A Babysitter Gets Control

Pamela was 19 and wise beyond her years. She was not
only smart, but also extremely devious and was one who
got what she wanted one way or other. Most called her
Pam and the closest person in her life was her twin
brother, Paul. If there was such a thing as identical
twins who were of the opposite sex, Pam and Paul were
it. Each would do anything for the other and often did
because of their love for each other.

Paul was the typical guy and was horny all of the time.
Pam on the other hand loved sex, but her main goal was
in control and domination of a partner. In high school
and university she had flings or brief intimate affairs
with girls, but she eventually found far more
satisfaction in affairs with older guys. Pam considered
it far more challenging to dominate men rather than boys
or teenagers who would do anything for a sexy woman.

The perfect situation fell right into their laps when
Pam started babysitting for a young couple from their
neighborhood. Everything went normally and quite
uneventful for a few months or until Paul started
dropping hints to his sister. “Love, what do you think
of the Thompsons?” he asked. “Mrs. T has the sexiest
body and I can only imagine what she looks like naked.”

Her brother sort of caught her off-guard, but Pam
quickly recovered. “Huhh, yeah, she does. They are both
good looking and make a nice couple,” she replied, as
her mind went wild.

“I was thinking,” Paul said and paused. “Why don’t we…
why don’t you seduce them, well at least Mrs. T?”

It didn’t take Pam long to answer. “Oh my, you would
blow your mind if you saw Lori naked,” she said and
thought back a few months to the time she saw the woman
naked. Pam was in the couple’s bedroom and Mrs. T. was
giving her instructions for the evening while at the
same time she was getting dressed. “Haha, I’ve actually
seen her naked.”

“What the fuck? You’ve seen her… what does she look

Pam loved teasing her brother. “Wouldn’t you like to
know? I’ll just say that Lori has the sexiest body,” she
said and laughed.

“Oh shit, you’re killing me, love. I can only imagine
what she looks like. Lori’s stunning with clothes so she
has to be a real knockout without.”

“And bro, she has the nicest boobs!”

They were both sitting on the sofa and Paul playfully
grabbed his sister. He put her in a headlock and grabbed
one of her boobs. The twins often grabbed each other,
but merely in a playful manner without it being sexual.
Pam easily twisted out of the hold and she thrust her
hand into Paul’s crotch. “Holy shit! You’re hard! You’ve
got a hard-on… you dirty bugger,” she said in a loud,
teasing voice.

Paul wasn’t the least bit embarrassed, as he was proud
of his abundant endowment. “Fuck’n eh, I’m getting ready
for when you get control over them or at least Mrs. T.
Hey babe, don’t you want to watch me bang that hot
married woman?”

Pam had to agree that the thought was mind-blowing. She
pondered the possibility for mere seconds and agreed
with her brother. “Well, I have to admit it would be
truly the most fantastic sight,” she replied. “Christ, I
might even join you.”

“Sis, I’ll be your slave if you do this for me. I’ll do
anything for you.”

“The funniest thing happened last time I babysat,” Pam
stated. “I think Lori was interested just by the hints
she gave… not anything brazen or bold, but just the
subtle things she said. I could tell she was interested
in having an affair.”

Paul grabbed her and they wrestled again. “Oh babe, do
it. Reverse the storyline and let the babysitter get
control over the horny mother.”

Pam was very observant and even at a young age realized
that some women were different. She knew who could be
seduced and who was willingly receptive to a
relationship with another woman. “Yes, I haven’t had a
real challenge for some time. You remember Sarah and
Michelle… they were easy and I knew right away they
wanted affairs. A girl can tell once she gets to know
someone. Lori will be hard to dominate, but I’m pretty
sure I can seduce her.”

“Do you think? How can you tell?”

“A girl knows… she just knows. I can tell once Lori is
turned on, she’ll be the horniest slut on the planet.”

“Oh sis, I’ll be forever indebted to you.”

“You bet you will. Once I get control over her and we
have sex, you can have her. In fact, I want to watch
Lori when you screw her with your useless dick,” Pam
said and laughed.

“Babe, when you watch her cum all over my big dick,
you’ll swear off women. If you weren’t my sister, I’d
bang you right now.”

“You wish! Dream on, bro.”

The twins huddled and discussed various possibilities.
It was Pam who suggested one that they both loved.
“Everyone is sympathetic to breakups. I know Lori is
loving and caring and she would do anything for someone
who is suffering. I could cry on her shoulder and say
that my heart was broken by some fucking asshole,” she
said, as they both laughed and wrestled.


