18 year old freshman attends the party of the year and finds more than jungle juice

The group decided to go out to a pizza spot on campus and I was happy to go along. As I walked up to the group one of the girls commented how refreshed and relaxed I always looked.

“Gosh I feel like it’s because I’m the lame one always leaving early to get to sleep.” I replied. But all I was thinking was, “well that’s because there is a chance I’ve had the most mind blowing orgams on campus so far this year.” We all laughed and headed off for food. After we ordered I asked about the party.

“It’s at the football house actually. Today is the last day they can party for a while because of their schedule. So they have the day off tomorrow and apparently that means a big, big party,” said one of the guys.

“Oh dang. Sounds like it’ll be a good one then.” I responded…. and then again in my dirty, slutty mind all I could think was, “hopefully there are some big, big cocks to slide into my twink ass.” And I meant the plural.

We all finished our pizza and chatted about tonight. One of the other freshman guys who looked a lot older had a fake and said he could pick up booze for the pre-game. We got a mix of liquor and beer like before, but this time one of the girls asked for tequila too. We smuggled it into the dorms like Pablo Escobar and opened up the drinks as fast as we could. We still had a couple hours until the party so we had plenty of time. We all mostly played games and drank beer for a bit and then the girl who order the tequila grabbed my arm and said, “you and me are doing shots.” If my memory serves me correctly this is where it probably started to go down hill.

We took one, and whoooofff. I remembered we were broke freshmen and it was cheap. That’s how I knew the girl I took this with was crazy because she was not phased. I knew I was messing with trouble. She reached for the bottle again, but I yielded to her. “Before we leave,” I replied.

Time passed and we took the last tequila shot and walked out. We trekked across campus and down a couple streets to the party. You could hear the music from a few houses down and everyone got excited. We walked in the back and up the stairs to get into what was probably a freshman’s dream come true of a house party. Strobes, jungle juice, kegs, dance floor, games… it was like the mecca you dream of. We all grabbed jungle juice and went to dance! As time passed after a few cups of jungle juice I went to find the bathroom. I was amazed to find this house had a trough style bathroom. I walked up to it and there were a couple other guys there on the ends. I walked into the middle and started to pee. I think I started sweating once I realized both the guys next to me towered over me and were black. I knew their cocks were out right for me to see. I had to battle with my gay, twink demons to not look…. but ooohhh i’m such a slut. I just gradually looked to my left to try to get a glimpse. I barely moved my head and just strained my eyes. I couldn’t see much but what I could see, maybe dreamed by what I wanted to see, looked impressive. I had to see the other way before he left. I try to look as casually as I can to the other side and again, it looks like my chocolate dream.

They both finish up and I just look at my own small cock and wait for them to leave. Then I finish and seek out my friends again. They hand me one more cup of juice and I try to say no and look for beer, but Ms. Tequila shots grabs me to the dance floor with the drink and we start dancing. She starts to grind on me and we dance like that then she twirls me around and says, “throw it back at me.”

By :MikeTight420

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