A black boxer likes to cuckold white guys by seducing their wives

My name is Ali; no last name and a no nonsense view of
life. What I crave; what I must have is white pussy. I
don’t desire white women that I can have at the drop of
a hat or more appropriately the drop of my pants.

My ten inch rock solid black cock will seduce any white
bitch who comes near the monster. Its length and
thickness (nearly that of most women’s forearms) will
by itself seduce most white wives; wives whose husbands
have developed the twenty second standard rutting
routine of white husbands. Those wives are desperately
searching for a once in a lifetime journey; that I and
other black males can give them.

But those desperate wives are not my intended
conquests. The ones that are allowed to have my black
rod inserted into their wet and willing chambers of
love are those that I am able to rip from their
husbands. The ones that at first do not want to be
unfaithful. The ones that are unfulfilled; unsatisfied;
that have a deep craving for sexual ecstasy.

That sexual fulfillment is not being met by their wimp
ass husbands. The wives that I search for, have a
burning desire just under the surface to be forcefully
seduced by a man that can light their unlit desires;
their unforeseen fantasies. It is at that point that I
enter their lives and take what belongs to me… their
tender white bodies.

After I have seduced the pretty playthings I discard
them. I only seek and enjoy the initial seduction. Once
I have made the white bitches my play toys I quickly
tire of them. During the period that I take their
precious tight bodies I insure that their husbands feel
my power.

The power of taking their wives; and the power that I
feel when I leave them at my feet soaked in my black
cum. The second most important aspect in my domination
is that the white boy husbands know that their wife is
my plaything; to be used as I see fit. I often make the
wife prostitute themselves for me; or make them fuck my
black friends in front of their impotent husbands.

Now that you have what I do let us continue the

Although I am only twenty six years old, I am one of
the “rising stars” of the pro boxing circuit in Boston.
Boston is the birthplace of many famous boxers; most
with Irish surnames and white skin. Several weeks ago I
was matched against one of the white “rising stars”;
namely one Gerry McDonnell. He had thirteen straight
victories until that cold winter night. He was the
great white hope. The next Jack Dempsey.

The arena seated nearly four thousand patrons; and was
evenly divided between his Irish followers and my black
brothers. Everyone had placed their wagers on the great
white hope. As I entered the ring, the only thing that
was of interest to me was the stunningly tall beautiful
red haired beauty that had climbed into the ring to
give her “man” a good luck kiss.

The long red hair cascaded to her shoulders; her supple
34B breasts pressed against her white silk blouse; the
hardened nipples making a very noticeable presence. I
could tell that Mrs. Kelly McDonnell was excited by the
charged atmosphere. Her long legs were encased in
shimmering nylon hose under her white leather mini
skirt. She covered the beautiful gams with knee high
white leather boots with four inch spiked heels.

As she looked around the ring I caught her looking at
my hard black body. My wash board stomach reached to my
heavily muscled pectorals and I gave the curious beauty
a shy smile. Looking into her dark emerald eyes, I
could sense the instant excitement.

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