A home health care aide helps a sexually deprived couple

It was late afternoon when Chloe rang the doorbell for her last appointment. Within moments the door opened and a pretty brunette woman, with a few random strands of gray sprinkled into her hair, smiled at her.

“Good afternoon,” Chloe said, “how are you doing today Mrs. Arrive?”

“It’s been rough Chloe,” Kelly Arrive answered the home caregiver. “Come on in though. No matter what the day brings, I’m always glad to see you.”

“Thank you.” Said Chloe. “I look forward to seeing you folks as well. This is always the best appointment to end my workday with. I always enjoy my time here. I just wish the circumstances were different.”

“Someday when he’s all better you’ll have to come visit.” Kelly told her. “You have yet to see us at our best.”

“I’d like that.” Chloe said. “And here are the burgers.”

“I’ll keep them warm,” Kelly told her, “while you give Kent his sponge bath.”

Several weeks earlier Kent Arrive had fallen off the roof of his house while fixing a gutter. It was one of those silly home accidents, where he’d managed to injure himself while doing something he’d done dozens of times before.

But this time had more than made up for all the times he hadn’t injured himself. He’d broken both legs and both arms, one of his feet, and four fingers.

To add injury to injury, his wife, who had only one arm, broke three of her fingers trying to grab him as he hit the ground. So now her only arm had three splinted fingers at the end of it.

While Kent was expected to fully recover, the time between getting home from the hospital and that recovery promised to be a royal bitch.

Kelly Arrive had missed several days of work when he’d had a surgery to repair his left arm and right leg, and several more when he’d been discharged and brought back to the house.

Furthermore with her only arm now limited in its use, taking care of Kent would be an even bigger challenge.

They had a hospital bed delivered and installed in the downstairs living room, and Kent made himself as comfortable as he possibly could in his new makeshift bedroom.

Kelly worked from home, and got back to it, creating a comfortable routine of helping Kent to the toilet first thing in the morning, cleaning him up afterwards, holding a jug for his urination needs throughout the day, and bringing him food and pain pills.

Even with limited use of the only arm she had she’d done a decent job of keeping him fairly comfortable and clean.

Their neighbor had even gotten them a voice activated remote control for the television, which was in constant use.

After the first several days Kelly was rereading through their insurance paperwork, and realized they qualified for a home caregiver to visit five afternoons a week.

On the weekends their grown children could visit and help, so a visiting home health aide on weeknights would be a godsend.

Kent really didn’t look forward to the visits at first, but Kelly was delighted to have help on those afternoons with his bathroom, washing, and eating needs.

Chloe came the first evening to introduce herself, and both Kent and Kelly liked her immediately. She was a petite blonde, with a pleasing figure and a great sense of humor.

Chloe liked them both as well.

They were significantly older than her, but Kelly had kept her figure, and was as beautiful now as she’d been thirty years ago when Kent first met her. The only indication that she was over fifty were the few gray hairs that she sported.

Kent was still in great shape, and except for the casts on his arms and legs looked like an athlete.

Since Kent wasn’t restricted in his diet, Kelly began ordering take out for all three of them on the nights that Chloe visited, and Chloe would pick up the food on her way over and join Kelly for dinner after bathing Kent.

After she and Kelly had eaten she would feed Kent, help him with any bathroom needs, visit for a few minutes with both of them, and then be on her way.

Both Kelly and Kent looked forward to those evenings.

It was a break for Kelly from having to cook, and she got to spend the meal with her new friend.

And Kent looked forward to an elaborate sponge bath while Kelly got their dinner reheated.

The first time Chloe washed him he’d assured her she didn’t need to worry about his ‘private bits’ as he called them.

“Nonsense.” Chloe told him. “I’m sure I’ve already seen dozens and dozens of everything you have. On top of that it’s my job. Besides it will a nice break for your wife to let someone else do this for a change.”

She’d proceeded to lift the sheet and gently but professionally wash all of him. She used warm water with a soft cloth, and her fingers were firm yet gentle.

However, the combination of many days of involuntary abstinence, and a beautiful young lady touching his testicles and penis resulted in a powerful erection.

“Oh geez,” he mumbled, “I’m so sorry Chloe. I didn’t want that to happen.”

“It’s a natural response Mr. Arrive.” She said. “Nothing you should apologize for or be ashamed of.”

“Still,” he said, “it’s embarrassing.”

