A bit of fun

One time I had read a bit about sensory deprivation
tanks and how you just float in warn sea water and
how relaxing it is. I began to think about using the
same concept in spicing the old sex life of my wife
and I. Depriving one sense seems to enhance others.
What if I could deprive almost all senses? How much
would it intensify the remaining senses?

My wife agreed to try it with me. I had her lay on
her back on a fresh beach towel on the bed. I
blindfolded her and placed soft wax plugs in her
ears. I bound her wrists and ankles to the bed posts
and turned off the lights leaving her immobilized,
blind, and unable to hear. After about half an hour,
I crept back into the room and sat next to her. She
felt my presence as my body moved next to her. I used
blue light to see her while still keeping her in the

I started to tease her nipples lightly. They
immediately sprang to attention and hardened like
diamonds. I licked them and then blew cool air over
them watching them pucker even more. Finally, I
sucked and gently bit them causing her to experience
a mini orgasm and making her pussy wet and her clit
become erect.

She began to pull on her bonds as my tongue moved
slowly over the soft swell of her belly, past the
upper limit of her trimmed bush and down through her
pussy cleft all the way to her rosebud.

My tongue circled her rosebud causing it to soften
and start to slowly open. I darted my tongue inside
causing her body to stiffen and pull harder against
her bonds as she begged to be freed. I slid my tongue
back towards her clit running up and down through her
slit. I took her erect clit between my lips and
started to suck it as two fingers entered her pussy
now absolutely dripping in anticipation.

I finger fucked her in time with my clit sucking and
felt her starting to build towards orgasm. More of
her fluids coated my fingers as I turned my fingers
up to find her G spot. Massaging her G spot and
sucking her clit whose foreskin I pushed back with
the tip of my tongue put her over the edge.

She started to spasm and just the I drove a finger up
her ass. She shook violently for several minutes
finally slowing down and relaxing as I continued to
gently run my tongue through her pussy lips.

After several minutes she was finally able to speak
and said that this was the most intense orgasm that
she had ever experienced. She also said that my turn
is next.


Another time my girlfriend and I had been to a
Brazilian percussion concert and the music was so
hot. The drums and bass instruments had the air
pounding with deep vibrations and it had quite an
effect on my GF.

We were pressed up against the edge of the stage and
I stood behind her pressing my hips against her
lovely firm round ass. My cock was reacting to the
music and soon was standing proud and pressing
against her cleft.

She was pushing back and we were soon on the point of
cumming just from the combination of the hot music
and each other’s grinding against the other. When we
got home wed did not get through the living room
before we were tearing each other’s cloths off and
falling into a heap on the floor where we made very
passionate love.

She had to leave early the next morning for work and
I had the day off so I started straightening up the
place. I was picking up our clothes from the night
before when my finger felt something wet. It was the
gusset of her panties ad they were still wet from the
night before.

I looked at the shiny black silk and there was a
darkened spot on the spot where the thong meets the
cloth and I got it near my face and was overwhelmed
by the strong musky smell emanating from it. I put it
closer to my nose and inhaled deeply as the fragrance
drove me into an ecstatic stupor.

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