A deep yearning for submission

She closed her eyes as she lay on the large bed of her hotel room in the luxurious Moulin Sur Mer. The beachfront hotel was built on a sugar cane plantation around the midthe mid-18th century. . She was here on a business trip, checking out a new factory to be built. It was part business and part pleasure, Lyn having thehaving the weekend before returning home, her business finished, a free weekend with no distractions. The sun was shining in the window,window; Lyn was naked on the bed. The beach was empty but just the thought of anyone looking in would be able to see her naked excited her. She had started to have these strange desires about six months ago. She thought it just fantasy probably caused by lack of sex or at least lack of sex with someone other then Bill. Bill was her vibrator. She laughed, how many women named their vibrator. Bill was about ten inches long and over three inches wide, a very formidable man. She bought long lasting batteries by the ten pack, never wanting to be without Bill when she needed him most. Maybe she should add Duracell to her stock portfolio, a ten pack lasting less then a month.

She could see herself in the mirror that she had positioned at the end of her bed. The full length mirror was on an adjustable frame, able to move up and down. After about ten minutes she had it aimed just right. She gazed into it, spreading her legs slowly, teasing herself as she saw her pussy gradually revealed almost as if she were performing for a lover. Her nipples were so hard that they almost felt like they would burst, her fingers able to provoke them to hardness easily, her long nails scratching over them bringing delicious shivers of lust between her legs. Her breasts had little sag in them; her areolas were the darkest brown and seemed to engulf her large pink nipples. Men would look at her breasts before they would look her in the eyes. While demeaning as the President of a large company, it never failed to make her wet when they did, knowing that her breasts were making their cocks hard. She often wore button down blouses with her suits, many times teasing men by leaving more buttons open then was prudent for a women of her status. But she loved the stares that it provoked to much to be more demure

Her tiny bush was trimmed to just a triangle, almost like a warning sign, danger ahead. Her labia were puffy and very pronounced. She had a pair of shorts she wore at home only that clung to her ass and pussy, leaving little to the imagination. She wore them without panties, feeling the material cling to every curve in her lower body, sliding between her lips as she walked, her puffy lips clearly outlined in the front of her shorts. She wore them without a top, the freedom of her naked breasts bouncing slightly exciting her. She even had an orgasm once while walking around the house, the material rubbing her sex, the material pressed against her anus.

She raised her legs up, bowing her legs out, her knees bent, spread to the side as she stared in the mirror, her sex offered to anyone who peeked in the window. Her breasts were rising and falling slowly, her breathing shallow as she began to get excited. Her hand reached for Bill, finding him next to her, ready and always hard for her. She stroked him as she would a lover, putting him in her mouth, running her tongue over him to get him wet for her. She pushed him in deeper, making herself gag, letting it play around her tonsils, her choking exciting her as if she were being forced to take his cock deep in her throat. Tears ran down her cheeks as she gagged on the hard plastic. She pulled Bill out, her lips wrapped tightly around him as he left, knowing that he would soon be between her legs, ready to quench the hot lust that she felt.

She lowered Bill, letting him slide over her taut stomach, playing the end back and forth, leaving a wet trail down her body, moving down to her bush, Bill tangling himself in her silky hair. She could feel the wetness between her legs; her lips seemed to quiver in expectation of Bill. She hit the switch, Bill coming to life, the familiar vibration making the muscles in her stomach tighten. “Yes Bill. Make me cum,” she said out loud. She pulled Bill from her body, not wanting to touch her clit yet, loving for Bill to tease her, make her wet before he made her beg to cum. One hand pulled a pussy lip to the side, her pink insides glowing in the mirror, Bill paused above her, vibrating with a gentle hum. “Please Bill; touch me with your magnificent cock.”

