18 year old freshman attends the party of the year and finds more than jungle juice

The group decided to go out to a pizza spot on campus and I was happy to go along. As I walked up to the group one of the girls commented how refreshed and relaxed I always looked.

“Gosh I feel like it’s because I’m the lame one always leaving early to get to sleep.” I replied. But all I was thinking was, “well that’s because there is a chance I’ve had the most mind blowing orgams on campus so far this year.” We all laughed and headed off for food. After we ordered I asked about the party.

“It’s at the football house actually. Today is the last day they can party for a while because of their schedule. So they have the day off tomorrow and apparently that means a big, big party,” said one of the guys.

“Oh dang. Sounds like it’ll be a good one then.” I responded…. and then again in my dirty, slutty mind all I could think was, “hopefully there are some big, big cocks to slide into my twink ass.” And I meant the plural.

We all finished our pizza and chatted about tonight. One of the other freshman guys who looked a lot older had a fake and said he could pick up booze for the pre-game. We got a mix of liquor and beer like before, but this time one of the girls asked for tequila too. We smuggled it into the dorms like Pablo Escobar and opened up the drinks as fast as we could. We still had a couple hours until the party so we had plenty of time. We all mostly played games and drank beer for a bit and then the girl who order the tequila grabbed my arm and said, “you and me are doing shots.” If my memory serves me correctly this is where it probably started to go down hill.

We took one, and whoooofff. I remembered we were broke freshmen and it was cheap. That’s how I knew the girl I took this with was crazy because she was not phased. I knew I was messing with trouble. She reached for the bottle again, but I yielded to her. “Before we leave,” I replied.

Time passed and we took the last tequila shot and walked out. We trekked across campus and down a couple streets to the party. You could hear the music from a few houses down and everyone got excited. We walked in the back and up the stairs to get into what was probably a freshman’s dream come true of a house party. Strobes, jungle juice, kegs, dance floor, games… it was like the mecca you dream of. We all grabbed jungle juice and went to dance! As time passed after a few cups of jungle juice I went to find the bathroom. I was amazed to find this house had a trough style bathroom. I walked up to it and there were a couple other guys there on the ends. I walked into the middle and started to pee. I think I started sweating once I realized both the guys next to me towered over me and were black. I knew their cocks were out right for me to see. I had to battle with my gay, twink demons to not look…. but ooohhh i’m such a slut. I just gradually looked to my left to try to get a glimpse. I barely moved my head and just strained my eyes. I couldn’t see much but what I could see, maybe dreamed by what I wanted to see, looked impressive. I had to see the other way before he left. I try to look as casually as I can to the other side and again, it looks like my chocolate dream.

They both finish up and I just look at my own small cock and wait for them to leave. Then I finish and seek out my friends again. They hand me one more cup of juice and I try to say no and look for beer, but Ms. Tequila shots grabs me to the dance floor with the drink and we start dancing. She starts to grind on me and we dance like that then she twirls me around and says, “throw it back at me.”

I don’t know what took over me, but I did what she said. I wasn’t trying to show off my moves like that in public, but I did for a second. Then I quickly come too and twirls her around to the dance and try to brush it off.

“Wow… just as I thought, you do know how to throw that tight ass around.” she whispers into my ear. “How interesting.” I’m speechless for a second and then we dance on. I finish my cup of juice and head for the bathroom again to pee. I’m walking in and stumble into two guys as they are leaving. I try had my head down and didn’t really see who it was but they didnt’ even flinch when I fell into them. I bounced off them backwards. I looked up to apologize and it was two big, black football players.

“Well look who it is. It’s the little freshman who was looking at my cock in the bathroom earlier.” said the first football player.

“Oh shit. Yes it is.” added the second. They parted ways after that and I tried to pick up my jaw as I walked past. I went to the trough and did my business and as I walked out I felt a hand on my shoulder. It pulled me into the hallway away from the party. I kept my feet and looked up to see the two football players again.

“We again. We were just about to go back to the room to smoke. Do you want to come with us?” The first one asked me.

I was a bit shocked and all my sluttly mouth could say was, “yes.” They both laughed as I followed them down the hallway to the end. We got into the room and they explained one was a senior and the other was actually a redshirt senior, they were the two oldest on the team. They lit up the biggest blunt I’d ever seen and started puffing. They handed it to me and I took a hit that took me to the moon. They both laughed as they saw my eyes glaze over and asked me how I felt.

“That one hit has me about to fall to my knees.” came blurting out of my mouth…… “omg what did I say,” was all I could think. I can’t believe what came out of my mouth.

They both looked at each other, handed me the blunt again and stood up. “We thought we would give you a better view of what you wanted to see earlier.” And what happened next was unbelievable. I took a hit of the bunt, and then looked up to see two of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen hanging in front of me. That time I did fall to my knees.

