A brother enjoys taking his lovely sister’s cherry

“Billy, come here!” my sister loudly demanded. “I need a

So I stopped what I was doing and crossed the hall, not
wishing to anger her since she was a tyrant when she was
mad. She was laying on her bed, naked, one knee raised
and smiling at me. I blinked at her and waited, feeling
my cock tremble. My sister is super hot, a high school
senior with a killer body, a fine athlete and a real
brain. She smiled at me and licked her lips. Her pussy
lips were bulging out and quivering. I couldn’t stop
staring. She had shaved her groin completely hairless.
Her curly blonde triangle was gone, sadly.

“Come here, Billy, and fuck me,” she said calmly.

I about fainted. I mean here I was a thirteen-year-old
virgin who had only had sex with his right hand and his
pillow, and the girl I tried to avoid thinking about
wanted me to mount her. I ran.

She followed, wearing a short robe that she didn’t
bother to close or belt and stood in front of my desk,
showing me everything I longed to see. I fell in love
with her soft belly. “Listen,” she said, sounding
patient, “I’ve got all these guys dying to make love to
me, demanding that I give it to them, a dozen hook ups
just panting to drive me crazy, every single cock stiff
and dripping. And I’ve never done it. I can’t let one of
them deflower me and go around saying he got my cherry.
I’ve put them off with blow-jobs, which I hate, hate,

“Why me?” I asked, my voice cracking.

She laughed. “You’ve got a cock, don’t you?”

I nodded. “But I don’t know anything. I’ve never done
it. I’ve hardly even touched a girl. Why don’t you use a
banana or something?”

She sighed. “Oh,” she said, scratching her head. “OK. I
didn’t think of that. Google it and then go down and buy
some rubbers, some condoms, thin ones, hear? We’ll do it
Saturday when the folks go out shopping. That gives you
two days to get ready.” She turned and left, leaving me
aching, my cock bent double in my pants. I was dying to
bounce on her round, pink belly.

I took a handful of tissues to bed with me and filled
them up after searching “how to fuck” on the Internet
and watching guys mount girls and stick their pricks
into them. One showed a boy who looked around my age
licking this pretty girl’s pussy, putting his thick cock
in her mouth and then pushing it into her hairless pussy
and humping her for ten minutes or so before he turned
her around and did it from the back. I couldn’t believe
it. And he didn’t use a condom either and she seemed to
enjoy it, all of it.

On the way home from school Friday I went to the grocery
store with the check-out scanners and bought some
Trojans, a three pack. It said ultra-thin and
lubricated. I went home and Googled “how to use” and
then slid one down my erection, carefully holding the
tip and stroked myself until I came in it. It felt odd,
very strange, constricted. I knotted it and threw it
away, sure two would be plenty for my onerous task.

Saturday morning I heard the car start and drive away
and there was my eager sister in her football jersey
nightgown. “You ready `cause I sure am?” She pulled back
the covers and squealed. “Oh damn. It’s beautiful. How’d
you ever grow such a monster? Lord, I’ve never seen
anything like it. How big is it?”

I rolled over and hurried to the bathroom and pissed,
relieving the pressure. When I got back, she was lying
on my bed, smiling. “Come on, big boy, come and get it.”

I tried to remember what to do first and crawled up
between her long, smooth legs and kissed the inside of
her heavy thighs and then her tight-lipped pussy. “Um,”
she sighed, putting her hands on my head. “More, more.”
I licked harder and deeper and up and down, and she
wiggled and humped up to my mouth and sobbed, “Get the
clit, dummy.”

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