A beautiful young woman is attacked by six men on the woods

Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived on the edge
of the forest and her name was Vanessa. (Betcha thought
her name was Red.) Well Vanessa did have long, wavy
strawberry-blond hair and did have the nickname of
“Red”. She was a very beautiful girl, with long shapely
legs and perfect breasts that seemed to defy the law of

Red had a girlfriend who lived in a cottage in the woods
and often went to visit her. Red gathered some things
she had borrowed on her last trip — vibrator, x-rated
video tapes — put them in a basket. The morning was a
little cool, so Red put her hooded cape on over her
dress, and started off into the woods.

Along the way, she found some wildflowers growing near
the trail and stopped to gather some. They would make a
nice gift for her friend.

“What are you doing, little girl?” The voice belonged to
a stranger standing in front of her.

Startled, Red looked up. The man had shaggy red hair and
a full beard. He was dressed in tight jeans and a t-
shirt. The jeans seemed to draw attention to the bulge
at his crotch.

“What do you have in your basket, toys?” He poked around
in her basket, leering at her as he did so. It reminded
her of a wolf, just before eating his victim.

“Nothing you’d be interested in!” Red grabbed her basket
away and started back up the trail.

“Oh, you might be surprised; wouldn’t she boys?”

Red turned around to find herself surrounded by the
stranger and 5 other men. The leader stepped forward and
removed her cape. He pushed down the top of her peasant
blouse, causing her firm breasts to bob into view.

“I just love unwrapping presents,” he said, squeezing
one of the orbs. Leaning over, he flicked at the nipple
with his tongue and drew it into his mouth, lightly
nipping at the hardening nipple with his teeth. Red

She felt herself being lowered to the ground and tried
to struggle, but found she was being held down. Hands
gripped her arms over her head, while other hands
gripped her ankles and began spreading her legs apart.
Two mouths suckled her breasts while other hands began
pushing her skirt up. She felt tongues and mouths
working their way up her legs and thighs. She tried to
struggle again, but to no avail.

Her panties were pulled off and she felt a finger
rubbing her clit. It shouldn’t feel good, but it did.
She could feel herself growing moist as a tongue
replaced the finger. She raised her hips to meet the
tongue and it worked faster, moving in and around her
clit and pussy.

She felt her legs being spread further apart and hands
and tongue explored her clit, pussy and ass. She felt
something warm and hard rubbing against her clit. He
moved his cock over her pussy, catching the moisture
that had collected. He eased the head in and out,
spreading her lips to push more of his cock into her.

She felt pressure on her shoulders as someone straddled
her neck and began rubbing her lips with his cock.
Instinctively, she licked her lips and began licking at
the head. He pushed it at her mouth, and she opened it
to accommodate him. The cock in her pussy began moving
faster. She rotated her hips to match his rhythm.

She could feel him go deeper and deeper. Red was in
ecstasy from the hands and mouths on her as her climax
started to build. As the contractions took over her
body, the cock in her pussy began its own throbbing,
filling her with his cum.

The cock in her mouth began pumping faster, and she
sucked harder, aware that the cock in her pussy was
being replaced by another one. She felt the cock in her
mouth swell as it squirted hot cum in her throat. She
swallowed to keep from gagging and sucked the remaining

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