A Babysitter Gets Control

Pamela was 19 and wise beyond her years. She was not
only smart, but also extremely devious and was one who
got what she wanted one way or other. Most called her
Pam and the closest person in her life was her twin
brother, Paul. If there was such a thing as identical
twins who were of the opposite sex, Pam and Paul were
it. Each would do anything for the other and often did
because of their love for each other.

Paul was the typical guy and was horny all of the time.
Pam on the other hand loved sex, but her main goal was
in control and domination of a partner. In high school
and university she had flings or brief intimate affairs
with girls, but she eventually found far more
satisfaction in affairs with older guys. Pam considered
it far more challenging to dominate men rather than boys
or teenagers who would do anything for a sexy woman.

The perfect situation fell right into their laps when
Pam started babysitting for a young couple from their
neighborhood. Everything went normally and quite
uneventful for a few months or until Paul started
dropping hints to his sister. “Love, what do you think
of the Thompsons?” he asked. “Mrs. T has the sexiest
body and I can only imagine what she looks like naked.”

Her brother sort of caught her off-guard, but Pam
quickly recovered. “Huhh, yeah, she does. They are both
good looking and make a nice couple,” she replied, as
her mind went wild.

“I was thinking,” Paul said and paused. “Why don’t we…
why don’t you seduce them, well at least Mrs. T?”

It didn’t take Pam long to answer. “Oh my, you would
blow your mind if you saw Lori naked,” she said and
thought back a few months to the time she saw the woman
naked. Pam was in the couple’s bedroom and Mrs. T. was
giving her instructions for the evening while at the
same time she was getting dressed. “Haha, I’ve actually
seen her naked.”

“What the fuck? You’ve seen her… what does she look

Pam loved teasing her brother. “Wouldn’t you like to
know? I’ll just say that Lori has the sexiest body,” she
said and laughed.

“Oh shit, you’re killing me, love. I can only imagine
what she looks like. Lori’s stunning with clothes so she
has to be a real knockout without.”

“And bro, she has the nicest boobs!”

They were both sitting on the sofa and Paul playfully
grabbed his sister. He put her in a headlock and grabbed
one of her boobs. The twins often grabbed each other,
but merely in a playful manner without it being sexual.
Pam easily twisted out of the hold and she thrust her
hand into Paul’s crotch. “Holy shit! You’re hard! You’ve
got a hard-on… you dirty bugger,” she said in a loud,
teasing voice.

Paul wasn’t the least bit embarrassed, as he was proud
of his abundant endowment. “Fuck’n eh, I’m getting ready
for when you get control over them or at least Mrs. T.
Hey babe, don’t you want to watch me bang that hot
married woman?”

Pam had to agree that the thought was mind-blowing. She
pondered the possibility for mere seconds and agreed
with her brother. “Well, I have to admit it would be
truly the most fantastic sight,” she replied. “Christ, I
might even join you.”

“Sis, I’ll be your slave if you do this for me. I’ll do
anything for you.”

“The funniest thing happened last time I babysat,” Pam
stated. “I think Lori was interested just by the hints
she gave… not anything brazen or bold, but just the
subtle things she said. I could tell she was interested
in having an affair.”

Paul grabbed her and they wrestled again. “Oh babe, do
it. Reverse the storyline and let the babysitter get
control over the horny mother.”

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