A brief story about electronic sex

Tim and I had tried mild bondage on each other but we
quickly discovered we weren’t into anything heavy.
Mostly we like to cuddle, stroke and feel each other’s
cocks in the most intimate of ways. And we do like to
have fun.

So I was a little surprised when Tim told me he had a
surprise for me. First he had me strip naked then he
tied me spread eagled to a towel rack in our bathroom.

“Don’t worry, Sonny,” Tim said as he adjusted the
ropes around my ankles. “I know you’re not into pain
and neither am I.” He then began to suck my cock slow
and tender like only he can do.

My cock, which had been flaccid from my nervousness,
rose quickly from the stimulation. Tim licked a finger
and slid it smoothly up my ass to increase the
delightful feelings I was enjoying. I was only
frustrated by not being able to relax or return his
favors. Soon, I felt the familiar urgency of an
impending climax. Tim must have felt it also as he
released my cock and removed his finger from my ass.

“Please,” I pleaded, “keep going.”

“Nope. First you need to be blindfolded.” With that he
left for a couple of seconds and returned with a black
silk blindfold that he uses sometime to sleep during
the day when he works nightshift. Seconds later I was
standing bound and naked in our bathroom with no way
to see what Tim was going to do.

For the next few minutes I could feel the disturbance
in the air from his body as he went in and out of the
bathroom and I heard him humming from time to time but
he refused to answer my questions or give me any idea
what this was all about.

Then, just when I was beginning to lose patience, I
felt Tim’s hand gently massaging my ass. “Now look,” I
began, “just what are you..”

“Shhh. I’m sorry I took so long but now the fun
begins. Just relax and enjoy.”

Tim was rubbing soothing hand lotion all over my anus
and playing with me by inserting his finger in every
once in a while. Did he have any idea how much I
wanted his thick cock inside me? Then I felt a slick
rod about 1/2 inch in diameter begin inserted into my
anus. From its somewhat chilly feel, I thought it must
be made of metal and decided that it was a new enema
nozzle that Tim had pointed out to me in the store the
other day. It’s been a long time since he gave me one
of his wonderful enemas. But why tie me up like this?

Then I felt warm liquid surrounding my cock like Tim
was immersing it in a glass of water. “What the fuck?”
I thought. “Just relax,” Tim said as if he had heard
my thoughts. Then it began.

I thought I heard a low level buzz but wasn’t sure.
Then it seemed like my cock was vibrating in the water
or whatever the liquid was. It wasn’t exactly an
unpleasant feeling, just unusual. The buzzing got
louder and vibrating stronger. Then suddenly there was
snap and it felt like, like… I can’t really describe
it. It was almost like my cock had been changed end
for end. The buzzing and vibrating continued until
another snap sound. Then that same indescribably
switching feeling in my cock.

Now Tim was slowly lowering the liquid level around my
cock. The virating sensations ceased in the part that
was above water but became stronger in the area still
submerged. It was as if all the muscles in my cock
were fighting each other violently. I screamed and Tim
pulled the liquid completely free of my cock. The
buzzing ceased. The vibrations ceased. I was

Then the warm water rose around my balls. No buzzing
though. Then the low level buzz began and my balls
reacted much quicker to the induced vibrations.
Suddenly, with no conscious thinking on my part, I
could feel my cock spurting great gobs of sperm. The
feeling was like none I had felt before. When my
climax subsided, Tim removed the liquid again, this
time, thankfully, after stopping the buzzing.

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