A crossdresser being found and used

I still don’t know why I didn’t checks the door lock beforehand, but there I was standing in front of the mirror wearing a pink satin slip, stroking my hard cock. I must have been wrapped up with what I was doing as I didn’t hear anything until I heard the click of the camera followed by the giggles.

The next thing I heard was my neighbor Sally saying “don’t let me stop you, by all means finish.” This was a lightning bolt that erased my hard on instantly. “Aww, did I scare it?” Sally said with a laugh.

Panic washed over me as I thought this was it. This was going to ruin me. Sally slowly walked over to me and told me “don’t panic sweetie, everything is going to be fine. Well as long as you do exactly what I say.”

I told her I would do anything as long as she would not tell anyone about me. She then told me to be at her place at 6 and I’d better be shaved from the eyebrows down. She also told me that I should come dressed in something sexy.

I didn’t know what to do. I thought that it might all just blow over until my phone chirped. I looked at it and there on the screen was a message from Sally. It read “in case you are having second thoughts, here is what is ready to send out to everyone you know”. On the screen was the pictures of me with the slip on and my cock in my hand. I was screwed. The only thing I could do at this point was to comply.

Hopping in the shower I proceeded to shave my body. Some parts, like my arms and chest were easy, but my groin area was difficult. The last thing I wanted was a cut down there. I carefully finished, making sure to get in between my ass cheeks and my legs. After I used some lavender lotion that was laying around I was soft and smooth. The feel and smell was intoxicating.

Next I took to the task of getting dressed. I started with my favorite garter belt. Black lace with a red rose design on the front. I slowly rolled up my black stockings, being careful to keep the seams straight and not get a run in them. After attaching them to the garter hooks, I ran my hands slowly down each leg. It felt like electricity was flowing through me and my cock sprang to life. I knew that wasn’t going to help my situation so I ignored it for now and went to put on the matching bra for the set, also black scalloped with 32C cups. I connected the clasps and swung it around like I’ve see many a woman do before.

I dug further into my special bag where I kept all my stuff and found my lifelike breast forms that I have, but have never used. After applying the special adhesive tape, I slid them individually into the cups of the bra. Holding them against my chest for a few minutes allowed the tape to stick. With the breast forms in place, the last piece was my panties. My cock was still rock hard and I dared not wank as in didn’t know what the night would hold. I decided that they would have to wait and perhaps focusing on makeup would help.

I started with the foundation, making sure that any beard stubble gets blended over a bit darker. Then highlighted my cheekbones with some rogue. Next I attempted my eye makeup, trying to follow all the videos I’ve watched. I went with a two tone approach blending some green and white shadow to compliment my hazel eyes. I glued on the fake eyelashes, liberally coating them with some extend lash black mascara. Lucky for me my eyebrows have never been very think so I was able to draw some light ones in. I fished the look with my favorite lipstick, fire engine red.

My cock had reached a tipping point. If I didn’t do something about it soon I would blow my load everywhere. I slipped on my favorite pair of black patent leather 4″ heels, and walked into the kitchen. I needed to cool off and fast. I filled a small bucket with ice and water and held it up to my cock and balls. Finally my hard on stared to go down. I pulled up my black satin gaff, pushing my testicles up and into my body and pulling my now flaccid cock back. The gaff flattens out any bulge and hugs me tight.

By : BufordTJusticeTX

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