Her body trembled when Bill touched her, sliding up and down her slit, his head covered with her juices, her pussy juice mixing with her saliva to make him slippery. “Oh yes Bill. Stick it in me,” she begged her lover, her hips rising up from the bed, her vagina aching for the fullness that Bill could bring to her body. Bill needed no more encouragement, his head pressed against her tight opening, teasing around the tiny hole, the gentle vibration pressing inward. “You’re so big, I don’t know if you can get it all inside me.” Her pussy was tight, Bill always stretching her painfully, forced to service Bill, her pain only adding to his pleasure.

She flicked the switch to medium, Bill becoming more insistent now, more demanding of her body. He pushed in harder now, her pussy clinging to the shaft as she was forced to take him inside, sharp pains accompanying the feeling of fullness as the hard thick cock began to push aside all resistance and sink inside her clenching pussy. “No so fast and hard,” she begged Bill, but he was beyond reason now, his cock taking over, intent on burying himself deep inside her hot, tight pussy. Her hips turned side to side, trying to make it more difficult for him to push in so hard, but Bill always knew where she would move, his cock always in the right spot to press forward.

He began to fuck her now, each time pulling out, her pussy clinging to the shaft until only the head was gripped snuggly, then he would thrust in, the powerful thrust would make her gasp in pain as she went from empty to full in seconds, each time his cock shoved farther inside her. Each time she begged him to go easier but he didn’t seem to hear her or care, only intent on taking his pleasure from her body. His cock felt like it was going to come out her mouth, smashed painfully against her cervix, the button mysteriously on high now, the vibrations now intense. His fucking became more insistent, making her take the full measure of his cock with each thrust, her body trying to sink deeper into the bed to escape the painful thrusts but Bill seemed to know her every move, matching her motion for motion.

Suddenly she felt her pussy empty, Bill vibrating noisily between her legs, poised as she trembled in fear. “NO! NO! Not there. You know I don’t like that. It hurts too much.” She screamed out when she felt his cock move between her legs and run over her anus. He had forced her before, making her take the head of his cock in her anus until her rectum grasped onto it, the muscle clenching on it, attempting to force out the intruder. She hated him when he did that to her, knowing it brought no pleasure to her, only pain and the degradation of the act of sodomy. He loved the way she screamed in pain, the sounds spurring him on. He had only buried the head in her asshole, the burning as her anus was stretched to unbelievable proportions, the pain as her asshole clenched on his cock in response, teasing him to greater hardness. He told her he would soon sodomize her; dump his cum deep in her colon, teasing her before he would pull his cock from her asshole.

She opened her mouth, Bill always forcing her to take his soiled cock in her mouth and clean it before he would fuck her. Her tongue played over the foul tasting cock, licking the plastic clean, gagging as she was forced to service him. She was relieved when he moved down again, his cock entering her in one swift thrust that knocked the air from her lungs, gasps from her lips as she was impaled on her rigid member. He fucked her hard for over five minutes, moving up and down, hands gripping her pussy lips and wrapping them tightly around the vibrating shaft as it pumped her. Fingers grabbed her clit roughly, pulling it until it rubbed against Bill. “Yes! Yes! Fuck me, make me cum.”

A glimpse of a figure outside her window was all she needed, a guest rushing by, embarrassed at what he saw making him move quicker. She came, came like only Bill could make her do, her pussy flooded with her juices, running down between her cheeks of her ass to soak the bed beneath her, Bill vibrating inside her as she clenched on and off the thundering cock that extracted such pleasure from her body.

She pulled the vibrator from her pussy, exhausted from her orgasm that had shaken her body, her body glistening with a coat of sweat, her breasts rising and falling on her chest as she tried to catch her breath. Bill lay at her side, his batteries dead, his lust drained from its insides. “Why do you take me so hard?” How come your brutality makes me cum so hard?” She quickly dozed off, naked and exposed on the bed.

Lyn stood in her luxurious motel room overlooking the coastline. . She had been the President of Lewis Companies for over a year after an intense struggle for five years of moving up the ranks of the company., She had been Vice President of Finance for two years before finally achieving the goal she had so long desired, the President of a major corporation. She had to fight the prejudices, the glass ceiling, the stares of men that thought she slept her way to the top, but she had finally succeeded where few women had before.

