A beautifully written coming of age story and lesbian sex

The two maidens took Lea by the hand and lead her
through the torch-lit temple to the High Priestess’s
chamber. Lea was just twelve and had only seen the
High Priestess during the most important of religious
ceremonies. But she knew the woman was very

The maidens had dressed Lea in a sheer cloth gown
that flowed around her like vapor. Her bare feet
padded on the cool stone floor. The two maidens had
spent the afternoon preparing Lea. They washed her
in the pool, its water warmed by the noon sun. They
ran their soft hands over her, anointing her with
sweet smelling oils and lotions. She liked their
touch, especially when one of them lingered on the
opening between her legs and on the small, sensitive
nipples of her adolescent breasts.

The girl had whispered in Lea’s ear that it was a
great honor to be summoned by the High Priestess.
There were over a hundred girls who lived in the
temple as servants but few were chosen to spend the
night with the woman many considered a goddess. When
Lea asked what was expected of her, the girl simply
said, whatever the High Priestess wants.

Then the girl kissed Lea and said she hoped the two
of them could sleep together after Lea returned from
her night with the High Priestess. She wanted Lea to
teach her what she learned in anticipation of a night
when she too might be called. Lea did not fully
understand, but she did enjoy the sweet taste of the
girl’s lips.

As they entered the High Priestess’s chamber, Lea was
struck by the beauty of the woman lying on the huge
bed of furs. The High Priestess had black hair that
flowed down around her shoulders, radiant skin the
color of copper, and green eyes that seemed to reach
out and entice.

Lea stood by the side of the bed and looked at the
High Priestess’s nude body glowing in the soft light
of the candles. It appeared sculpted; it’s form and
lines were perfect. The maidens removed the sheer
cloth from Lea leaving her naked in the flickering,
golden light. Lea heard their retreating footsteps
and soon she was alone with the woman.

“Come to me, my child,” the High Priestess said,
stroking the furs.

Lea climbed up on the bed and laid on her back beside
the woman, her heart racing from not knowing what to

The High Priestess touched Lea’s face. “You are most
beautiful,” she said, brushing the young girl’s hair
from her eyes. “Before the sun comes up,” she
whispered, “we will drink the honey that flows from
our bodies and share the rapture that only women can
give each other.” She leaned over and kissed Lea;
the woman’s lips were tender and tasted of sweet
wine. Then she said, “Tonight we will visit heaven

The woman took one of Lea’s tiny nipples in her mouth
and suckled it, caressing it with her tongue. Lea’s
nervousness quickly faded, replaced with a warm
feeling of arousal that swept through her. It seemed
to converge at the opening between her legs. She
liked what was being done to her and wondered if she
would be allowed to do the same in return.

As the High Priestess sucked Lea’s nipples, she
stroked the young girl’s body, moving her hand like a
feather up and down Lea’s sides and stomach. Then
she slipped it between the girl’s legs coaxing them
apart as she lightly stroking the inside of her

The patch of black hair Lea had seen covering the
opening between the High Priestess’s legs had
intrigued her, and she wondered if it disappointed
the woman that she had no hair there. The answer
came quickly: a moan of approval as the woman cupped
Lea’s small opening and nestled a finger between its
tender folds.

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