A Brother And Sister On Holiday

Their parent’s holiday in Spain is ruined when their
father breaks his leg. So 18 year old Ryan and his 17
year old sister Clare go instead. Although they
intended to enjoy the holiday in their own way, the two
find that they want to spend all the time with each
other. (MF-teens, inc, 1st, mast, oral, anal, rom)


“Wow, Clare, this is some apartment,” gasped Ryan as he
unlocked and pushed open the door of the timeshare
apartment, between Malaga and Marbella on Spain’s Costa
Del Sol.

“Gosh it is super,” replied Clare.

The two explored the apartment and discovered that
there were two double bedrooms and a single bedroom.
One of the double bedrooms, had an ensuite bathroom,
and was obviously the master bedroom, and there was
another bathroom downstairs. The apartment had a really
good kitchen and a large lounge, and to the delight of
Ryan and his sister, had a huge balcony with a high
glass wall.

“You can have the master bedroom, and I will have the
other double one, Ryan, seeing as you are the oldest,”
Clare said.

“Ok thanks, and you can use the ensuite if you want to,
to save you going downstairs, as long as I am not in

“Ok, thanks, let’s get packed and sit out for a while.”

“Yes, good idea.”

The two unpacked in their separate bedrooms, and both
knew that it had been a bit of good fortune that their
Father had broken his leg at work, just the week
before, and their parents, had, instead of canceling
had changed the names on the booking and flights etc,
and that they had used the holiday.

18 year old Ryan and his 17 year old sister Clare had a
close, loving relationship. There was only one year
between them, and they had grown up, a close brother
and sister. Only twice in their life, had there been
any kind of Sexual experience between them. When Ryan
was 12 and Clair 11, they played “Mummy and Daddy” in
her room one day.

Ryan had told her that he had something amazing to tell
her, and they had gone into her Bedroom.

“Well, then what is it you are so desperate to tell me

“I saw Mummy and Daddy, doing it.”

“Doing what?”

“You know, what adults do, fucking.”


“Fucking, making love.”

“Gosh, did they see you?”

“No silly, I came back on Saturday from Football, and
heard gasping and panting coming from their bedroom,
and the door was open, as they must have thought that
they were alone in the house, as you were out and I was
at Football.”

“Golly, what were they doing?”

“How do you mean?”

“Just that, I want to know what you saw.”

“Well, they were both naked on the bed, and Mum was on
her back, with her legs wide apart, and her knees drawn
right up and Dad was on top of her with his penis going
in and out of her, thingy, you know, her fanny, or

“Wow,” Clare had said, feeling a little funny inside
her belly and somehow excited with a pleasant tingling
in her tiny little pre-breasts, and down below in her
little fanny, too, she felt a nice warmth.

“Could you show me?”

“Show you what they were doing?”


“We are not naked, and they were naked.”

“Well then let’s be naked then.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course, are you scared; after all we used to bath
together for years?”

They had taken a bath together most of their lives
until one Friday night, both of them were shocked when
Ryan’s little penis suddenly grew hard and stood
straight up as he knelt in the bath.

They had stared at it, as it stood straight up, about 4
inches long. Clare had reached out and held it. It was
very hard, and sort of throbbing.

“I like that when you touch it, mmmmmm,” Ryan has

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