18-year-old son dominates his mother

I never seemed to have any luck with men. I had many relationships over the years but they never worked out. I always seemed to be attracted to the wrong kind of man. I liked the ‘bad boy’ type and it was always ended up the same, great at first, lots of fun in bed but there always seemed to be a catch. Either his idea of rough sex included me ending up with a black eye, or his idea of having a few drinks turned out to be every night and until he passed out, puked up or made a complete fool out of himself, sometimes all three.

Then there was the one who stole all my money for gambling and not forgetting the guy that was always getting in fights and often spending a night in custody.

Oh and there had been that guy who I don’t think in the whole month that we dated that I had ever seen when he wasn’t stoned. I just couldn’t pick the right guy. I wanted someone who was exciting but not crazy, dominant but not cruel, experimental but not a perverted, loving but not soppy. I guess I just didn’t want the goody goody type but all the guys I thought might be my Mr. Right ended up being totally wrong. I was starting to think the man I was looking for didn’t exist.

The only good thing that came out of all these failed relationships was my son.

It wasn’t a good thing at the time, totally unplanned and unwanted. I was 25 and having the time of my life, dating lots of men and even some women, experimenting with threesomes and group sex, even some mild BDSM and of course always going after the type of men that you wouldn’t bring home to meet your mother.

His name was James and I thought he was a God. Actually I when I think back now, so did he.

We lived together for 6 months and I did love him. He taught me a lot about the world of domination and submission. He was my Master and I was his willing sub, I adored him and was willing to obey anything and everything he ordered me to do. The sex was great, I was so happy, everything was going good. I was living the life I wanted……..I had a hot boyfriend, parties all the time, sex day and night, and he was a good Master…….strong and dominant, nasty but not cruel, he knew just how far to push me and rewarded me when I pleased him.

But then something happened that did not please my Master at all. I got pregnant. I was of course on the pill, but with all these parties, sometimes I drank too much and threw up and it didn’t matter to James if I was hung over. When he wanted sex, which was every day, he got it. I would never dare say no and I’m sure if I did, he would just take me anyway. I guess that’s how it happened and James had told me his feelings on children, he didn’t want any. I think it was more he wasn’t prepared to have his sub give anyone else any attention. There was no way he wanted a share of my attention, for him it was 100% 24/7.

I was terrified to tell him, I thought he might beat the shit out of me. Although he had never hurt me in anger or beaten me before, our sex was always rough and aggressive and I didn’t know what he was capable of if I was to ever make him mad. So I didn’t tell him, I needed some time to try and figure out what to do. So I just pretended to be drinking when we were at parties, I would say it was vodka and orange when in fact it was straight juice. I got away with my pretence for 3 months, but I was starting to show and he was giving me a hard time for putting on weight and was starting to get suspicious about my behavior. Then one night he confronted me. I guess he worked it out that I hadn’t had a period in awhile. I broke down in tears and confessed, telling him how much I loved him and that I wanted his baby. But tears never worked with him during Dom/sub sessions so why I thought they would now….I don’t know.

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