A boy and his female cousin share an awkward first time experience while watching a movie in his room

Many years ago, my cousins were staying over at our
place. I was pretty young, around 18 years old at the
time, and as a horny teenage boy I was always looking
for something to turn me on. My cousin was only a year
or two older than I was. These were my mother’s sister’s
kids and they had been visiting my parents from a nearby

Late one evening, I was in my room watching caddy shack,
the old Bill Murray comedy movie about golf that was
very popular at the time. My cousin came in to watch it
and that was exciting in itself. The movie was rated R
and had several scenes that were inappropriate for kids.

My TV (I was very spoiled) was at the foot of my bed.
This was the old type you had to push buttons on, no
remote controls those days. With the lights off in my
room and all the others it the house long asleep, we lay
on the bed and watched the movie. There is this part in
the movie when the hero and the heroin, supposedly both
virgins, end up in her bedroom having sex. The movie is
a comedy, but this particular part is very sexy.

My cousin was next to me and I didn’t think anything of
it, beyond the concern that she might figure out that I
was getting turned on. Then I noticed her hand on my
back. Thank goodness it was dark for the most part, I
was scared to look. I scooted over on the bed against
her, both on our stomachs, to make sure we had body
contact. I wanted to see if she would jump up. She did
not. I felt her hand rubbing my back and then down
across my lower back, near my rear end. We were both
fully clothed of course.

I knew at that point that she was probably not doing it
by accident. Without taking my eyes off the TV, I rolled
over on my left side, so my crotch was facing her. I was
very excited when she rolled over too, so her rear was
pressed against my now growing erection. Her hand
continued to run across my thigh. I was still too afraid
to look, afraid that eye contact would somehow stop this
course of action. She pressed her buttocks against my
hips and I pressed back.

I remember vividly how exciting and scary it was,
knowing her dad and all of our family was in the next
room and nearby, but I couldn’t help myself. I pushed my
hips against her, just to be sure we had the same things
in mind. She pressed back. Now there was no doubt, she
was asking me to at least fool around. I began rubbing
her small breast and her thighs with my right hand.

At every move, I expected her to push my hands away and
end this, but she didn’t. I reached around and
unbuttoned her Levis as her hands continued to explore
my thigh. I pulled her pants down, she had to scoot and
move to help me, until her bare buttocks were exposed
and her pants reached her knees.

I quickly pulled down my pants and my undies to the same
position. We were on my bed, spooning so to speak, with
our pants around our knees. My prick was pressed against
her rear. She was still pressing back against me, I was
so excited.

I’m sure looking back I was shaking with excitement and
fear, all at the same time. I reached down and put my
young mostly hairless dick between her thighs and began
dry humping her. This was amazing, but we still didn’t
look at each other. We stared at the movie on the TV. I
felt her hand guide me toward her opening. She arched
her back, pressing her rear toward me and then I felt
her push me into her. I shoved my hips forward and
entered her. Wow, what an amazing thing.

Even today I have the same reaction when I think about
that encounter. I slowly moved my hips, very little,
afraid I would come out in this awkward position. We
didn’t make a sound. We watched the movie silently.

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