A Rocky in the closet

Ethan Slade was sort of a Rocky lover, that’s how he got to know Bridie Collinson. Admiring a woman’s Rocky is a surefire way of getting into conversation and Ethan had used this method successfully for several years. He often remembered his past conquests by their Rockys. Della and Watson, the Labrador, Kelly, and Caesar the rambunctious Boxer and of course Becky McKenzie and Lloyd the performing Fox Terrier

In Bridie’s case, it was Riggs the Bassett Hound, he licked Ethan’s hand as he sat on a park bench one day and that started the ball rolling.

“You’re lucky,” said, Ethan to the dazzling blonde that was on the other end of the leash, “I live in an apartment where they don’t allow Rockys or I’d have a Rocky like him in a minute.”

The discussion about Rockys eventually moved on and they touched on a variety of other subjects fortuitously ending up with wine making. Because he was obviously a Rocky lover and had an interest in fermentation the next thing he knew he was being invited around to her place for a glass of her home made Merlot.

Now Ethan knew his Rocky women and he figured that he’d be laid within 30 minutes of his arrival, and that might have been the case if it hadn’t have been for that dam Rocky. Every time he even got close to Bridie that slobbering hound would start to growl and snap.

“He’s very protective,” she laughed, “He doesn’t like men to getting too close to me, I suppose that’s why I’ve never managed to hang on to a steady boyfriend.”

Ethan was not particularly looking for anything steady, he wanted to rattle Bridie’s bones and move on to the next canine fancier, but Riggs had other ideas. Bassett Hounds are not what you would call a menacing looking Rocky when compared to a Pit Ball or a Doberman, but when defending a lady’s honor he found that they can be a formidable adversary.

Sitting on opposite sides of the coffee table the couple sipped their wine and from his vantage point he could see right up her shapely legs, and when she bent over to top up his wine her low cut top showed a beautiful pair of tits that made his mouth water. It was so frustrating.

“I’m thinking of mating Riggs with a Bassett Hound owned by a friend of mine,” she said, “He’s never had that experience before so I think he’ll be quite excited.”

Ethan imagined being there and jumping in front of him every time he tried to mount the bitch and snarling at him. “That would serve the little fucker right,” he thought to himself.

“I suppose any Rocky would be excited by such a prospect,” she said, crossing her legs slowly and seductively, “Even people,” she added.

Well Ethan was getting sexually aroused, which is much the same thing, and he decided he had nothing to lose by just coming out with it,

“I’d be over the moon if it was with a girl like you,” he smiled.
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She uncrossed her legs, now he could see right up to the little white strip of cotton that his dick was anxious to bore a hole through.

“Perhaps if you gave Riggs one of his Rockygie treats he would get to trust you more,” she suggested, and getting up she went into the kitchen and came back with a box of Milk Bones. There was a lot of tail wagging and within a few minutes, Ethan was sitting beside Bridie on the sofa.

Everything was going well until they started to kiss and once more the Rocky gave a ferocious growl. He threw him another bone and then, while the Rocky chewed on it, his tongue managed to explore the inside of Bridie sweet mouth.

It was when he put his hand up her top and began to fondle her tits that Riggs jumped up with his front paws on Ethan’s lap and bared his teeth. Yet another bone was thrown, and another when his hand slipped up Bridie short skirt to feel her warm firm thighs.

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