Pam got the call to babysit and she was the happiest
person in the world. “Paul sweetie, I’m seeing her
tonight. I’m going to do it… make Lori our slave…
you’ll see,” she told her brother and rushed down the
block to the Thompson’s. The twins had waited days for
the opportunity to put their devious plan into effect
and both were extremely excited.

The evening went as per normal with Pam babysitting and
Lori going out. Her husband was away on one of his
regular business trips, which was perfect because Lori
was fairly obligated to attend a wedding shower for one
of her close friends. Pam knew she would be alone with
the adorable mother when Lori got home and that made the
evening seem like it was centuries long. The sound of
the car entering the garage around midnight was the
start of something special and life changing for the
mother and the babysitter.

As soon as Lori entered the house, Pam let her think
that her life had been ruined. She sobbed and cried her
eyes out when telling Lori about how her boyfriend
cheated on her and then said how the boy thought she was
stupid and ugly. “I can’t talk to anyone.
My mother won’t listen and my girlfriends think I’m
being a baby,” she moaned and cried hard.

Pam gave an Oscar performance with her great acting.
Lori stood in front of her babysitter and held her arms
out in a most loving fashion. Pam fell into the
welcoming arms and tried to make the woman think she was
actually consoling her. It was awkward standing and Lori
sort of shuffled across the living room until they
reached the sofa.

The cunning teenager took full advantage of the
compassionate woman and practically pushed Lori onto the
plush sofa. Pam cleverly pinned the older woman into the
corner between the sofa arm and back, which gave her
full control over the situation. She put her head on the
woman’s shoulder and gazed straight down at the heaving
chest, as Lori’s arms embraced her in a most loving

Pam had complete freedom with Lori’s arms around her.
She sneakily placed her hand directly on top of a
succulent boob and fondled the oblivious mother. “Oh
baby, what are you doing?” Lori felt a hand cup one of
her boobs and wondered if Pam was groping her on
purpose. She felt the fingers squeeze and definitely
surround her already stiffened nipple. “Pamela, honey,
what are you doing?”

The illustrious nipple was between her fingertips and
Pam rolled the bud around and around until it was fully
erect. Then she sobbed and her body sort of jerked,
which made her appear in severe despair. Lori
automatically hugged the girl tighter to console her and
Pam squeezed harder with her arm around Lori’s neck,
while her free hand fondled the luscious titty.

Lori sensed the girl’s anguish and she tightened her
embrace despite the sudden molestation. She gave a
little shrug, as she tried to endure the boob groping,
and thought it was just a fleeting mistake by the

Pam welcomed the affectionate hug, as she cunningly
shoved her hand under Lori’s loosened top. She cupped
the big breast and felt the tremendous heat. Then her
fingers dipped under the lacy bra and seized the
fantastic nipple that was perfectly defined and hard.
Pam pinched and rolled the bud around furiously and felt
Lori twist and turn her chest trying to get away. She
uttered some more sobs and shivers knowing she would be
comforted by the caring mother.

Lori’s body stiffened in protest, but Pam reacted
quickly for more sympathy. “Nobody loves me. Nobody
loves me,” she whispered and let sobs rake through her
entire body.

“That’s not true. Honey, I’m here for you,” Lori replied
and vowed to do whatever it took to make the teenager
happy. “Let me hold you and please just try to forget
the bastard.”

“He called me ugly.”

“Oh honey, you’re a beautiful young woman.”

“He said… he said my boobs are too small,” Pam
whispered and her body shuddered from the severe sobs.

“Please, they’re… well your breasts are perfect. You
should be proud,” Lori replied.

The woman’s arms squeezed her and Pam felt reassured, as
she continued sobbing. “I wish… I wish my breasts were
as nice as yours,” Pam whispered, as she twisted and
yanked on the enlarged nipple. “Yours are perfect and I
wish mine were as big and nice.”

“Please, it’s okay. You have a beautiful body and should
be pleased,” Lori replied and moved her hand to stop the
brazen groping. Her blouse as askew and her bra had been
shifted so that the cups no longer held her boobs. Lori
pushed the girl’s hand away, but that proved disastrous.

Pam let go of the tit and shoved her hand downward
between the shapely thighs. She forced her fingers into
the tight gap and knew exactly where to press. When her
long middle finger was directly on top of the womanly
treasure, Pam pressed hard. Then she arched her back and
raised her head so that she stared into the woman’s
bewildered eyes.
“Please, oh please, I love you. Please, I love you. I’ve
wanted to hold you… touch you for a long time… since
the first time we met.”

