A girl night that turns into a orgasmic foursome. It’s how I met the man I’m going to marry

It was early February 8th that was the day we officially met. I was at my apartment have a girls night with my girl Nicole we were doing the typical slumber party girl night thing like hair, makeup, music, drugs, and the occasional talk about men and there bullshit that we females tend to put up with. Nicole was having problems with her kind of sort of boyfriend Trent. Trent and I had our history but like a man, he was hating on me for no reason. Not like it was new news when it came to him and I sense the day got back into town months earlier.

Nicole and I just got done waiting for her hair to finished dying. She went into the bathroom to take a shower and rinse the black dye out when she started getting more texts from Trent. So when she told me to check the texts out for her I saw what he was up to. Apparently he wanted Nicole to meet up with him and his friend for a kinky threeway. And also saw where Trent wanted me to join and wanted to come have a four way at my place. With my smart ass comments he quickly noticed it was I he was talking to on her phone. But I quickly got distracted with my own texts and drama. So when Nicole asked again if they could stop by I said it was fine but no promises that I would join this bang fest.

A few minutes later Nicole was opening the door and in came Treny and his friend Kyle. Trent was drunken, so was his friend. I was upset from the text battle I was currently in so I didn’t see what came next. Trent came over to the couch and sat next to me while Nicole was busy trying on clothes from my closet. he started rubbing my neck trying too be friendly and knew I was a sucker for rubdowns. he then pulled my hair and whipped my neck back so he could kiss me telling me he loved me and such. of course I didn’t believe a word. Trent has a way about him with the ladies. But me? I knew better. he then started to fondle on Nicole to get her all worked up. I looked across the room where his friend Kyle was looking at me and then I announced that I needed to take a shower before I even thought about saying yes. So I got up and headed for the bathroom. As I passed Kyle he looked up at me and his eyes, continued to follow me as I walked by. so I gave him a smiled and walked in the bathroom and closed the door so wash up.

While running the water to get my shower ready which took a good five to ten minutes I could hear that the party in my apartment was already getting started. so I jumped in the shower and started soaping up. not even three minutes the bathroom door opened and Trent walked in to take a peek so I teasingly said to get in and take a shower with me. his clothes was off in a matter of seconds and he through me up against the wall. He already knew I liked it rough from our previous encounters. he continued with the kissing and having me pinned up against the wall then spun me around. demanded me to bed over and stuck his good sized cock in my already wet and throbbing pussy and continued to pound me till I was almost to the point of loosing all control. he slowed down and took his cock out and told me to hurry and left the bathroom. I was so close and needed to cum so bad so I finished the my shower got dressed and opened the door to see Trent laying on the bed with Nicole bent over sucking his cock while Kyle was behind her Fucking her from behind Rockygy style. they all quickly looked my way. I asked if they were having fun and Trent told me to get my ass over there. Well considering Trent already got me to the verge of cumming then there was no turning back now. I wanted cock. and I wanted in now.

I made it over to the bed and went over to Treny and we started kissing while his hands fondled my size D tits while he slightly bit my nipples only getting me more worked up. I then started feeling a hand on my ass and then a finger entered me and continued to rub my pussy. before I knew it there was Kyle’s hand between my legs as well.

So there the four of us were on my bed, in my cock palace. A Fucking fuck fest.

Nicole was bent over with Kyle banging her from behind while she moaned with trends cock hard in her mouth. And I was nearing in front and next to Nicole leaning towards Trent with his mouth on my tits nibbling on my erect nipples with his hand shoved between my legs playing with my hard clit. And his friend Kyle had his fingers deep in my dripping wet cunt while he continued making Nicole moan, I guess you can say the fuck fest was at a fast speed ahead and all of us holding back what we were all wanting to accomplish so badly.

With sweet sweat running down our bodies and all ready to take it to the max. We quickly switched partners and got the cum quest restarted. Trent quickly got behind Nicole. And quickly shoved his cock in her juicy pussy driving her a little crazy. So I decided to be a good host and accommodated the new guy who I could tell was dieing to get a taste of Kewlaid. He shoved me down in the Rockygy position and started to play and fondle my neglected pussy and then got him self a taste. My face in the pillow and his tongue going deep making me go wild while his wet and hungry tongue went to town Flicking my hard bean and back to my wet snatch not letting a drop of my juice go to waist. It felt amazing. He was good at what he was doing to me.

I started to loose my delicious juices with his face still licking up my sweat nectar. Right before my mind blowing orgasm came to a stop, he took his nicely curved rock hard cock and slid it gently into my tight slick lovely hole and gradually started to fuck me like it was a dream. He started to fuck me harder but had to withdraw quickly. He started to loose himself inside me and had to stop his cock from cumming too quickly. He tried again but quickly stopped a lowing himself a better chance to keep enjoying my magical pussy. I stood up and tried to keep his distance. I thought it was cute.

Nicole at this point was riding trends cock reversed. Her tits bouncing and his face glued to her ass while smiling at the situation he created.

I looked at his friend and he clearly hinted at me that he wanted to feel my mouth on his throbbing cock. Of course with Trent telling him that he had to feel what my mouth felt like wrapped around him while I teased and sucked his cock.
I could see that he was enjoying himself and he was wanting to bust his load but he was great at controlling himself but had a look about him and his blue eyes were sexy as fuck making me want more.

He walked over to the edge of the bed and grabbed my legs pulling me to the edge and swung my legs over his shoulders inserting his throbbing, hard and hungry for more fuck stick inside my elastic soaked pussy. He stared thrusting himself deeper and faster staring into my eyes with a nasty and hungry look on his face liking his lips hoping to taste my Kewlaid again on his lips.

It was at this moment I realized I had no idea who he was. Did he ever get introduced. I had no idea who this man was who was finding so much pleasure with my overly happy pussy. Out of no where I asked in a tiny voice in between screams. . “What’s your name again?” He smiled at stated that his name was Kyle. I giggled and said back to him. “Hi!! I’m Kayla. It’s my pleasure to meet you.. he laughed but kept his focus on the task at hand. And started to pound my pussy and then used his mouth to muffle my screams..

It kept going like this for a while. At one point we all flipped our positions and the guys got off on having us kiss. I could tell by the excitement in his thrusts from when he pounding me from behind but still kept himself from getting off to serve me more pleasure.

I’m not sure how long we all were Fucking each other or how many organism we had. But at some point I was being banged in my ass and I loved every minute of it. I can remember my screams echoing in my head. But they all had there turn with me at some point. I love being a team player and they were all taking there turn in my batting cage. I have to say I’m a great host. I got off hard and my cum kept on cumming. When I was laying on my back I looked up and saw all three with there hands in or on me, licking me, twisting my nipples, playing with my wet pussy while each orgasm only made me get tighter. And they found it to be challenging. I had to eventually take me a break because I was so exhausted.

But after a few minutes of trying to smoke a cigarette on the couch Kyle came over to make his move again. He cut him self off of my Kewlaid so much he never got to finish. He stared to rub me making his way between my legs. He rubbed and loved see me receive pleasure from him that he watched me intensely. So I decided to play some more making him harder then before. He wanted more. I felt him grow in my hand and I wanted to give him the happy ending he wanted. But I am a tease and good things cum to those who wait and my pussy and ass was starting to feel the pain and ache it deserved.

So I kept him hanging and we went and took my shower to cool my overworked tight pussy so very needed. As I got out the boys were dressed and I saw a rolling paper on my cell phone with a number and his name so I would remember. They left without much warning but Kyle made sure to thank me with that hungry look on his face still. I knew I’d call. Something told me I had to and wanted to see what he could do for another round. I did a few days later.

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