A 22 year old woman has an affair with a 50 year old married man

For about perhaps the 20th time I wondered if I was
doing the right thing. So ok, we had talked on the
phone lots of times, sent each other letters and e-
mail, but meeting face to face was different, what if
neither of us were what the other expected.

I knew the basics about him he was 50 unhappily
married, fun to talk to, clever with words, wore
glasses and w shorter than what I was. He knew I was
22, single, taller than him, also wore glasses and
just looking for some fun, and that was as far as it
went. Oh well, I thought it’s a bit late now, the
plane had just landed and in 10 minutes we would each
find out for sure.

Melbourne was its usual summery self, raining and
cold, thankfully the plane pulled up at one of those
moveable tunnel things and I didn’t have walk across
the tarmac in my summer dress, feeling very nervous I
walked out of the tunnel, I saw him before he saw me,
so I had a chance to watch him for a bit, ok, so he
was short, and balding, but he had a nice face, and
his eyes lit up when he spotted me.

We smiled at each other, and he didn’t give me a
chance to feel self-conscious, he took my overnight
bag, my hand and we went in search of my suitcase,
just as well Jeff was there with me, or else I would
have gotten lost, Tullarmarine Airport is about times
the size of Hobart airport, and it seemed like a
million miles from the tunnel to the luggage carousel.

After what seemed an eternity my battered suitcase
appeared, and then we went off in search of Jeff’s
car, that was another surprise, the car park was
enormous, and it took about minutes to get to the car,
Jeff, playing the gentleman had both my overnight bag,
and suitcase, and I was looking around in amazement.

Not wanting to be seen as the ultimate country hick,
even though this w my first time away from my home
state, I managed some semblance of nonchalance by the
time we got to the car. When we got into the car, Jeff
didn’t start the car, he said he had some things he
wanted to get out in open first, before we went
anywhere, first he explained about his marriage not
that that worried me, then he seemed rather
embarrassed, and admitted that he hadn’t made love
since he was 50.

Apparently his wife seemed to think that sex was only
for young people and as soon as he turned 50 she said
that he was too old and didn’t need it anymore, so for
the past 3 ye all the relief he had had was
masturbating to porno movies, and he wasn’t sure if he
could manage anything more.

On the drive to the place I was staying at we just
chatted away and my first opinions of him were
confirmed, he was a very nice man, and nice to be
around, and very sweet, and whether or not he knew it,
quite sexy. When we arrived, I invited him in, while I
changed out of my dress into something just a little
bit warmer.

The place I was staying at belonged a friend of mine,
and he wasn’t due home from work until at least 6pm,
so had the afternoon to ourselves, when I got back out
into the lounge-room, Jeff was sort of standing around
looking a bit lost, so I walked over and put my arms
around his waist from behind and gave him a cuddle,
what happened next surprised me a bit, he twisted
around and the next thing I knew was his lips pressed
against mine, out tongues and lips saying hell then he
kissed down the side of my face, and around my neck,
and back up my lips, and we just kissed for what
seemed like hours, I’d never been kissed like that
before, and I was in heaven..

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