A card game expands our horizons

My wife and I had been going through a bit of a rough spell lately. Karen and I were not having marriage issues, just issues in the bedroom. We needed to spice things up a little bit. I’m not blaming either one of us for these issues in bed; it was just that after a few years, things can get a little routine if you know what I mean. Luckily, we were both willing and able to talk about this, and work on ways that this could be resolved.

The other day we talked about fantasies, games we could play, and “different” things we had done previously. Naturally, the first fantasy-type thing I had thought of was having sex with two women at the same time. Come on, don’t roll your eyes at me. What normal heterosexual guy has NOT had that thought? Karen wanted me to tell her what I was smiling about, so I told her what was on my mind.

She laughed, then said “Should have known you would say that, that is almost a given response by any man. Of course you know, that also means I get to have an extra guy to join us in bed. It’s only fair, right?”

That stopped me right away. I didn’t think her idea was nearly as cool as having a woman join us. Like she said, it was fair, just not at the top of my list of things to do.

The next thought to pop into my mind was kind of along the same lines, but not quite as involved. I blurted out “Maybe getting strippers for each other is an option. No sex, just dancing and stripping. Maybe some touching or rubbing.”

Karen thought about that for a minute, then asked “So what are our boundaries? How far is too far?”

“I really don’t know, babe. I’ve only thought about it for a minute, and I am not sure how far I would be comfortable going with this. What about you? What is your gut reaction?”

Smiling and staring a hole in the ceiling, she didn’t answer right away. “Yes, I could see this happening.”

Before I could respond, she moved her gaze from the ceiling straight into my eyes, she followed that up with “We should do it tonight. Right now! Call them already!”

It was tempting, but we had an office party to attend that night and needed to get ready to go because we had to be there in about an hour. Taking a quick shower, my mind was still on our chat from just minutes ago, but also realized that this party we were going to would be an easy way to test out our reaction to some ideas.

We pulled into the parking lot of what looked like a small castle, but was really the house of some top exec from my company. Karen held my arm as we walked towards the castle-house, pulling back slightly to slow us down. “So tell me again what this party is all about” she said. “I didn’t really pay much attention when you told me before.”

‘It figures’ I thought, ‘damn selective hearing probably only caught the word ‘party” I continued out loud with “This is for a few people I kind of work with. They are from the San Diego office, and we almost never see them; at the most, one of them will talk to me or email me once every few months. But the management here wanted to make them feel special, so there are some people from every department showing up tonight. We just need to stay long enough for enough people to see me so they know I showed up, then we can bail. It’s an unofficial company function – I’m sure it will be really stupid and we will be ready to leave in about an hour.”

We got to the front door just as I finished, and we put on our happy faces as the door opened to us, with someone from the event staff stood in our way.

“Good evening madam, sir. May I have your name please?”

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