A beautiful mystery gift on my 30th Birthday

Being a working wife and mother there is rare
opportunity for adventure. But on my 3oth birthday my
husband surprised me with an incredible adventure and
fantasy come true.

He wouldn’t tell me what he had planned for the
evening, but it went without saying it would involve
sex. Or so I hoped. I am a typical woman who enjoys sex
and often fantasizes about others joining us. All sorts
of thoughts were racing through my mind as I prepared
for the evening. I wanted to walk out and have my
husbands jaw drop. My short black skirt and pink halter
top seemed to accomplish my goal.

I suddenly grew nervous when I came out and saw my
husband wearing very casual shorts and shirt. I felt
very foolishly over dressed still not knowing what he
had planned for the night. Not allowing me to change he
laughed at my nervousness and walked us to the car.

Silence filled the car when he pulled up to a motel
about 20 minutes outside of town. I honestly didn’t
know what to think. Smiling mischievously he held up a
room key and a birthday bag. After we entered the room
he looked around a bit, took me in his arms and gave me
the most passionate kiss of our marriage.

He had been teasing me with his fingers and tongue all
day bringing me right up to the point of orgasm and
pulling away. His kiss stirred all the passion again
and I could feel myself getting wet. He laid me gently
on the bed on my back, spreading my legs and buried his
tongue in my pussy again. Teasing me up to the point of
orgasm again and then pulling away. He was killing me.
I begged for him to finish and pleaded with him to fuck

Instead he just smiled again and reached into the
birthday bag. He pulled out my black sleeping mask and
some scarves. Standing me up he put the blind fold on
me and adjusted it to make sure I couldn’t see a thing.
Instantly all my senses heightened and I grew anxious,
and not surprisingly even hornier. Bending me over the
bed with my ass facing the door he tied my hands to the
side. I was completely helpless.

He pulled my skirt up over my hips and gave me a quick
spank to catch me off guard. Slowly massaging my
buttocks he made me completely aware of my position. I
was totally helpless and hornier than I ever imagined.
I could hear him reaching into the bag again. Feeling
something cold against my asshole, I took a deep breath
as he worked in a plug. Pressing it all the way in he
reached around to tease my clit. I was breathing so
hard when he suddenly stopped and went to the door. I
heard it open and someone enter the room. I couldn’t
even imagine who it could be.

All I could think was someone was seeing me in this
position and I had no idea who. Who ever it was, was so
quiet I thought maybe my husband was messing with my
head and there really wasn’t anyone. That though was
quickly replaced with reality when my husband sat in
front of me for a kiss and I felt another pair of hands
start pushing the plug in and out. I couldn’t believe
it. I was so nervous as to who it was, but starting to
love every minute of the feeling of his large hands.

That’s when my husband whispered in my ear, “I’m going
to the movies. Have fun and listen to him. Do whatever
he says or he will leave. Be nice to him and he will be
very nice to you.” With that he gave me a quick kiss,
got up and I heard the door open and close. I was in
amazement that he left me completely helpless with a
complete stranger.

My mind was going through everyone I thought it could
be, but the first time he spoke I knew it was not
someone I was familiar with. Bending over the opposite
end of the bed, facing me he said in a very low voice,
“I am going to untie you, but if you reach for the
blind fold I will leave, do you understand?”

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