Lori squeezed her legs together and she was stunned by
the sudden remarks. She didn’t want to reject the
teenager and hurt Pam any more, as she tried to wiggle
away from the girl. The struggles seemed hopeless and
her mind was in turmoil. Lori knew she must order Pam to
stop, but she was torn by the thought of what the
rejection might do to the girl.

Suddenly the pressure on her crotch was intense and it
seemed to concentrate on her delicate clitty. “Please,
oh please, don’t. Please, don’t do that. Honey… stop!”

Without warning, the teenager kissed her hard on the
lips. Lori tried to keep her mouth closed, but suddenly
the girl’s tongue was swirling around inside her mouth.
She moaned and hoped it would show Pam that she wanted
her to stop, but the kiss intensified and so did the
pussy rubbing. Lori felt the girl’s fingers vibrate at a
frantic rate and remain directly on top of her fiery

Pam took the biggest gamble of her life. She quickly
stopped the kiss and removed her fingers from between
Lori’s thighs. When she cried, the tears ran down her
cheeks like a river. “Oh my dear… oh my… what have I
done? I’m sorry… so sorry. I love you so much and
didn’t want to hurt you,” she whispered and cried out
loud. “Oh gawd, you probably hate me. You hate me!”

Lori saw the tears and her heart pounded. “No, no, it’s
okay. I don’t hate you… it’s okay, my love,” she
replied and opened her arms.

“Oh my, what have I done? You must hate me.”

“No, no, it’s okay. It’s okay, my love, really.”

“Oh, you must hate me. I’m so sorry.”

Lori opened her arms wider. “It’s okay, sweetie, it’s

Pam fell into the loving arms and immediately renewed
the passionate kiss. Lori thought she should resist and
put up a struggle, but the compassion for the sobbing
girl took over. At first she pushed back with her tongue
and then relented when she realized Pam needed sympathy.
When the hands groped and fondled her, she didn’t resist
because it would make the girl happy.

The kiss heated up and it was impossible to stop the
girl’s determined hands. Lori didn’t protest when Pam
unbuttoned her blouse and rolled the garment over her
shoulders. She did try to stop the girl from unfastening
her pants, but Pam swiftly had them undone and loosened.
Lori made a desperate grab for the girl’s hands, but Pam
easily shoved them aside, as she pushed the pants
downward. The kiss broke and the teenager stared at the
most attractive woman still clad in sexy bra and skimpy

Lori’s arms remained rigid at her sides, as if she was
acting obedient, and she couldn’t believe what was
happening. She glanced down and watched Pam unfasten her
bra and jerk the lacy garment off her body, tossing it
across the room. Her eyes opened wide in shear amazement
when the girl grabbed the elastic waistband of her
panties. Lori was mesmerized and watched as the panties
were rolled over her flared hips and down her motionless

She couldn’t look anymore. Lori closed her eyes and
tried to control the fleeting images and fantasies
floating through her head. “Mmmmmmm, mmmmmm,” she moaned
and felt the intimidating fingers carve random scratches
all over her burning flesh. “Nnnnnnnn, nnnnnnooooo!”

Pam easily overpowered the pithy resistance. Her sharp
nails headed for the raised pelvis and she noticed the
hips shiver and twitch, as the legs deftly parted. Pam
smiled and put her lips next to the woman’s ear.
“Spread… spread your legs, my love. I want to make you
happy,” she whispered and kissed the side of Lori’s
blushing face.

Lori obediently opened her thighs and the fingers
swiftly ended any hope of a struggle. Pam noticed the
glistening slit and the barely visible tip of the prized
gem. She used the tips of her fingers and her thumb to
pinch the throbbing clitoris and skillfully caress the
bud. When the hips responded, Pam expertly rolled the
clit around and around in the vast juices.

“Dear lord, what are you doing? I can’t… no, I can’t,”
Lori pleaded, as her hips rolled in perfect rhythm with
the girl’s fingers. “What, what?”

“I wanted you from the first time I saw you. You’re the
kindest and most loving woman in the world,” Pam
whispered. “I love you.”

Somehow her legs got splayed and it was easy for the
teenager to rip the swollen clitty out of the puffy
labia. “Oooohhhh, oooohhhh,” Lori moaned.

“Yes, yes, yes.”

“No, no, no.”

The hips jerked and Pam squeezed harder. “Yes, my
darling, yes!”

Lori couldn’t understand why her arms remained paralyzed
at her sides, as she desperately wanted to stop the
unwanted clitoris stimulation. “Oooohhhh, oooohhhh.” She
held her breath and prayed for strength, but prayers
were useless. Her body went out of control and the
juices flowed freely out of her belly. “Nnnooooooooooo.
Why, why?”