“Remember when I told you I’ve seen dozens upon dozens of these?” Chloe asked quietly, giving his throbbing cock a quick squeeze.

“Yes?” he answered, with a sharp intake of breath.

“You have less reason to be embarrassed than any of them.” She said. “In fact, you should be downright proud. Your wife is very lucky.”

“That’s what I keep telling her.” He said with a grin. “Some days she has her doubts though.”

Chloe laughed and used a hand towel to gently dry his belly, thighs, balls, and cock, ignoring the bubble of precum that had appeared at the tip. When she was finished, he was definitely clean, but his cock was rock hard and throbbing.

Chloe gently pulled the sheet back over him and tried not to be too obvious about quickly admiring the tent he created in the middle of it.

And so a few weeks later, Chloe handed Kelly the bags containing the takeout meal, and headed into the living room to see Kent.

As had become routine, she was greeted with the familiar sight of his already erect cock as she entered the room.

By the time she got ready to remove the sheet for his sponge bath she noticed a wet drop of precum where it rested against his stiff cock.

“Looking forward to our bath today, are we?” she asked with a wink.

“Hey,” he said, “did it occur to you that this didn’t happen this afternoon? This is left over from your first sponge bath all those weeks ago.”

“Lucky for you I always have had a taste for leftovers Kent.” Chloe grinned.

Flirting had become part of their time together, shortly after he’d convinced her to call him by his first name.

She was washing his stomach and trying hard not to stare at the stiff cock pointing at the ceiling just inches from her hands.

“Talk like that isn’t going to help me get rid of this thing.” Kent chuckled.

“Perhaps I could suggest that Mrs. Arrive offers you a bit of assistance?” Chloe asked, moving the warm cloth to his thighs.

“Truth be told,” he said, “that’s kind of a touchy subject around here.”

“I’m sorry.” Chloe said. “I didn’t mean to joke about something so private.”

“Oh it’s not really a big problem.” Kent assured her. “It’s just that Kelly is feeling a bit neglected as well.”

“I can see where it might be a bit frustrating to provide pleasure without having any in return.” Chloe conceded. “But I’ll disagree with you about one point. It is a fairly big problem, at least as far as my personal experience goes.”

She gently lifted his testicles and washed under and around them thoroughly.

He moaned gently, and she noticed a rivulet of precum spill over the crown of his cockhead and run down his shaft.

“With only one hand she’s pretty limited in what she can do to start with,” Kent said, with a slight tremor in his voice, “and with those fingers splinted, well she can’t really do anything for me, or herself, as far as sexual relief goes.”

“Well one good look at this needy thing throbbing and pulsing ought to be enough to make any woman thirsty to provide you with some relief.” Chloe said softly.

“If you mean oral sex, I’ve always wanted to experience that.” Kent groaned. “But Kelly has a really sensitive gag reflex and has never been able to do that.”

“That’s a shame.” Whispered Chloe, pausing to look him right in the eye. “I never gag.”

“Oh fuck.” Kent moaned. “If I were single, I’d offer you everything in my checking account to take care of this for me.” He said softly.

She wrapped the warm, wet, washcloth around his cock and began to work it up and down while she cleaned him.

“If I were single,” She whispered, “I’d provide that for free. I’ve sort of taken a liking to this thing.”

She ended the bath by giving his cock another squeeze, another part of their sponge bath routine. But this squeeze lasted longer and was much more sensual than the earlier ones.

She put the sheet back over him and told him she’d be back to help feed him as soon as she and Kelly had eaten.

She gave him a flirty wink, and then headed for the kitchen.

“All done?” Kelly asked.

“I am Mrs. Arrive.” Chloe answered.

“Please, I insist that you call me Kelly.” The other woman responded. “Any woman who comes into this house and washes my husband’s crotch several times a week gets to be on a first name basis with both of us.”

Chloe laughed.

“That’s a deal Kelly.” She said.

They sat at the kitchen table and began to eat.

“How’s he holding up Kelly?” Chloe asked. “He seems in good spirits to me, but the wife always knows the truth.”

“All things considered, he’s doing fine.” Said Kelly. “Great even. He’s going stir crazy of course, and he absolutely hates not being able to get outside. But he’s adjusting pretty well.”

“Well that’s good.” Said Chloe. “That’s at least half of his recovery right there.”

“The only problem,” Kelly said, pausing with a handful of french fries in her hand, “is that I know he’s….well, he’s horny.”