The job had been everything she had thought it would be and more, challenging, stimulating and exceedingly overpowering her life. This is what she was contemplating now, her personal life, or a better choice of words would be the lack of personal life. The job had become ever consuming that there was little left for a personal life.

At thirty-five, Lyn still kept her looks and shape. Her blonde hair framed her tanned face, San Diego the city of perpetual sun, her green eyes that seemed to reflect that she knew something you didn’t, her flawless complexion that needed little make-up and the countless hours of exercise along with a healthy diet kept her in top physical shape for her demanding job. She had little time for men other than work, not even sure what she was looking for any longer. The powerful men that would attract her were usually too old and the younger men lacked the power to handle a woman like herself, they seemed too weak, more willing to try to please her then control her. There she said it, control her. While a powerful figure at work, she was always overpowering, able to make men do whatever she wanted. That was what made her successful, but that is also what made most men undesirable to her. They wanted to please her. She wanted a man who wanted her to please him. Could that really be what she wanted? This is the first time that she actually said it aloud.

The trip was lackluster so far, business meetings with the contractors and the local partner, a trip to the site to check their progress, a business dinner and finally it was Friday night, work finished, her plane not leaving until Sunday afternoon. She got up from the bed to take a shower, putting a fresh set of batteries in Bill before she put him away, not wanting to reach for him and finding him unable to perform. She had arranged a local escort for her tonight, knowing better then to go out alone. Haiti was a male dominant society, women second-class citizens relegated to serving the men. Even her business position would have no effect on the men once the workday was over. She had got on the internet before she left, searching for everything she could learn about Haiti before she left, especially the seedier side of the country. In Haiti, she was relatively unknown and wouldn’t be under the public eye. She was hoping to see some of the more perverse side of this culture.

She dressed carefully, a short black skirt that clung to her ass. A white blouse, buttons down the front, low cut leaving a generous expanse of cleavage showing, a white lace bra pushing her breasts up. She wore four inch heels, leather straps keeping them snug around her ankles, aptly named “fuck me heels”. Underneath she was dressed to impress. A pair of low cut black panties clung to her hips, barely covering her patch, the material drawn tightly over her cheeks, her crack highlighted to perfection. The bra was a white, almost transparent material, her brown areolas visible underneath it, cut generously to show the maximum amount of cleavage, thrusting her breasts up high. But the best part was the stockings she wore. Black silk stockings, the black crease running up the back, the tops snuggled tightly into the black garter belt that clung to her thighs. She looked at herself in the mirror before she put on the skirt and blouse and whistled at her own reflection. “Bill loves that sexy body,” she said as she turned to show off her nice buns. “I’ll have to be careful or Bill will want to fuck me in the ass again.” She laughed as she talked to herself.

She glanced at the clock, almost eight. She had already had dinner, room service bringing it up before she got dressed. She didn’t want to waste the whole night on food, having other ideas of what she wanted to see. Her escort was to meet her in the bar downstairs at 8:15, Lyn finishing dressing, dabbing on some lovely perfume, making sure that a dab was behind her knees, hoping that the night would be a truly wonderful experience.

The bar was mostly empty, but all the male eyes were on her as her heels clicked across the floor, the whoosh of her thighs rubbing together as the stockings rubbed back and forth. She could already feel her panties getting moist as they stared at her, none of them ever getting to her face, most trained on her ass and legs, the short skirt providing the maximum exposure. She instinctively knew it was him, the dark stranger sitting at the end of the bar.

“Miguel?” She looked into his eyes, jet black knowing eyes that ran up and down her body as she stood before him.

“Yes, good evening Lyn. You are much more beautiful then I could even imagine. Would you like a quick drink while we discuss what you want to do tonight?

