A guy has a surprise encounter with a pregnant Jamaican woman

I grew up in southern Florida with my dad. When I
graduated high school, I received a full scholarship
and applied to Yale University and got in. Mom lived
with her sister up there so I stayed with them through

After college I found a position right away and got my
own efficiency apartment.

I was with the company six years when in conversation
with a supervisor it came up that I grew up in
southern Florida. He informed me corporate recently
finished building a new facility down there and was
offering its own employees first shot at positions
there, which involve a substantial raise. He also told
me I was up for a promotion already and he’d put in a
good word for me so I’d start down there in a higher

I said I’d take the job. I packed my meager belongings
into a U-Haul and headed south. I drove straight down
without stopping to sleep for the night and got there
in a little over a day.

The company provided me with an apartment so I didn’t
have to move back in with dad.

He always had women coming and going anyways, I was
horny enough without all that going on. Dad always had
a thing for black women, which had to be where I got
my taste for black porn.

I hadn’t been all that lucky scoring with black ladies
like dad does, not that I’d tried all that often. In
my case, gorgeous white girls tended to hit on me, so
I figured why “look a gift horsy in the mouth” not
that any of those ladies were horsys, mind you…?

Once I had finished college, I’d pretty much thrown
myself into work, I didn’t date all that much, plus
there weren’t really any black women at the facility
up north.

That changed, though. There were A LOT of beautiful
black women at the new facility. I felt overwhelmed.

And even hornier.

With my new position, I hold total control of my work
schedule. I put in the usual nine-to-five Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, but I’d work nine-to-one
on Wednesdays. I enjoyed kicking back mid-week.

As summer drew nearer and the weather grew hotter, I
found myself spending more Wednesday afternoons at the
beach. It was my favorite place to be, I’d been a
lifeguard back in high school. But when summer did
arrive, the beach was too crowded with tourists for my

Then I remembered the old park. It was a huge place he
and his friends hung out at when he was young. It was
lush with exotic foliage, almost jungle-like.

In the center of the park was a small lake, surrounded
by foliage, almost impenetrable. Almost, but not if
you know the way in. I had many good memories there.
One of them was when I’d lost my virginity…

I drove into the park, paid the fee to the bored-
looking park attendant in his booth and drove to the
spot. As I remembered, the place was dead. Most people
went to the beach, or the newer park. I locked up the
car and opened the trunk. It was bare except for a
Hawaiian shirt, my Speedos, and my sneakers. I
undressed, laying everything neatly back there.

Checking to make sure no one was really around once
more, I then pushed down my boxers and slid them off,
throwing them in the trunk. I pulled on the Speedos
and Hawaiian shirt, then pulled the sneakers out and
placed them on the ground. I slammed the trunk shut
and stepped into my sneakers, kneeling down to tie

I whistled as I walked, tossing my keys up in the air
and catching them each time. I found the secret way
into the secret spot and made my way carefully through
the foliage.

As I came through I saw nothing had changed here. I
also saw I wasn’t alone.

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