A black maid discovers her female employer magizines and toys in her bedroom

Mary had thought she had put her magazines and plugs
back up after she had masturbated but after her shower,
she walked back to the bedroom to see her maid Sharon
sitting in the chair looking at them. Sharon was her
black maid for the last three years and didn’t know
anything about her desire to serve and worship a black

At 45, Mary had a fair shape body that a lot of men
would have really desired with a slightly oversized
ass. But one man was enough. Her daughter Jane had
moved back in with her after her divorce when she lost
her job. Mary had a good pension from her ex for both
of them to live on.

Sharon was a larger black lady who served twice a week
as the house maid. Cleaning up and doing laundry and
such for the white family. She had large breast and a
butt slightly bigger than Mary’s own. Mary had thought
about bringing up her desires on several occasions but
just couldn’t do it. Sharon was one of her fantasy
women she dreamed of as she laid in bed at night

She had been reading the magazines and playing around
getting in a fever pitch and worked up, so she decided
to take a quick shower and return to her toys. When she
entered the bedroom Sharon was sitting in a chair with
several in her hand.

“Bout time you got your big white butt back in here,”
Sharon looked up at her.

“Seem like I was serving a white bitch all this time
who wanted to worship my ass the whole time.”

“What these bitch,” she continued, pointing to Mary
large dildo and butt plug still on the bed table.

“I’m sorry Sharon,” Mary got out, trying to get over to
the table and grab the objects quickly to put them
away. How could she have been so dumb with Sharon in
the house? Her face was crimson as she covered her
breast and cunt with her hands passing by Sharon to the
table to retrieve and put the objects back in their


“Oww!” Mary screamed as she felt a sharp pain on her
ass cheek. What the hell?



“I didn’t tell you to get your toys,” Sharon yelled up
at her as Sharon reached back grabbing her sore ass
cheek. “From now on, your ass belongs to me white ho.
Now get on your stomach on the bed now!”

Mary was more surprise at the tone of voice Sharon
used. She was always used to Sharon saying “yes mam”
and “no mam”. She hesitated confused as what to do.


“Ow! God that hurt,” Mary yelled out.

“It’s going to hurt a lot more if you don’t get your
white ass on that bed now. Move it bitch,” Sharon
yelled slapping Mary large thigh making her jump with
the slap.

Mary quickly jumped on the bed on her stomach. She was
totally aware of her nakedness’ to this woman who was
once nothing more than her servant.

“Spread your legs white bitch and reach behind you and
spread your big white ass too.” Sharon commanded. “I’m
going to finish this magazine and you better not move
and not look over. Keep that nose of yours in buried in
the sheet.”

Mary ass was still sore from the slaps but her cunt was
getting wet at the tone Sharon was using and the
humiliation of what she was expected to do. She spread
her legs wide apart and reached back grabbing her
bountiful ass mounds spreading them apart exposing her
twinkling brown asshole between them. She maintained
the position getting wetter and wetter with dark
desires as she waited for a good ten minutes as Sharon
read her magazine.

Finally Sharon got up and picked up the butt plug on
the stand.

“Now I’m going to ask you again white ho.” Sharon asked
holding the black butt plug inches from Mary face.
“What is this and what is it for?”

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