A brief history of my wife’s busy beaver

My twenty two year old wife Patti gets real horny mid
cycle. She has an IUD and knows when her egg is
dropping. She has a strong urge to get fertilized so she
really wants sperm injections then, although they always
seem to be welcome! The IUD keeps her from full
pregnancy but her desires have gotten us into some horny
situations. We have been married for two years but
fucking off and on for seven.

We lived in the same neighborhood growing up. One day a
buddy of mine in tenth grade asked me if I’d ever been
laid. I told the truth and he said, “Here’s your
chance.” We went to a house on the next block where
there were two girls and two guys. One of the girls was
Patti who was in some of my classes. I didn’t know the
others. It was obvious what they had been doing. They
were all naked and the guy’s dicks weren’t hard. For a
teenage boy there is only one reason for that.

We stripped and my buddy headed for Patti who was the
most attractive. I went with the other girl, her name
was Jody, and she flopped on a bed and spread her legs.
It wasn’t as romantic as I had fantasized my first piece
of ass would be but it felt real good even if she was
slick with cum already.

It didn’t take me long to spurt my cream in with however
many loads were already there. She seemed kind of bored,
just laying there and not making any of the sounds I
expected from a woman getting fucked. We went back to
the living room just after my buddy spurted his cock
juice into Patti. I could hear her squeal with delight.

All the other guys had to leave so I took Patti to the
bedroom and we talked while I got hard again. She told
me that one of the guys who just left was a boyfriend
who had taken her cherry a few months ago. He had talked
her and Jody into these little orgies a couple of days a
week while her parents were at work. Jody already fucked
around quite a bit so Patti went along with her friend.
She liked the attention so kept coming back for more.

Apparently the boyfriend was on to new conquests so told
my buddy to come over and bring a friend which was me.
By then I was real hard again and we had the kind of sex
I had wanted the first time. She moved with me and
moaned and squealed. Even though she had several other
guys’ cum in her already she was wonderful. I was in
love. My balls were freshly drained and she was real
slick so I lasted a long time which got her off and
impressed her. She promised to be my girlfriend from now

The four of us got together regularly like she had with
her previous boyfriend. We figured we might as well swap
around since we had all fucked before but I made it
clear to my buddy that Patti was MY girlfriend and he
was just borrowing her. Her mom had put her on birth
control a year earlier, thank god.

I told her it was OK to fuck other guys if she asked me
first. WRONG! Patti let me know quite clearly that it
was HER pussy and only SHE decided who would go there
and what they would do when visiting. Since I was her
boyfriend and if I could handle it, she would tell me
about sex she had with other guys or girls.

I rose to the occasion in more ways than one and replied
that I knew of at least three guys who had shot cum
inside her and I still wanted her to be my girlfriend so
I guessed I could handle it. What I didn’t tell her was
that I was already thinking how sexy being full of
strange cum made her. It was kind of interesting that
even though I knew she had just had another cock
spurting in her pussy and could even feel their cum on
my cock she made me feel that I was her only lover ever.
Somehow she always made me feel that way no matter what.

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