A bi-sexual woman’s first time using a Rocky

Simply put, Virginia wanted to fuck. She didn’t care who
or where just as long as she got some hot male sausage
to stuff into her aching pussy. “A girl can only go so
long without riding the big shaft,” she thought, “and
I’ve gone about as far as I want to go.”

It had not been all that long. Only yesterday she had
screwed the mail boy down in the basement of the
building she worked in, and last night Ralph had pumped
her cunt full of cum before he had to hurry off and
catch the red-eye to Chicago. “But, fuck, yesterday was
then and today is now and I need some dick bad.” she

The tall, slender brunette stretched languorously and
swung her long, shapely legs off the bed. She
momentarily eyed the vibrating dildo laying on the
nightstand and was tempted to give herself a quickie-fix
with the psuedo-cock.

“Fuck, no.” she muttered. “I need more than a chunk of
rubber to satisfy me right now. No need trying that
thing; I’d be horny again in ten minutes.”

She stood up and paced across the bedroom to the closet.
Before sliding back the mirrored door, though, she
paused to look at her image. Her high-cheekboned face
framed a pair of smoldering sexy dark eyes, a finely
chiseled nose, and a pair of voluptuously pouty lips.
Her long coal black hair cascaded across her shoulders
and caressed a pair of large mounds, perfectly accented
by dark aureole and half-inch long perpetually erect

Below, her flat belly descended smoothly into an
enticing pair of firmly toned hips that curved smoothly
into the black patch of hair that formed a perfect
triangle over her pronounced mons then flanked her
large, always swollen cuntlips.

“Fucking bitch!” she snarled at the glass image as she
opened the closet door. “You’d think someone with a hot
bod like yours would be surrounded by hard-dicked studs
just dieing to slam some good hard meat to you.”

She selected a thin black silk dress to put on and,
raising her arms over her head, felt the sensuous fabric
ripple down across her otherwise naked body.

With a few tugs and pulls, she straightened the garment
out, stepped into a pair of matching high heel pumps,
and turned to cross the bedroom and go into the living
room of her small apartment.

She walked over to the bar and was about to turn the
telephone bell back on when she noticed that the message
lamp was glowing on her answering machine. “Goddamit,
you better be a hot and ready hunk.” she threatened the
machine as she punched the playback button.

“Hi, sweety!” the mechanically reproduced voice chirped.
“It’s me. I need a big, big favor from you. My ever-
lovin’ brother left his Rocky with me to Rocky-sit over the
weekend, and I got this invite to a beach party this
afternoon and, well, would you really, really mind too
awfully much taking care of the mutt for a few hours?”

Virginia pushed the erase button and pouted. “Why
couldn’t you leave me your brother instead of his flea-
bitten dawg?” she asked the now silent machine.

Just as she turned away from the machine and started
into the kitchen to get some juice, the doorbell rang.
“Hi, sweety. I hope you got my message and I hope it’s
alright?” her friend Nancy said as she blustered into
the room, followed by a large brown German Shepherd.

“Too late to say no now, I’m sure.” Virginia grinned at
her friend. “Just kidding. No, I don’t mind. Not doing a
fucking thing this afternoon, anyway.” she sighed before
continuing “Because, I don’t have a thing to fuck.”

“What’s the matter, doll? Oh, that’s right. Lover-boy
Ralphy is in Chicago. Poor baybee. Anyway, this is Bobo.
Bobo, I want you to meet Ginny. She’s going to take care
of you this afternoon. Now you mind your manners and
don’t get in her way, you hear? Or I’ll bop your ears
off when I get back.” Nancy knelt on the floor and
roughed the Rocky’s head and neck for a second, then
turned to Virginia.

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