Her mature and womanly body belonged to the young
mistress and Lori wondered how she could refuse any
request after experiencing an untimely orgasm. ‘How can
I say no to her,” Lori asked under her breath, as she
allowed the girl to lead her by the hand.

Pam walked out of the living room guiding Lori by the
hand and entered the woman’s bedroom. When she got to
the matrimonial bed, she stopped and quickly stripped
all of her clothes. Pam fell on the bed and rolled onto
her back. She looked up at the startled goddess and
waved her hands in a beckoning fashion.

Lori stared at the naked girl and knew what Pam wanted.
It was time to worship a female body for the first time
in her life. She tentatively kneeled on the bed and
watched Pam remain motionless and waiting. There was no
coaxing so it meant she had to do everything herself,
which Lori found a little intimidating. She slinked
across the bed until she lay beside the naked teenager
and was awestruck by a mysterious feeling of desire.

The silky chest and stomach were inviting. Lori ran her
lips across Pam’s flesh and watched the girl flinch and
shudder with each caress. When she began kissing and
licking the small boobs, Lori noticed there was no
bounce or sway, as the tits were hard yet well-defined.
The moans and whimpers got louder and louder when her
lips approached a rock-hard nipple. Then she brushed the
very tip and Pam pleaded for more. “Yes, oh yes, please.
My nipple… kiss my nipple. Bite my nipple!”

Lori sucked the pebble into her mouth and rolled it
around with her tongue. Each time she nibbled and used
her teeth on the outstanding bud, Pam begged. Once both
nipples were erect and covered with saliva, Lori
ventured down the velvety tummy and again she heard loud
moans of pleasure. This time she used her tongue to
leave a wet trail all over the soft skin and didn’t stop
until she rammed her tongue into the dainty bellybutton.

When she glanced out of the corner of her eyes, Lori
noticed the neatly trimmed and sparsely covered pelvis.
She kissed her way downward and felt the naked body
shudder when her tongue licked a path through the curly
hair. Lori assumed the smell of another woman would be
repulsive, but she was mistaken, as the aroma filled her
desire rather than displeasure.

Lori ran her fingers up and down the velvety thighs,
using her sharp nails to leave faint red marks. She
noticed the legs spread and then the hidden treasure was
exposed. Lori licked the insides of both thighs and put
her fingers on the puffy labia, which were coated with
immense juices. When she slowly pulled the lips apart,
loud moans filled the room. “Ooohhh yes, ooohhh gawd,
yes… yes!”

Her eyes opened wider at the sight of the pink pearl.
Lori wondered if she should kiss, lick, touch or stroke
the clitoris. She pushed the labia wider and swooped in
for the kill. When she devoured the throbbing clit, the
end came in a big hurry. The taste was unbelievable, as
Lori sucked the entire jewel into her hot mouth, and
then she used her tongue to roll the bud around and

The orgasm happened so fast that both were surprised and
delighted. “Yes, oh fuck yes, yes, YES!” Pam grabbed the
head between her thighs and entwined her fingers into
the hair. “Yes, YES!”

“Huuuummmm, huuuummmm,” Lori moaned and captured the
swollen clit with her teeth.

“Jeeesssus… jeeesssus yes.”

Lori had to lay flat on her tummy and keep her head
tilted up towards the thrashing crotch. She thought
about using a finger or two, but there was no time, as
the girl’s body was out of control. The climax was
astonishing. Lori didn’t let go or give the girl a
break. She battered and crushed the delicate clit and
relished Pam’s intense display of lust and satisfaction.

When the orgasm finally came to an end and Pam’s body
came to rest, both women collapsed from over exhaustion.
They cuddled and the embrace was comforting and loving,
as both drifted into a peaceful wonderland. It was at
least thirty minutes before Pam opened her eyes and
smiled at the beautiful woman sleeping next to her. She
leaned over and kissed Lori on the cheek. “I dreamed of
being with you for a long time and the experience was
better than I ever imagined,” she whispered.

Lori simply nodded and mumbled a response. “Haaaahhhh,

“It will be hard for us to find time to be together
again and I understand,” Pam said and promptly got out
of bed. “Being your babysitter is something I’ll always

Lori watched the girl get dressed and quietly leave for
home. She rolled over and stared straight up at the
blank ceiling. “Oh my, what have I done? What have I


With the couple needing a babysitter once a week and
sometimes twice, Pam was in seventh heaven while working
to make the gorgeous mother her submissive slave. After
the first illicit encounter, it was impossible for Lori
to refuse any request from her babysitter. Pam was
delighted with her progress of making Lori a devoted
slave, but there was more to her devious scheming. She
decided it was time.

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