“Typical of most men,” Chloe said, “broken bones or not.”

“Very true.” Kelly giggled. “But I’m sure you notice his erection every evening while we feed him. They’re inspired by your sponge baths, I’m sure.”

“Truth be told,” said Chloe, “they’re inspired during the sponge baths. And most evenings lately he’s been hard before I even get started.”

“That doesn’t surprise me.” Kelly said. “He’s been several weeks without any release. I suppose you must think that I’m not a very loving wife for leaving him unattended.”

“I imagine that handling that for him wouldn’t be easy with your fingers splinted like that.” Chloe ventured.

“You’re right.” Agreed Kelly. “And I didn’t mean to make it sound like such a difficult task. If I’m honest touching him is something I usually enjoy. It’s just that…..”

“It’s just that……?” asked Chloe. “What?”

“Well, this is sort of weird.” Said Kelly. “Are you sure you want to hear it?”

“Whatever it is, hit me with it.” Said Chloe, stuffing the last of the fries in her mouth. “I sort of dig weird.”

“Well, I gag really easily.” Said Kelly. “So I can’t even help him the way most wives would be able to.”

“That’s maybe a little uncommon.” Said Chloe. “But it doesn’t sound weird to me.”

“There’s a little more.” Kelly said. “Kent and I are usually pretty active sexually. We always have been.”

She picked up her coffee mug and took a long drink before continuing.

“And with me being unable to help him, and him being unable to help me, it’s sort of creating a lot of stress between us. Not to mention that I don’t think either of us is sleeping very well. I’m probably almost as sexually frustrated as he is.”

“Well you’ve been going without his touch for as long as he’s been without yours.” Said Chloe. “And I know from experience that doing it yourself just isn’t the same.”

“I haven’t even done that.” Said Kelly. “I just can’t.”

“Forgive me for prying, and feel free to tell me this is none of my business, but when you say ‘can’t’, what do you mean?” asked Chloe. “You’re not comfortable with trying it by yourself? Or you’re not able to?”

“Oh I’m really comfortable doing it myself.” Kelly grinned. “And especially now I would be more than happy to get myself off. It’s just that I……”

She suddenly blushed and looked at Chloe, as if realizing just how intensely personal the conversation had gotten.

“So you can’t?” asked Chloe softly, her face soft with sympathy.

“I’ve tried.” Said Kelly. “Several times since his accident. Over and over to tell you the truth.”

“Did you……I mean have you…..?” asked Chloe. “Sorry I’m being so damn nosy.”

“I tried with my working fingers. I tried with my showerhead. I even bought a toy.” Said Kelly. “But I couldn’t hold it at the right angle, I guess. What I really need is someone’s fingers. Or a cock. Or a tongue.”

“That sounds……rough.” Said Chloe distractedly.

She was simultaneously trying to imagine being unable to masturbate and wondering what Kelly’s clit would feel like against her tongue.

“It is. I’m frustrated.” Kelly said. “And I know that if I could get some relief, I’d at least be a little less irritable every time he gets hard while I help him pee.”

“Life is always easier to cope with after a few good orgasms.” Chloe conceded. “So I guess that makes sense.”

“I feel like I’m letting him down, and I feel like I’m causing him to feel like he’s letting me down.” Kelly said. “It’s a mess.”

Chloe reached over and patted her hand.

“It’ll be alright.” She said quietly.

“I can’t believe I told you all this.” Said Kelly, getting up and clearing away the dinner remains. “I guess sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone you don’t know that well.”

“I guess so.” Said Chloe. “And I don’t mind listening. I just wish I had an idea about how to help. One that wasn’t creepy I mean.”

Kelly turned and looked at her.

“If you have an idea, I’d absolutely love to hear it.” She said. “I might not be willing to try it, but even a ‘creepy’ idea is better than none.”

“I’ll tell you if that’s what you want.” Said Chloe. “But first know that this is unprofessional of me to suggest, it’s off the top of my head, and my feelings won’t be hurt when you make a face and tell me it’s disgusting, and you won’t do it.”

“Oh now I’ve absolutely gotta know.” Said Kelly, sitting back down. “Please tell me. Please.”

“You need someone to come over and give you that human touch to help you.” Said Chloe. “If you found the right someone even, each of you could what you need.”

Kelly stared at the table for several long moments, before finally looking up.

“That’s a great idea.” Said Kelly. “Except for one giant flaw.”

“What’s that?” asked Chloe.

