A boy is worried about the size of his dick, so visits the doctor to get some advice

Minnesota — I guess you could say I underwent my rites
of passage in the doctor’s office. I was about 18 at
the time and as I laid on the examination table in my
jockey shorts I wished I could have been almost
anywhere else. It was too late. Our family doctor, a
man in his mid-30s, was removing my shorts. My face
burned. I was too embarrassed to look down.

I didn’t have to look. I could feel him working my ball
sac loose and rolling my nuts in his fingers one by
one. From there he moved to my cock. He pulled it out
as far as it would go.

I’d asked for this even though I was mortified by the
whole idea. The only other cock in my life was my
father’s and I knew it well; dad always cut hair in the
buff. It was the perfect opportunity for a study of
male anatomy. I would watch my dad’s ample meat bob and
swing in front of my face. Sometimes it would come to
rest on my hands or arms as he’d reach for a tricky
trim. He would have known it was there but he’d let it
linger long enough for me to appreciate the solid feel
and texture of the adult cock.

Anyway, that’s why I was in the doctor’s office. I
expected to get at least as big as dad, cock-wise. I
was coming up short and time was running out! I was
convinced I was only about half size by the only
standard I knew.

My cock was never one to resist stimulation of almost
any kind and the doctor’s skillful handwork was no
exception. And as my cock stiffened he began stroking
me in a way that was familiar. It was clear he wanted
me to come!

I looked down to see the livid head and shaft of my
boner bob in and out of view as the doctor found his
stride. It was strange yet wonderful to both feel and

In fact he was opening up a whole new world of
sensation. Every few strokes he would pause to plunge
his thumb and index finger deep into the scrotum
between balls and cock. Great bursts of indescribable
pleasure pulsed in my groin and shaft. My nuts were
alive with pleasure. But my load was still holding

The doctor asked several times whether he was “doing it
right” for me and was this the way I did it?

All I could think was, “So this is how another man does

He asked several times whether I was about to come. It
sure looked ripe and ready to pop. It was so hard it
was shiny and the pre-cum welled out in big globs.

The doctor held some tissues and held them, like a
catcher’s mitt, where my load was due.

After about five minutes, things were getting pretty
serious; we’d both stopped talking as we watched my
cock. It was locked on super hard and ready for the big

Just then a nurse came to the door!

Doc kept stroking but the spell was broken. I sure
didn’t want to be blasting a load with the nurse
looking on.

I guess he sensed this, too. He quickly rolled my
underpants up over my erection. It stood out in bold
relief under the taut fabric of my briefs.

The doctor intercepted the nurse at the door but I was
sure I could see her glancing past him at my cock.

After what seemed like a long time, the doctor came
back but he seemed rushed. Meanwhile my semen had gone
into full retreat and my cock was right behind.

The doctor’s verdict was that my cock was normal in
size but the doctor agreed to try a series of
testosterone shots just in case. I told him about my

He asked whether I’d seen my dad with a hard on. I
hadn’t and I’d often wondered why. The doc suggested I
see my dad hard before deciding too quickly about my
own size.

The treatments lasted a month or so. I never watched my
cock so closely. And on the doc’s advice, I did my best
to catch my dad with his cock up. I considered all
kinds of ways I might help bring it about but none were
exactly subtle or prudent. By the time I was due back
at the doctor’s office, I had to admit failure.

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