A Dom/sub couple decide to live out a fantasy involving hard caning

Brian lit a bit of Forest Dance, it was his sub
Giovanna’s favorite incense and a deep, musky scent,
like earth under an old oak spread over the playroom.
Giovanna herself knelt on the floor, she was a pretty
woman, a bit on the plump side with dark curls to her
waist and large olive colored eyes, Brian liked the soft
curve of her body, the little love handles, and the size
of her breasts that usually only came naturally with a
bit of overweight.

“Are you sure you want to do this my love? We can still
change our minds, I will not get mad.”

Brian said as he put the matches away and walked over to
his girl, placing a hand on her shoulder. Giovanna did
not answer, she only gave a solemn nod.

“You know what we talked about girl, that once this
starts there will be no safe words, no way for you to
stop it until it is done, so I am asking you again…are
you absolutely sure you want this?”

The plump woman on the floor hesitated for a few
seconds, there was a bit of fear in her dark eyes, after
all there was one thing to fantasize about something,
and quite something else to be faced with it in real-

“Yes Sir, I am sure, I want this. I know that once it
starts I will want it to stop, but I still want it you
know, and for once I want to be just forced through it.”

Giovanna said, her voice shaking just a little. Brian
smiles then he indicated a table in the corner, the
piece of furniture was fitted with straps and was just
the right height for the plump young woman to bend over.

“Good, now get over to the table and bend over girl.”

The Dom ordered and his sub slowly stood and walked over
to the corner to do what she was told.

There was with some eagerness and excitement that Brian
fastened the straps around his sub’s wrists and ankles
and then added another belt like strap over her waist to
keep her better in place on the polished little table,
the two of them had talked about doing this for so long
and tonight it would finally happen.

It was Giovanna herself who first had pointed the
pictures and videos out to her Dom, images from the
Xhamster website that showed women with bleeding butt
cheeks and tights after hard caning, Brian quite liked
the images and had masturbated to them many a time, he
was surprised though when Giovanna expressed a desire
for that to be done to her someday.

It was not that the plump woman was not kinky, both her
and Brian enjoyed a good spanking session and also used
BDSM for their Tantric rituals, two years ago they had
also converted a storage room in the basement of their
Bergen villa into a small playroom, however such a
caning went far, far further than anything that had been
done to Giovanna before.

For six months the couple discussed the caning, one
thing that became clear early on was that if it was
going to be done, it had to be without safewords or
other ways to end it, other than if there was a medical
emergency. Brian had always suspected Giovanna wanted to
surrender to him completely, become a 24/7 slave, and it
always seemed to get in the way of her enjoyment in a
setting that she could stop it with a safeword, and that
she went back to being just his wife when it was done.

In fact the young woman usually seamed upset with
herself and devastated when she had to use those safe
words so Brian decided that if they were going to do
this, they would do it all the way, no safe words, no
stopping, once the caning started fifty hard strokes
would be delivered across Giovanna’s ass cheeks and it
would not stop until all the strokes where delivered.

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