A dominant wife, face sitting, footjobs and more

It was an ordinary day except for the fact that it was only mid-morning and I was aching for a good hard orgasm. My husband had been out of town for a few days and before that had been my time of the month. It had been a good 10 days since we had a nice rousing session where all the right buttons were pushed and an amazing gasping, moaning, climax was ripped from me.

As described in my prior stories, my husband and I enjoy our own flavor of a female led marriage (Nothing more gratifying provides the best background, but all of my stories provide different bits and pieces). In simple terms, for us this means that I decide when, where and how we have sex and my husband is rationed a few orgasms a month with the terms dictated by me. As a result, it’s far from the normal situation for me to be the one in need.

I had hoped to get a little attention last night. My husband had been due to arrive home from his trip around 10 o’clock and I figured to put him to work pleasuring me as soon as he arrived. Laying back in bed I wore a silky dark purple chemise that could quickly be removed to give him access to my tasty breasts and very pointy nipples.

I was still breast feeding our now one-year old child and my breasts were very sensitive. We had tried a bit of lactation play, but weren’t really all that into it. Still, it was very, very sensual to feel my husband lap up the dribbles of milk that inevitably leaked from my engorged breasts after a nice satisfying orgasm.

Part of the joy was the afterglow of the orgasm itself. Part of the joy was the sensuality of his warm tongue on my sensitive skin. But the best part of the joy for me was the taboo of watching my submissive man cleaning me after sex. This had been a part of his training that he had learned to accept and I had learned to enjoy.

So I lay there reading in my silky chemise, nipples proudly tenting the surface, waiting to be caressed and touched. I wasn’t wearing panties, but I was wearing smoky black stockings held up by a matching black garter. My husband has a huge foot fetish and I was sure that he’d come to full attention the second he saw his favorite black nylons and garters framing my neatly trimmed bush.

Of course the other benefit of not wearing panties is that it gave me the opportunity to occasionally slip a finger down between my folds and give myself a gentle rub or two to keep my arousal up. A few gentle flicks to keep one corner of my mind firmly tuned to sexual pleasure, priming my clit for the full stimulation that was soon to follow.

While stockings began as his fetish, I’ve come to totally love the way they feel and how great they make my legs look. I appreciate the comfort of keeping my legs bare (like so many women do), but I also enjoy the smooth silky feeling of stockings hugging my legs all day. I also get a little erotic kick out of knowing I’m wearing something sexy underneath. Because of my husband’s fetish I wear stockings, pantyhose or tights just about all the time — only keeping my legs naked in the heat of the summer when he can enjoy my pretty painted toes in tall strappy sandals.

Even in the summer however, I like to wear stockings when we have sex. I like to feel the silky nylon rubbing against my skin as he caresses me. I love the way the fabric clings to me when he sucks on my toes and licks my sole. Best of all is when he licks me through the crotch of my pantyhose and I can feel the nylon pressed against my clit multiplying the energy of his tongue and fingers.

By :MarthaD

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