18-year-old student falls for her hot Spanish teacher

I turned eighteen two weeks ago and I was two months away from graduating. I walked into my first class and saw Ms. Espinoza writing on the board. After I sat at the desk nearest her desk, I observed her. I always came in extra early so that I could see her and have her for myself. We were mutual friends as we were student and teacher. She was looking so fine today that I licked my lips, wishing it was her lips I was licking instead of mine. I’ve had the hots for her ever since I entered in this high school two years ago. There was gossip around that she was a lesbian. She was my sophomore Spanish teacher and she was the most beautiful thing God has ever created. Now, as a senior, I was her Teacher Assistant, hoping to become closer to her before I graduated and never see her again. I wanted her and so I prepared myself, by watching lesbian porn, and learning how to lick pussy from them. I practiced with one of close friends Jessica, who’s been with many girls before, and she had given me good rating.

Still unsure of my sexual orientation I only knew know that I wanted Ms. Espinoza, with her long black hair, full luscious lips, and her beautiful Spanish brown eyes. At 26, she had full 38C breasts, standing 5’4″ to my 5’3″, with long legs, and the perfect body, looking like a dancer. There’s only been one boy who I had sex with, but that relationship was over and done with. He only made me realize that maybe I was more attracted to girls. Today she wore her black leather skirt that ended above her knee, a white dress shirt, and matching black stilettos. It was my favorite outfit. It made me picture a scene with her bending over the desk, as I came from behind her, to move her hair aside and kiss the back of her neck, as my hands smoothly glides down and caresses her perfect ass. I always notice her staring at me, as I bend over sometimes to retrieve things from my bag, or the ground. I hope she feels the same way that I feel towards her. I felt myself getting wet as she wiped her hands on her hips very near her ass, and I moved around uncomfortably.

That was when she turned around and said in her sexy Spanish accent, “Good morning Maela. I hope you don’t mind, but today I have some papers for you to copy, and then you need to correct the students’ spelling tests.”

I smiled sweetly at her and then answered, “Yes Ms. E.”

Her lips were painted a really red shade that made me want to pounce on her. She was so incredibly beautiful today. As I began correcting the spelling tests as the bell rang. The class period rolled on by and before I knew it, it was already time for Economics. I really hated to leave Ms. Espinoza’s fine ass, but I had to go. As I stood up to leave, Ms. Espinoza asked me, “Maela, can you come back after your last class today? There is just so much that I need to do, and I would love it if you helped me out. Can you do that for me?”

Thrilled at the opportunity, I answered, “Yeah. Sure.”

“Great. Well, I end at lunch today, and as I understand it, so do you right?”

“Yes. I have two unscheduled classes this year.”

“Great. Meet me back here then. Thank you so much honey.”

“No problem Ms. E.”

I was so excited that I practically skipped to my next class. Yes. Today was going to be the day when I make a move. It was going to be perfect.

* * * * *

The day went by quickly and soon I found myself racing towards Ms. E’s class at lunch time. When I got inside, she glanced up at me and smiled, nearly melting me on the spot.

She stood up and then said, “Okay. Can you grab those papers? I realized that it’s our time off, so we should go to an environment that isn’t so droll. We can go to my place. If that’s okay with you.”

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