A girl spends the summer with her grandparents to fulfill her desires

When I first found out that I�d get to spend the summer
months with my grandparents, at their cabin downstate,
I was thrilled. My parents had never allowed me to
visit them down there, much less spend an extended
amount of time with them.

I�m an only child and still live at home, even though
I�ve nearly completed all my college courses. I�m
majoring in nursing and only have my student rounds to
complete before getting my degree in nursing. I�m
really looking forward to getting that done.

Anyway, I�m 23 and average for a girl my age. I stand
almost 6 feet tall and have short, dark brown hair. I�m
not lucky enough to have a boy friend right now. Guess
I�ve just never thought about it. I like my own
company, as well as that of my family.

I�m not sexually active, either, which totally amazes
most of my friends, which doesn’t mean that I haven’t
had a few sexual adventures though. With my studies and
still living at home I�ve put that thought in the back
of my mind. I figure that when the time is right I�ll
know it and then I�ll be able to do something about it.

Little did I know how my visit to my grandparent�s
cabin was going to change my life forever.

My first week at the cabin was not very interesting.
I�d just gotten out of school the previous week and had
spent most of this one just getting over the trials and
pains of the constant studying. I was glad I didn�t
have to focus on anything other then relaxing for the
whole summer.

One night, after watching a particularly interesting
movie, I was heading to my room when I heard some
noises coming from my grandparent�s room. As I got to
the door I leaned towards it, listening to what might
be happening behind that closed door. What I heard
reminded me of the noises I heard at home, when mom and
dad were in the middle of their weekly sex engagement.
I moved away from the door and went on to my room.
After all, I was tired.

As I finally got in bed I realized that the noise from
the other bedroom had gotten a little louder. No matter
how hard I tried I couldn�t ignore it any longer and
got up to investigate.

As I got to the door I noticed that it was slightly
ajar, something I�d not noticed earlier.

I put my ear to the crack this time and listened.

“Come on, John. Stick that hard dick of yours up my
pussy. I�m ready to cum and I need that hard tool
inside me when I do.”

“Just give me a minute, Janet. I�ve got to get Maxwell
out of the way first. You know how much he loves to lap
at that juicy pussy of yours!”

“Maxwell!” I thought. Maxwell was in my grandparent�s
room? What was Maxwell doing in my grandparent�s
bedroom, and most importantly, what was he doing
licking at my grandmother�s pussy? I just had to find
out, but not tonight.

Silently, I moved from the door and returned to my
room. Even though my mind was racing and my heart was
throbbing in my chest, I could still clearly hear the
conversation that had happened in that room. I was
totally amazed when I realized just how wet I was
between my legs. Surely all that couldn�t have had that
kind of effect on me! I�d never even considered sex,
other then listening to my parents (and now my
grandparents) indulging in the activity that had gotten
me into this world in the first place.

I woke up the next morning and found that I�d been
playing with my own pussy, my fingers still between my
legs and my panties still wet with my own juices. I
wondered what I was going to do about last night and
found that I didn�t have an answer.

By :Comixs

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