A deep yearning for submission

She closed her eyes as she lay on the large bed of her hotel room in the luxurious Moulin Sur Mer. The beachfront hotel was built on a sugar cane plantation around the midthe mid-18th century. . She was here on a business trip, checking out a new factory to be built. It was part business and part pleasure, Lyn having thehaving the weekend before returning home, her business finished, a free weekend with no distractions. The sun was shining in the window,window; Lyn was naked on the bed. The beach was empty but just the thought of anyone looking in would be able to see her naked excited her. She had started to have these strange desires about six months ago. She thought it just fantasy probably caused by lack of sex or at least lack of sex with someone other then Bill. Bill was her vibrator. She laughed, how many women named their vibrator. Bill was about ten inches long and over three inches wide, a very formidable man. She bought long lasting batteries by the ten pack, never wanting to be without Bill when she needed him most. Maybe she should add Duracell to her stock portfolio, a ten pack lasting less then a month.

She could see herself in the mirror that she had positioned at the end of her bed. The full length mirror was on an adjustable frame, able to move up and down. After about ten minutes she had it aimed just right. She gazed into it, spreading her legs slowly, teasing herself as she saw her pussy gradually revealed almost as if she were performing for a lover. Her nipples were so hard that they almost felt like they would burst, her fingers able to provoke them to hardness easily, her long nails scratching over them bringing delicious shivers of lust between her legs. Her breasts had little sag in them; her areolas were the darkest brown and seemed to engulf her large pink nipples. Men would look at her breasts before they would look her in the eyes. While demeaning as the President of a large company, it never failed to make her wet when they did, knowing that her breasts were making their cocks hard. She often wore button down blouses with her suits, many times teasing men by leaving more buttons open then was prudent for a women of her status. But she loved the stares that it provoked to much to be more demure

Her tiny bush was trimmed to just a triangle, almost like a warning sign, danger ahead. Her labia were puffy and very pronounced. She had a pair of shorts she wore at home only that clung to her ass and pussy, leaving little to the imagination. She wore them without panties, feeling the material cling to every curve in her lower body, sliding between her lips as she walked, her puffy lips clearly outlined in the front of her shorts. She wore them without a top, the freedom of her naked breasts bouncing slightly exciting her. She even had an orgasm once while walking around the house, the material rubbing her sex, the material pressed against her anus.

She raised her legs up, bowing her legs out, her knees bent, spread to the side as she stared in the mirror, her sex offered to anyone who peeked in the window. Her breasts were rising and falling slowly, her breathing shallow as she began to get excited. Her hand reached for Bill, finding him next to her, ready and always hard for her. She stroked him as she would a lover, putting him in her mouth, running her tongue over him to get him wet for her. She pushed him in deeper, making herself gag, letting it play around her tonsils, her choking exciting her as if she were being forced to take his cock deep in her throat. Tears ran down her cheeks as she gagged on the hard plastic. She pulled Bill out, her lips wrapped tightly around him as he left, knowing that he would soon be between her legs, ready to quench the hot lust that she felt.

By : Powerone

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