He looked to be about five-ten, dark black hair, about mid-forties. He was a mulatto, a mixture of French and Haitian. His skin was brown in contrast to the black skinned pure Haitians, with many European facial features. He was in great shape, his body fitting snuggling in the expensive slacks and pullover top he was wearing. His face was covered with a perpetual five o’clock shadow highlighting the somewhat rugged features of his face. His eyes seemed to burn through her as if he could see through her clothes, making her turn red in embarrassment as she imagined she was standing naked in front of him while he gazed up and down her body as he examined her.

“Thank you, I would love a drink. You pick it, something Haitian. And thank you for the compliment.” She didn’t comment back to him on his appearance, not sure if you were suppose to compliment escorts, this being something new to her. She sat down on the stool, her skirt riding up high on her legs, Miguel’s eyes glued to them as she sat down. She didn’t even try to pull her skirt down, a pointless task,task; the skirt was short for a reason, to show off her lovely legs to their advantage.

Miguel nodded to the bartender, a chilled glass in front of Lyn in a matter of minutes. She picked it up, the strong taste of rum permeating it, a blend of fruits mixed with it. It went down smoothly, almost too smooth, the cold liquid feeling as if her throat was frozen. “Very good,” not bothering to ask what it was.

“What is your pleasure tonight Lyn?” Miguel knew very little of Lyn, only that she paid dearly for his company with no limit as to time. He could tell she was not married, no ring or the apparent no tan line on her ring finger reflecting her marital status. She could get almost anyone with a body like hers, so she must be important or famous and wanting something more than the normal tour of Haiti’s night life. He had seen many like this, visiting a strange new country, wanting to see things that they could only imagine back in the cozy life in America. Well, she had come to the right place, Miguel well-versed in the alternative lifestyles of Haitians. He had only to ascertain her desires.

She cringed at his comment, her pleasure. Did he know or was it just a comment? She began to stammer, out of place for her, unable to say what she wanted, too embarrassed.

“Don’t be embarrassed Lyn. I am here to show what you would like to see and I am well-versed in the many alternatives available. We have many places that are very sophisticated, not seedy little sex shows, but with people that believe in and are part of their life styles, more then willing to show others.

She looked into his eyes, seeing an understanding that she didn’t expect. She cleared her throat. “I would like to go to a bondage club.” Her eyes went down, not wanting to see his expression, her face red in shame.

It was almost what he had expected from her. Powerful women lived such an intense lifestyle, always having to be in control or masterful of the situation. Many sought the relief of being submissive to a male, bondage the ultimate submission. The relief of having all choice taken away from them bringing about complete surrender and ultimately intense orgasms. “A very good choice, Lyn. I know of a club outside town. It is an exclusive club, not open to the public. It is very private, by invitation only to the elite. Let me make a phone call and see if I can get us an invitation. Have another drink while I go make the call,” nodding to the bartender for another drink, taking a sip of the shot of rum he had in front of him.

She finally looked up, a smile on her face as he didn’t even look as though he was disturbed by her request as being too perverse. He seemed to take it as something normal. “Have you ever been there?”

“Numerous times for business and also for pleasure.” He nodded to her, hoping to make her more comfortable. “They are not professionals, but normal people that have made bondage a part of the sexual lifestyle. It is laid out very extensively, with a wide range of bondage toys and equipment. Anyone is welcome to join in at any time and many do. I think you will find it very enjoyable if this is your first time. Very enjoyable.” He got up from the stool, leaving her without waiting for an answer or a response. He made a quick phone call, able to easily get an invitation, especially after he described Lyn. They were always hoping that guests would decide to join in or volunteer.

“We can go now Lyn.” He paid for the drinks; all expenses would be added to Lyn’s bill later on, Miguel not having to worry about the business side, which would be what his wife did best. He escorted her outside, a black stretch limousine waiting for them, Lyn a little surprised, half expecting a taxi ride. She got in first, knowing that he was watching her ass as she bent over to get in, sliding across to sit on the other side, her short skirt barely covering anything as she sat down.

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