“I don’t think I’d be comfortable with the idea of another man having sex with me. Or even just touching or licking me.” Said Kelly. “Somehow another man would feel an awful lot like cheating. And I’m sure that Kent wouldn’t be into having a man help him orgasm.”

“Then I have another suggestion along those lines.” Said Chloe.

“What is it?” asked Kelly softly.

“How would he feel about another woman helping him?” asked Chloe.

Kelly smiled.

“If he knew I was okay with it he’d probably fucking love it.” Said Kelly with a grin.

“How would he feel about a woman helping you?” asked Chloe. “And more important how would you feel about that?”

“Well the idea of me with another woman has long been a fantasy of his.” Kelly admitted. “Although that presents its own challenge.”

“Yeah,” agreed Chloe, “that’s a pretty big lifestyle change to try just for an orgasm.”

“No.” said Kelly. “That’s not really it. I’ve never done anything like that before, but I have always wanted to try it. Women have always been a part of my sexual fantasies. Plus, I’m so horny lately that I’m sure I’d be able to enjoy it.”

Chloe smiled at her, wondering exactly how weird it would be if she told the other woman she was more than willing to help her try it right that very moment.

“I just wouldn’t know any women to ask.” Kelly went on. “All of my friends are pretty conservative about stuff like that, and it might be too weird with someone we know anyway. And I wouldn’t even know how to find a stranger.”

“How about someone you already know, who isn’t too conservative to do it, and who hasn’t been your friend for long?” asked Chloe softly.

She looked up and they locked eyes.

“You?” whispered Kelly. “You would?”

“Yes Kelly.” She answered. “I would. I’d be happy to help both of you cum.”

Chloe stood up and finished her soda.

“Let’s go feed Kent.” Chloe said. “He’s probably starving. And then after I leave you can think about it. And you and Kent can talk about it if you want to. And when I come back tomorrow, I won’t even mention it again unless you do.”

“Okay.” Kelly whispered. “But you’ll have to feed him. My hands are shaking.”


A few days later Chloe knocked on the front door of the Arrive residence again. There was no ordered dinner to be picked up tonight. Kelly Arrive had told her she was planning on cooking.

Chloe had stopped and changed into a nicer blouse than she normally wore, before touching up her makeup, brushing her hair and dabbing perfume on her neck.

Just in case.

The door opened and there stood Kelly, smiling, blushing, and looking prettier than Chloe had ever noticed her to be. She had also put some extra effort into her appearance tonight.

“Right on time Chloe,” said Kelly, “always a pleasure to see you.”

“Same here Kelly.” Said Chloe, stepping into the house.

“I’ve a bit more to do for dinner.” Said Kelly. “Why don’t you go give Kent his bath, and then meet me in the kitchen?”

“That sounds good.” Said Chloe. “I’m looking forward to it.”

As usual all it took was her stepping into the living room for Kent’s cock to spring to full attention, tenting the sheet.

Kent didn’t seem to notice that she was a little more made up than usual.

However, she supposed that had to do with his advanced state of orgasmic depravation. She figured he’d get erect if she came into the room wearing a suit of armor and waving a butcher knife.

She washed him, slowly and thoroughly, spending just a little extra time on his balls and cock. As distracting as that was for him, he did notice her new wardrobe during that part, his eyes unable to stop looking down her shirt into her cleavage.

“You….uh…..you look nice tonight Chloe.” He ventured.

“Thank you, Kent.” She said quietly. “I was beginning to suspect that you hadn’t noticed.”

“Well you always look nice.” He said. “It’s just that I don’t always notice right away, since all the blood rushes away from my brain whenever you enter the room.”

“That’s two nice compliments you’ve given me tonight.” She said, while drying him off.

“If you’re counting, I’ll have to make more of an effort.” He said with a chuckle.

“Well you think of something complimentary while I go eat.” She whispered, taking his cock in her hand.

This time she gave him a few slow strokes, ending by running her finger over his tip and taking a ball of his clear and hot precum onto her index finger.

“I’ll see you in a while with your dinner.” She whispered with a wink.

“I already ate.” Said Kent, his eyes as big as saucers. “Kelly made my dinner early.”

“I’ll stop back to say goodnight then.” Chloe whispered.

As she left the living room she headed for the kitchen, stopping on the way to lick his slippery precum off her finger. The taste made her nipples stiffen and her clitoris throb with need.

She took a deep breath and walked into the kitchen.

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