Rocky(D)ging in the car park

“Are you sure, you’re certain to be the only woman
there… It could get ‘interesting’ fast.”

She looked at me in the dim light, the low light of
the dash silhouetting her, but her eyes seemed to
shine out, like coals smouldering in the heart of the
fire, sending heat to my lions.

She silently took my hand, locking her eyes to mine,
her intensity mesmerising me. Slowly she drew my hand
to her bare thigh, and guided me up and under her
loose skirt.

I felt her heat immediately and within the space of a
heart beat I could feel moisture before finally she
wrenched my hand the last few inches and wedged it
firmly against her mound.
Her panties were missing, and her sex was molten hot
and soaked. She pushed her pelvis against the palm of
my hand as I slipped my middle digit into her with

Her gaze intensified and I found the world around me
dissolving. All that existed was her flashing eyes
and her slippery heat.

“I… want… to… go,” she stated slowly and

I turned the ignition with my free hand, and I saw
the glint of her lips in the low light as they curled
into a wicked grin.

The trip to the car park was quick and uneventful.
Light from passing cars would illuminate her, and I’d
catch glimpses of her, her eyes were wide with
excitement, her hand had wandered between her legs,
and as we drove she opened her legs as far as
possible. The light for the headlights was never
enough for me to truly know what she was doing, but I
could detect small telltale movements in her upper

We pulled into the car park of the picnic site, a
couple of cars were parked up, but there didn’t
appear to be any signs of life, I turned the car
around and backed into a space so that we could leave
quickly if we needed to.

Cutting the ignition, silence ensued. The only sound
our breathing and the quiet occasional ping for the
engine cooling off.

“How do we…” she trailed off.

“How do we what?” I asked. I had no intention of
making it easy for her.

“How do we start?” she whispered, fear and excitement
in her voice.

“You either wait to see if anyone else starts a show.
Or you start your own,” I grinned in the darkness.

“All you have to do is flick the lights to let
everyone know you want to be watched,” I said eyeing
her closely in the inky blackness.

She didn’t answer at first, then she leaned over to
me and pulled my head toward hers, out lips finding
each other in the dark.

Eager to feel her again, I rested my hand on her bare
knee and quickly drew it up her thigh, meeting her
naked and moist sex. She groaned into my open mouth
and I slipped two fingers into her easily, raising
her hips to meet my hand, grinding herself against
the palm of my hand.

I pulled back from her, and dipped my head to her
neck, nipping her sensitive skin with my teeth, her
fingers twinned into my hair as a loud gasp escaped

She desperately searched for my zip in the darkness.
A small cry of triumph and the zip came down with
force, the sound filling the air in the cramped
confines of the car.

Her hand snaked in and met with the smooth hot skin
of my already erect shaft, frustration wracked her as
she tried unsuccessfully to release me. With my free
hand I unbuckled my belt, and began to pull my jeans
down, realising what I was doing she attacked me
again with her mouth sucking the air from me as she
pulled at my jeans in her delirium.

Her decorum and control had evaporated, my fingers
were busy pumping her slick pussy, her juices were
free flowing and I could smell her scent in the air.
There was no time for finesse, we were animals, our
lust aroused and in complete control of us.

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