18th Birthday in Africa

I’m Emmi and for my eighteenth birthday my parents took me to South Africa to enjoy three weeks of safaris. My father would join my mother and I for weeks two and three as he couldn’t get away from work. This was a life long dream of mine and I couldn’t be more excited.

I’m 5’6 with long light brown hair, 125lbs and 34b sized breasts. My mother is forty years old with with similar proportions. We arrived at our vacation villa at dusk, which was part of a community of villa’s with a bar, restaurant and common area included in the package deal. My mother and I had dinner and for the first time she let me have a few drinks in public. We met an English couple and well into the night we drank and talked with them.

My Mother and I left and walked down the dark dirt road back to our villa when she checked her watch.

“Emmi, it’s midnight. Happy Birthday! You’re eighteen,” She said.

“Thanks Mom,” I said with a smile.

We chatted as we walked when we reached two giant trees that bordered the walkway to our villa. We rounded the trees and out of the blue a man stood before us. My Mother and I both gasped in fear. This man was a giant, standing near seven feet tall with massive broad shoulders. His dark skin in the dark night made it impossible to see his facial features, I only saw the whites of his eyes.

“Jesus you scared us.” My Mother said.

The man looked at me, then down my body as my heart felt like it was going to explode. I felt his eyes on my summer dress.

“Excuse us,” My Mother said.

The man pointed to the ground at my feet and with a deep and scratchy voice he said, “Jou skoen is losgemaak”

“Do you speak English,” My Mother asked.

Again he pointed at the ground and again said, “Jou skoen is losgemaak”

My Mother said, “Leave her be.”

The man repeated himself sounding annoyed now and I knew I had to take action. This man could tear both of us apart in seconds so I got on my knees thinking that must be what he was asking.

He gestured at me with his right hand and again said “Jou skoen is losgemaak”

I knew what he wanted, it was clear and I also knew we had no choice. If I could please him maybe we would survived this unharmed. I reached up unzipped his pants but he took a step back but after a brief pause stepped forward again. With my hands shaking I unzipped his pants and his soft cock of six inches rolled out of his pants. I took it in my hand and sucked the very tip and I could hear my mother breathing very hard.

He took my Mother’s hand, pulled her gently to him and they kissed. My Mother was thinking the same as I so she kissed him willingly. His cock grew fast in my hands and before I knew it, it was a full foot long and almost as thick as my arm. My small mouth couldn’t even fit all away around the head so I grabbed his cock with both hands. I took no pleasure from this as I feared for my life. All I wanted to do was make him cum as fast as possible.

I looked up to see him kiss my Mother deeply and I wondered what my father would think of this.

His hand slipped up my Mom’s dress and I heard her moan. I jerked him hard with two hands while I sucked the head. I licked up and down the entire shaft to get it wet and jerked him harder. If I could make him cum now maybe we could avoid intercourse.

I played with his balls, sucked, licked and jerked him hard. After just a minute I was so relieved to hear him moan followed by warm cum shooting down my throat. Not wanting my Mother to see me with cum on my face, I took it all and swallowed every bit. As if nothing happened the giant man zipped up his fly and walked away without a word.

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