A Crash Course in Exhibitionism

It wasn’t until the third or fourth month of dating that Abi sprung the topic of exhibitionism on me. Prior to our conversation, I was not only a novice of exhibitionism, but it was actually more of a dread than a turn on. I was one of those “normal” people who had nightmares about turning up in class naked. Who on earth would find this a turn on? The first step went something like this.

“Hey babe”, Abi exclaimed in her hot British accent as she jumped on top of me on the bed. I was lying face down, reading a magazine, and was surprised when she landed on top of me. I tossed the magazine aside and maneuvered myself to give her a sweet peck on the lips. “What’s up, Abs?”, I asked. “Oh, nothing”, she replied in the devious, cheeky manner that she used when she had some sort of perverse idea. “Its about time to hit the gym, isn’t it?”, she asked with a cheeky smile. “Yes it is”, I replied. “Alright, you just stay here and I will get our stuff”, she said, leaving me smiling as she left. ‘What is she up to now?’, I thought to myself.

I thought about my amazing girlfriend. How amazing was it that she would be with a guy like me? I am not bad looking, don’t get me wrong, but I am not a super model either. I am 6ft 2 inches tall, with a slim, athletic build, a handsome face, blue eyes and brownish blonde hair.

She on the other hand was gorgeous. She stood at about average height, had straight brown hair that fell to about shoulder length. Her eyes were blue, she had a beautiful nose that I found to be the cherry of her pretty face. She was about average in build. She kept active and hit the gym on a regular basis, but she also had the curves that I love to see in my lady. She had a lovely, round bottom, nice hips, and a pair of B cup breasts, which while not very large, were very perky, were topped with perfect nipples, and bounced and jiggled nicely when she moved.

Abi returned with a gym bag hanging from each shoulder. “Let’s go slowpoke”, she said with excitement. I took my bag from her, threw the shoulder strap on and gave her kiss.


I entered the men’s changing room and unlocked my locker. I sat down as I opened up my gym bag. I examined everything as I took it out. A pair of sneakers, a white undershirt, my pair of blue track pants, and…… Wait a minute? Where is my underwear? I searched but it was not in the bag. I wore compression shorts when I worked out to prevent any embarrassing visual displays, but they were no where to be found. ‘Did Abi forget to put them in or did she do this on purpose?’, I wondered to myself.

I got dressed and looked at myself in the mirror. ‘Nothing is outrageously obvious’, I thought to myself. ‘Maybe no one will notice.’

I put my bag in the locker and headed out the door to the gym. I immediately located Abi, who was wearing her typical plain white tshirt with a white sports bra underneath, and black track pants. She smiled and watched me as I approached. I wasn’t certain, but I thought I saw her take several quick glances at my crotch.

“Ready to go babe”, she said with a smile. I nodded in reply. “Let’s stretch then.”

We chose a corner out of the way and stretched our legs and arms, while I did my best not to stare as my beautiful girlfriend did more revealing stretches.

“Alright, time to warm up”, she directed. “20 Jumping jacks”. I was reluctant, but decided to do them with her. We started with our gazes directed at each others eyes. I noticed a glint of a smile in her eyes, but she kept going. My arms and legs moved in unison with hers. Soon I gave in to temptation and my gaze shifted south to her beautiful bosoms, which moved up and down a tiny little bit, limited by the proper fitting sports bra. When I looked back up I caught her red handed, staring at my crotch, where my flaccid dick and balls bounced erratically underneath the thin fabric of my trousers. “18, 19, 20”, we counted together before collapsing on the bench nearby. “Good job, Abs”, I said, putting my arm around her shoulder. “Good job yourself”, she replied, moving her own arm around my waist. Her gaze returned to my crotch, then bounced back to my eyes in a flash. “I guess you caught me, babe”, she said with a cute look on her face. “I guess I have. I can’t help but think if certain things happened by accident?” “Perhaps, perhaps not”, she replied with a sexy look. “I’ll be right back”, she said as she walked back to the ladie’s changing room. I watched her ass as she walked away.

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