I had to come back to earth and slowly reach my hands up for the long and thick cock in front of me. I don’t know what took over me. I wasn’t even thinking and then I had two veiny, pulsing dicks in my hand.

“So boy, we saw you looking at our dicks at the trough and didn’t think much, but then we saw that chick and you on the dance floor and we watched you throw that dumptruck you of back into her for a split second….. but dang we didn’t think it would be this easy to get you into this position.”

I didn’t know what to say. “How big are these?” was all I could think.

“Probably the biggest you’ve ever seen. I’m 9 inches long,” said the older one.

“I’m 2 1/2 inches across,” added the second one, “we are kinda like shake and bake. You think you can handle us?”

“mhm” was all I said before diving into a cock. The quick thought was that long cock is going to find new places inside me, but that thick one is probably going to be the big test. I decided to stroke him, and try to instantly impress them on the long member. I was impressed as I tried to let him invade my throat to his balls on the first go…. but that was the first lesson of a 9 inch cock.

“Oh my he is an eager twink. How slutty are you boy?”

I pulled off and caught my breath and went back down. I went a bit further but still hand atleast an inch or two to go. I pulled back and caught my breath and went for a third try…

“here let me help.” was all I heard as I went as far as I had gone then I felt his hand on my head, maybe he thought he was going slowly but I think my eyes rolled into the back of my head as I felt his balls on my chin and nine, veiny inches down my throat. I think I was really starting to black out when my throat spasmed and he pulled me off. They were both laughing as I was gasping for air. They handed me a beer and I took a sip to wet my mouth.

The one with a thick cock stood back up and told me to stand up, take off my clothes, and get on all fours. After I did that he grabbed a bottle of lube and walked behind me. “Since you got his throat first I’m going to feel his ass first.”

“oh no” was all I could think as I felt cold lube being poured onto my twinky hole. “hmmm… this looks like you’ve played with your self.” the black god behind me said.

“mhm…. I was in the shower before the party dreaming about tonight and toying myself….”I was at their mercy now. My twink slut self had total control.

I felt one finger slide into me and it was quickly joined by a second. The long dick in front of me slapped my face as he swung it into me. I picked it back up and swallowed the head in my mouth. It was time for me to show off some of my skills besides just taking it down my throat. As the one behind me added fingers loosening me up, I swirled my tongue around the cock in my mouth and started to bob up and down. My hands went to his balls and they felt light grapefruit they were so big. I bobbed up and down then let my tongue drag along the bottom to the big balls. I licked around and then back up to the head of the cock. As I popped it back in I felt something on my hole. It felt like a baseball bat.

“I can’t wait to feel this tight ass. You better take that cock in your mouth so you don’t scream too loud.”

He pressed into me and I tried to let him in. He kept going and poured some lube on and then he popped. If I didn’t have a mouth full of cock I would have screamed. They both heard the muffle version and laughed. “oh my god. This is the best one of my college career.” said the one with the coke can cock in my ass. The one in my mouth grabbed my hair and started to fuck my face. He was gentle at first, not forcing all 9 inches down my throat. As he bobbed my face on his cock, the one in my ass started to move. He pushed into me another inch and it felt like a fist going into me. His entire cock was the same thick width and as he pressed I just tried to let him have me. As he was halfway in, I felt the wide and thick cock start to pull out to the head, then press back in.

My own cock is just a river of precum right now dripping to the floor. I haven’t even touched my cock and I wish I could catch it all for me.

The thick cock in my ass is starting to find a rhythm with half his cock into me and then he smacks my ass, pulls out, and then yell’s, “touchdown” as he slams it all into me. He has such force that as I feel his balls slap into my and I’m pretty sure I felt his cock in my stomach and thinking my ass will never be the same, he pushes me forward and all 9 inches are back down my throat. I’m being spit roasted like no twink slut has been split before. I had to had the world record for most cock inside me right now. The one in my mouth starts to face fuck me for all I’m worth, pulling all 9 inches out and shoving them all back in.

The thick cock behind me starts to follow suit and tear into my ass without regard.

I’m struggling to breath while being pounded on both ends. The football player behind me is pulling all the way out and then driving all the way in. It’s been mostly pain but I’m starting to get used to the stretching he is giving me. They hear me start to moan around the cock in my mouth and laugh.

“Shit this white ass isn’t going to be the same once I’m done.” Said the one behind me.

“I can’t wait to get into it after you. White boy you are going to feel this dick where you’ve never felt anything before.” said the one in front.

