68-year-old Joan has needs

Last year my brother passed away from a stroke. A sad day for all involved. My niece had come to town for the funeral and suggested that herself, my daughter and me all gather at her Mom’s house for a get together before the funeral. Seeing no harm, I agreed, and I drove us to her mom’s house.

I had not seen this lady for probably 20 years. I used to have a huge crush on her. I had stolen some polaroids of her when she was pregnant and nude when I was 18 while staying at their house. I wore myself out masturbating to those pictures. Her big belly, huge areolas and fat nipples were always too much for me. Every time she would come to our house, I hid my erection. She eventually found out about the pictures and always held somewhat of a grudge against me.

She met us at the door and introduced us to her husband. We all entered and sat around the table. After some food and some wine we all went outside to continue the chatting. Gathering around the table she managed to sit by me. Nothing odd, except now the top but the top 2 buttons on her top were undone. She was leaning forward and I could see right into her dress. Keep in mind she is now 68 years old.

Anyway. Back to the dress. The outline of her breasts was evident. Much saggier than those of the pics I mentioned above but still her tits. I wondered if her nipples were still big and suckable? We sat, talking until about 10pm. Her husband excused himself and went to bed. We all thanked him for allowing us to come over. When Joan came back down, she sat down and used my thigh to settle herself back into her chair. She gripped my thigh as she sat. Her hand was strong, and she let it linger, softly stroking my thigh as she removed her hand. Eventually my niece and daughter left, and it was just Joan and I.

She turned to speak at me more directly and she sat with her thighs open but covered by her long dress. I let my eyes wander a little. Her skin was still radiant. Some wrinkles but not too bad for someone 68. The cleavage view from her open button was deep. Her tits must hand very low. Still I was getting aroused.

“You like what you see? Not quite like those pictures you took from me?” She hissed at me.

“That was long ago Joan. Can we just let it go?” I pleaded.

“NO. You violated me by taking those and I want answers. Why did you take them? Did they make you horny? I bet you masturbated to them, didn’t you?” She demanded.

“I was 18 and yes they made me horny. I had never really seen a naked woman before much less one that was pregnant. And yes. Sometime 3 or 4 times a day I masturbated to them. Is that what you wanted to hear? You made me horny.” I answered.

“You still do.” I mumbled.

“What? Joan stammered at me.

“You still do. I noticed the buttons, your hand on my thigh. Your leg brushing mine.” I told her honestly.

Now it was my turn. “Your hubby isn’t interested in you, is he? Why in the hell would he go to bed so early knowing he had company and wife with needs? How long since he touched you?”

Joan replied, “12 years. It has been 12 years. He is a good man. Works hard. We have a good life. But you are right. I have needs. I haven’t felt like this for a long time and I can’t believe what I am about to say, will you make love to me?”

“Right here? Right now? What about your husband, neighbors? Wont they hear?” I asked needing answers.

“No one will hear. Neighbors are far enough away, and he sleeps with a CPAP machine, plus he takes meds to sleep. He is dead to the world. Please?”

After a minute or 2 of thinking, I agreed.

By :TimSteel

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