A Bitch Gets Bred

This story is about me as well as my ‘now’ ex-wife
discovering a new sexual experience beyond what we had
ever planned for. My ex-wife Kandi and I had been
married for over 2 years. I was 21 when we met and Kandi
was 26. The sexual experience with the age difference
was a huge turn on for me. Kandi had two children from a
previous relationship, although you would have never
known by her figure or her hot super tight pussy –
thanks to C sections. She had smaller breast like a
small B cup, with a narrow waist that lead into her
amazing hips.

Like I said, we were together for over two years when
our relationship started to fall apart. Like a foolish
couple we thought marriage would solve the problems. We
were still having sex about every other day to daily
regardless of our feeling toward the other at that

We had a very close friend that we were very open with
and sought her advice. Stephanie and Kandi had known
each other since they were kids. Stephanie did help us
get some of our problems out in the open. She was so
open with her sexuality it was an experience just
talking about sex so comfortably that I had never had
with any of my own intimate relationships.

Over the next few weeks Kandi, Stephanie began having
threesomes. It might sound odd, but Steph really was
trying to help along our relationship.

Right around a month since we started allowing Stephanie
to guide us down a new sexual horizon. Stephanie later (
after the experience) told me that Kandi was going to
give up and was thinking of seeing one of her old ex-
boyfriends the following weekend. That I have been
having sex with Steph to was a fair trade.

Friday night came and the three of us went out to the
bars. Kandi was being terrible, getting drunk and
hitting on guys in front of me. She even was talking
down to her childhood friend. Steph said, “That’s it, if
you’re going to act like a bitch, you’re going to get
treated like one.”

So when we got her back to Stephanie’s house – Kandi was
still being rude and horny – Steph had us role play as
her slaves and after both of us performed oral-sex on
her at same time taking turns licking her ass, she made
me tie Kandi up, face down with a little slack in her
legs. Steph then said, “Get in front of her face and
make her suck your dick.” This bitch knew my cock well
and could deep throat my 7-inches balls deep.

Steph started to stick pillows under Kandi stomach
lifting her ass up then she started fucking her with
dildos Kandi loved it. Steph left the room and then came
back with Boo.. Boo was a big boy about 100lbs. Sheppard
X ? He was about 9 years old and not a handsome Rocky at
all. Just a loyal farm mutt she got in high school. He
was grey but still energetic for his age.

Steph didn’t hesitate to put Boo on Kandi I got out from
in front of Kandi pulling my cock right out her mouth, I
was too late. I said what the fuck, are you serious. No.
Once Kandi realized Boo was on top her she yelled, “Get
him off me! Steph get him off me!” in a higher shrill
tone. Then when she felt his prick jabbing at her pussy
slit she screamed and begged. “NO! NO! PLEASE! HELP ME!”
until it was too late.

Steph lined the Rocky’s prick up and gave him a little
push. Boo Wrecked her had never seen a Rockys full erect
penis until after penetration.. I will NEVER forget the
sound. I didn’t know about a Rocky’s dick growing. I
thought she was getting fucked by this average sized
dick that was red. It was about 90 seconds of him
pounding her until he stopped for the tie. Kandi moans
were for about ten second or less kind of like it felt
good and she was giggling like the drunk slut bitch she

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