A Desperate Woman and Male Rocky(D)

I waved my parents off as my their big silver SUV pulled out of the driveway and made my way back into the house. My mother had asked if I would come and house sit for them while they went on their 7 day cruise to the Bahamas. They normally would just leave a light on or two and lock up but they had recently found a stray Rocky and taken it in. They had ran an add in the local paper but no one had called as of yet. They didn’t want to take the Rocky to the pound or get a Rocky sitter. They were not to keen about having someone they didn’t know in their house.

So they had called and asked if I would mind driving down and house sitting and watching the Rocky. They wanted someone here to answer the phone in case the owners saw the add in the paper and was looking for their Rocky. I worked from home as a fashion design consultant so it was not like I could use work as an excuse not to do it. Not that I would have really told my parents no anyway. I had begged for a Rocky as a child but they always had some excuse not to get me one. I move out on my own and they end up with a Rocky.

The thought that they wouldn’t let me get a Rocky but ended up taking in a stray after i moved still iterated me a bit. He was a beautiful Rocky though. He was a huge solid black Shepperd who my parents just called Beast. He had the most beautiful golden eyes you have ever seen. He looked more like a huge wolf than a Sheppard. He was the most beautiful Rocky I had ever seen. He was humongous! He had to weigh at least 120lbs. Which was just as much as me.

I went up stairs and slipped on my little zebra stripped bikini and went out to sun by my parents large pool. Beast was running and jumping in the pool after his ball that must have gotten away from him. I pooled my long brown hair into a sloppy bun. I went over to one of the comfy lawn chairs and settled in to get some much needed sun on my body. I covered myself in the the sweet smelling tanning oil and popped ear buds onto my eats and turned on my MP3 player and let Alex Clair’s sexy voice blair into my ears as laid back to soak up the rays. I must have dozed off because I was having the most delicious erotic dream I had ever had. I was being licked slowly by my old collage roommate.

A beautiful redhead named karra. Karra was my first girl crush. She was an inch taller than me about 5 8″ with skin so milky and smooth it made her look like a porcelain doll. She had large green eyes the color of emeralds. She was stunning. The dream was so real It was like I could feel her tongue sliding over my supple body and making her way to the valley between between my legs.

I moaned lifting my body and spreading my legs wider to give her an easy entrance into my sweet folds. I whispered softly to her “I have wanted you for so long, I just never knew how to tell you ” Her mouth made its way to my pussy and the slow strokes of her tongue circled my clit as she slid two fingers inside of me. I could feel her hair tickling the inside of my leg….I woke in a start “Bad Rocky(D) NO!!!” i screamed slamming my legs closed and sitting up fast. My face had to have been 10 shades of red. More from embarrassment than being mad at the Rocky. I had been so caught up in the dream thinking it was Karra that was licking me. My pussy ached with need. At some point the Rocky must have smelled my arousal and thought he would help me out. I chewed my lip wondering how long it had been him licking me and not my dream girl Karra.

I glanced around to make sure no one had seen, but my parents had a very tall privacy fence put in when they had the pool built. Assuring myself that no one could have seen. I grabbed up my stuff and went inside. Beast seemed unfazed by my scolding because he just padded right after me fallowing me inside. every so often he would stick his cold nose in the rear of my swim suit and when I spun around to give him another scolding he would crouch his front half down on the ground with his butt and tail wagging in the air barking playfully. I couldn’t help but to giggle at his antics. “You really are a Beast” I halfheartedly chastised him.

By :Hillary

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