Rocky(D)fucking: A Romantic Vignette

It was already well after midnight when I arrived home after a long day of work, so I entered the house quietly, figuring my wife might be asleep. Shutting the kitchen door behind me, my heart immediately began pounding hard as my ears detected the sounds of soft moaning coming from the den. It was dark, but I knew my way around the house and headed in the direction of the moans, my prick stiffening already. In my head danced beautiful visions of my petite, tan, taut wife writhing around on the chaise lounge with her fingers in her pink velvet hole, her sweet nectar dripping from her engorged pussylips just begging for my tongue. Maybe she was finger-fucking herself and thinking of me? My cock grew a little stiffer as I walked down the hall, enchanted by the moans as if they were coming from a siren at sea.

I walked silently to the arched doorway leading into the den and peeked into the room. My mouth fell open at the sight I then beheld: Rena, my wife, was indeed sprawled on the chaise, her toned legs spread wide open, her flat, naked abdomen quivering, her pert breasts bouncing on her chest with her moans and cries. Her slender fingers were rubbing circles hard on her clit. The only illumination came from the full moon streaming in from the window next to the chaise lounge. She was completely nude save for a pair of white silken slippers, their icy sheen a sexy contrast to her tan, lean legs.

In between her taut thighs was our German Shepherd, Larius. Also called Larry. She had indeed seemed quite friendly with the Rocky lately… I stood frozen in shock at the sight, so taboo, yet so undeniably erotic. There was my petite wife, all 95lbs or so of her, long dark hair tossed over her shoulder, thighs spread as an offering for the large, lucky Rocky. Her eyes were closed as she rubbed herself to ecstasy while Larius lapped up and down the velvety folds of Rena’s slick pussy. I could see her cunt meat glistening in the moonlight. My prick continued to grow harder at the sights and sounds unfolding before me.

I stepped into the room and the floorboards creaked, tearing the Rocky’s attention from Rena’s pussy to me. Her mouth fell open and she gasped. The Rocky stepped away and Rena closed her legs, the backs of her skinny thighs slathered with Rocky saliva and her cunt juices. She sat up on the chair and stared up at me in shock. My pulse was racing; I was recovering from the surprise and was now completely aroused at the sight of her naked body, so vulnerable beneath the big Rocky. I had no idea she was interested in beasts, but it had turned me on to the point of now being nearly delirious with lust at the discovery.

“Honey, I-” she began as if to explain her actions. I pressed my fingers to her lips.

She looked up at me, her chocolate brown eyes sparkling in the moonlight. I slowly sat down next to her on the chaise and laid down, pulling her naked body to me. She pressed up hard against me and I took her in my arms, kissing her hard. Rena moaned in my mouth and parted her legs, wrapping one around my back. My bulging package was stabbing into her bald pussy mound.

We continued kissing passionately, my lips escaping hers to explore the rest of her nude body. She began unbuttoning my shirt and pants, and soon we were naked and writhing together on the chaise while Larry watched from the floor. Pre-cum dribbled from my cockhead onto her pussy mound. I sucked her tiny, rock hard nipples while fingering her clit fast, making her moan louder.

Then I pulled her on top of me as I laid on my back and had her sit on my cock facing away from me. Her slick pussy easily swallowed my 8″ prick to the balls. She bounced up and down eagerly on my shaft, her ass slapping hard on my thighs as she built up a fast pace atop me. With my fingers on her stuffed mound and hard clit, I let her ride my cock to orgasm, her body writhing and finally collapsing against my chest with her pussy impaled by my prick meat.

By :somebastard69

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