A happily married couple both submit to her Dom ex-lover

It started simply, like everything life-changing always does I suppose. No hint of the upcoming changes that would cascade in front of me, like the perfectly lined-up dominoes that one touch sends into an impossible avalanche.

It started two months earlier when Laura got an invitation to her ten-year college reunion. I met Laura the year after she graduated. I’d only heard about her wild college days, and her one serious boyfriend Phillip, on rare occasions. Mostly she avoided talking about those days or him at all costs.

Anyway, I got home from work and my wife was preparing dinner when she announced, “You won’t believe who asked to be friends on Facebook today.”

My hate for Facebook is obvious, so I was sarcastic. “The suspense is killing me. Who was it? A high school acquaintance who sat behind you in English class, but never actually talked to you, who she did lend you a pencil once so clearly you are lifelong friends?”

“Oh, Michael, you are such a glass-is-half-empty person,” she replied, slapping my shoulder.

“I am ‘the glass is completely dry and should be discarded’ when it comes to the useless Facebook crap,” I ranted for the thousandth times.

My wife, a much more technologically aware woman, announced, “It was Phillip.”

That should have sent alarm bells ringing, as she had never mentioned Phillip first for as long as I could remember.”Your ex, who you dated for over a year in college, Phillip?”

“The one and only,” she shrugged, pulling the casserole out of the oven.

“And?” I asked, already irrationally jealous.

“He asked if we could catch up,” she explained, before adding, “and so I added him.”

The wounded look on my face was impossible to hide, so all I said was “Oh.”

“You are not jealous, are you?” she asked, walking over to me and kissing me passionately.

“Of course not,” I lied. “He may have dated you, but I am the one that has you forever.”

“Exactly,” she said, flicking me on the nose.

And that should have ended it…but….

2. A Shocking Shift

A couple of days later my wife was on her laptop furiously pecking away. I asked, “What are you doing?”

“Oh just chatting,” she replied mindlessly, without looking up at me or slowing down her typing.

Curious at her focus, as she wasn’t really into chatting, I asked, “Who’re you chatting with?”

“Phillip,” she informed me, again not looking up.

“Your ex-Phillip?” I questioned, this time jealousy really ramping up. Laura was very attentive usually, and always gave me crap when I wasn’t looking into her eyes when we talked.

“Yes, Mike,” she replied, slightly annoyed. “Now give me a second. I am almost done.”

A bit annoyed myself, I silently boiled at the thought of her chatting with some ex I had never met.

A couple of minutes later she closed her laptop and looked me in the eye. “Sorry, Phillip and I were reminiscing.”


“Just random crap,” she shrugged, although her red cheeks told me otherwise. Laura got embarrassed easily and when she did her cheeks went ruby red.

I should have left it alone and maybe if I had everything that happened would never have, but I decided to dig deeper. I asked a question I realized I had never asked before, “Why did you two break up?”

She shrugged, “Honestly, all we had going was ‘great sex’. When we weren’t in the bedroom our relationship was a disaster.”

I remained silent as I processed the revelation of great sex. They say never ask a question you don’t want an answer to, but I did anyway. “Great sex, like better than you and I?”

“Oh Mike, you can’t compare sex with a man you love and are married to, to intense raw lust that I had with an ex.”

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