A boyfriend is tempted by his sister

Lying on her back with her head supported by the armrest, Anna shifted her legs on top of Ed’s lap. Her boyfriend didn’t mind her occasional moving around, so he just kept on stroking idly. They were watching TV whilst resting comfortably on the couch in Ed’s and his sister Kayla’s apartment.

Speaking of his sister, she was half-sitting at the opposite end of the couch. She wasn’t very interested in the TV show’s episode but, being tired enough from studying, she was looking for anything to pass up the time.

Anna moved around again, joking that she just couldn’t find a comfortable position. The noise drew Kayla’s attention reflexively. She noticed the look of adoration on Ed’s girlfriend’s face, and couldn’t help but frown slightly. Kayla wished she had a good reason to look at her own, current boyfriend like that. Being reminded of that in her…well, her and her brother’s apartment brought more frustration and disappointment than warmth and fuzziness in the stomach.

Meanwhile, Ed continued stroking his girlfriend’s legs lazily. He wasn’t paying that much attention to the TV show either. It wasn’t anything great, nor was it terrible — just average, mediocre. Anna seemed to enjoy it the most out of the three of them.

He glanced at his girlfriend. Indeed, she seemed fairly absorbed. His look went on unnoticed, and so did his thoughts. He was wondering, in fact, if he was doing fine as a boyfriend. Ed had high standards in every part of his life — he was ambitious and driven just as his sister was. She was two years older than him and in her dream college, pursuing her career of choice. He intended to achieve nothing less.

Being focused on his future for the most part of his life made him a bit behind in the social department. In fact, he was in his last year of high school and yet Anna was his first ever girlfriend. Not that he had no luck with the ladies, it was just that many of the girls that were the most direct and straightforward weren’t the kinds of girls he wanted to associate with. Especially not in a long-term relationship.

Anna was different from them. She was quiet and reserved. Even though she wasn’t the most good looking, nor even the most ambitious, she was still courageous enough to ask one of the most attractive guys in school out. It happened a month ago.

Ed accepted, even though he didn’t know her very well — that was what dating was for, anyway. He didn’t want a wild, directionless party girl. He wanted a person he could trust, depend on, and spend his life with.

She said she had a boyfriend before, but they broke up. Anna didn’t want to elaborate, still hurting from the memory, but from what Ed could hear her ex dumped her for a more attractive and wild girl. Well, as Ed thought, different people mature at a different rate.

Still, as the more inexperienced one, he wanted to be a good boyfriend, to do and be his best. To a romantic relationship he provided comfort, reliance and support…among other things.

“Mmm, haha,” Anna giggled as Ed gripped her legs more strongly, massaging them. “I like that.”

Kayla looked at them again, frowning. It was an early Thursday evening, perfect time to unwind after an exhausting day. She had her own idea for doing just that, and not being able to do it like she needed to made her daily frustration at the fact quite unbearable. So much that she felt her dissatisfaction quickly turn to anger, which felt like a flash of fiery-hot air on her face. She quickly grabbed her phone, which was lying nearby, and typed in a simple, short text message.

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