip

I have beeen a way and wrote this, can’t beleive there was another glory hole story when I just logged n- oh well this is one is much longer than Nurse Michelle’s- but I love her pics…

The King family was going camping for the first time of the summer. Kate was 15 and her younger brother was 14. They were getting to the age where camping was becoming a drag, but they always seemed to find kids their age and once at campground they really did have fun. The two kids slept on side of the large pop-up trailer and their parents slept on the other. Kate and Jimmy never mentioned it the year before but both of them were old enough to realize when the trailer was shaking that their parents were making it.

They pulled into the campground at night, it was one they hadn’t stayed in before and by the time their dad pulled the camper into the site the kids were dying to go to the bathroom. Jim had to help his dad set up for a minute so Kate ran to the old brown building at their end of the campground and went into her respective side of the building that had showers and toilet stalls.

Kate sat down on the bowl and started to pee. As she did she looked to her side she noticed a hole in the wall. It was probably the size of a soda can and seemed to look right in on a stall on the other side of the wall. There were two hooks to the side of the hole and then Kate saw the toilet paper holder sitting on the floor near her feet. She looked at the holder and holes on it and then lifted it up. She put the holder back up and it covered the hole. Someone had taken it down and not put it up. She got curious and figured she should take it back down and look through the hole

She looked through the hole and could see the stall next to her, but also could see through the slightly open door. To the outside of the door was a urinal that you could see that some guy would probably never know you were watching him. Kate thought this was a pretty neat set up, when she heard a door open and spring shut.
She sat back in her stall and heard someone walking in the men’s room. She heard the steps stop and no door opened, so she figured that someone was at the urinal.

Kate couldn’t help it- she leaned forward and looked, it was her bother “Damn she thought” but for some reason she didn’t lean back. She watched her brother from the side and could almost see his prick. She soon saw the stream though and was intrigued. She watched as he finished and then shook his thing. She thought she almost saw it. Jim then looked to his right and then left as if looking to see if anyone was watching and then took a step back and continued to shake his prick. Kate couldn’t believe it, was he starting to play with himself? He was. Jim started to pull on his dick like Kate had done with the one guy she had had sex with. Well not total sex, she had jerked off her last boyfriend and he had fingered her. That was what she considered sex, as far as she had gone so far.

She couldn’t believe she was watching her brother, and figured he must be doing it here as he couldn’t do it sleeping right next to her in the pop-up. She masturbated often too, but had heard guys do it like everyday, and Jim must be one of those guys. Suddenly Kate heard footsteps on the rocks outside the “brown house” and took the paper holder off her lap and started to re-hang it. She then heard her father talking to her brother, She quickly put the other hook on and figured she better get out of there as she had been in the bathroom a while. She figured Jimmy must have heard the footsteps too and not gotten caught by their dad.

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