My ass is in another world. The thick cock going in and out is driving me insane. It’s all pleasure and my little cock is rock hard. He keeps pounding in and out and my cock starts to spasm as I roll into an orgasm without even touching myself. As I scream like a slut into the cock in my throat I tighten my ass.

“oh shit he’s cumming just from my dick in his ass. Oh white boy you got the tightest ass. I’m about to cum,” he said. “Let’s switch positions, this is going down his throat.”

My eyes lit up with joy. I’m about to drown in thick, yummy, cum from the thickest black cock.

He gets in front of me and starts to jerk himself but I quickly grab his cock aiming to give him the pleasure myself. I open my mouth as wide and possible and can only swallow a little past his head. I jerk him off with my hands as I swirl my tongue around his head. I move a hand to his huge balls and feel them tighten.

“oh here it cums.” he says.

I feel the first shot and it fills up my mouth. I try to keep as much in but after just the first two squirts my mouth is full. I swallow as fast as I can to keep up and not lose any. He suddenly pulls out and aims at my face. It felt like his cum was never ending. After a few more shots my face was covered in his seed and I stuck my tongue out to drink as much as I could.

“holy shit, I can’t wait to do that all season long.” The satisfied football player said.

I was sticking my tongue out to try to lick my cum covered face and take my finger and run it around and then let my tongue wrap around my face to taste it.

“Don’t forget about me,” was all I heard before I was pushed onto my knees once more and felt a probe on my now very used hole. I felt a little pressure and the head popped in, after that it was straight to the hilt. I felt his 9 inch cock snaking into me and if the first cock didn’t reach my stomach, this one did.

I was quickly taken from my cum covered fantasy and pulled back into being a used hole…. mmmm my favorite place to be. This long dick was taking no mercy on me and was all the way in and all the way out. I didn’t have a cock in my mouth this time so there was nothing to muffle my moans. “Damn you even sound like the sluttiest one I’ve ever had.” He said as he found new space inside me with every thrust. He was fucking me so hard I was starting to lift off the ground every time he was all the way in me, but I was just a twink hole in his arms to fuck as he would effortlessly pull me back.

“Holy shit, you are going to be our lucky charm this season. Your ass is amazing, this isn’t going to be the last time you feel my cock explode inside you.” he said.

I felt him thrust as hard as he could into me and then his tool erupted. He left it in for a few second to let the first loads go into my stomach, then he went right back to fucking me without regard for me to give me all that he had. 9 inches still going in and out, I can’t believe it… is his cock just always hard? I went back into my second anal orgasm and my cock wasn’t hard, but was just a river of my own cum flowing onto the floor below me. “uhhhhhhhhh don’t stop…” came moaning out of my mouth. My ass was spasming around his cock, milking all of the cum into my ass. My own cock leaking an absolute puddle below me.

The longest dick I’ve ever had was slowly coming to a stop inside me. He pressed all the way into me one more time, then pulled out and I moaned like a hungry slut as he finally popped out. He came so far up in me I wasn’t leaking that much cum, but I could feel it inside me.

I fell to the floor into my own puddle of cum and was just trying to breathe. That was the fucking of a lifetime…. and I couldn’t wait for the next time. “Hey cum slut, I know you don’t want that to go to waste….” came from the oldest, which actually felt like an order…. I crawled down so my face was next to my own puddle of cum and starting licking it off the floor. I rolled back over to slurp it up…. mmmm even if it wasn’t the tasty seed out of a long black dick, I still loved it…..

“Damn white boy. sorry I don’t even know if I can call you a boy, you might be the sluttiest thing I’ve ever gotten into. If I play a good next game you better get ready for a semester of this thick dick in your ass. Next time you are taking it into your throat.” he said. “There is a bathroom over there is you want to clean up, give me your phone number and when I text you for the next round you show up.” he added.

I slowly peeled my cum covered body up to find the bathroom and clean up. I wiped… and licked… as much cum off me as I could enjoying the taste of the cum leaking out of me, on my face, and from the puddle of my own cum. I reached out to feel my ass and it has never felt more abused. I could easily slide a finger into it with the cum still leaking out as lube. I added a second and tried to scoop out as much as possible enjoying the taste of the black, cock god of a human being that just gave me his gift.

I joined my friends who seemed so drunk they didn’t even notice I was gone. We danced some more and I added a few more drinks to try to numb my asshole that was definitely feeling the effects of both the thickest and longest dicks to ever be in my ass. After a bit we all walked back to the dorm and headed for our rooms. The girl who is probably responsible for this whole night, the tequila shots girl who I backed my ass up on, was on my floor and we stumbled down the hall together. My room was first and she was amazed I had a solo. She pushed me in and followed saying, “Let me see what it looks like!”

“oh geez, do I have any toys out?” was all I could think.

By :MikeTight420

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