16th Birthday CUM Party

Though I will be 16 years old am still little in body type, but then again big in other areas for being a boy, my jelly Bubble Butt, (BB), evil smile, just the way I like it, am such a sissy bitch, hehehe, on the day of my 16th. Birthday something strange happen that I should had been more aware and paid more attention too, MY SURROUNDINGS, which cost me to get rape by 5 clowns, but thats just getting ahead of this story, thats for the next story, it’s very late in the afternoon, am still on my PJ’s, I’ve been lazy all day, mommy and sisters are fixing up the place for my party tonight, she sends me on an eren so I want to the Bodega, corner store to get some things for my mommy’s cooking that she is preparing for my party too, and being that it’s right at the corner I was too lazy to change clothes besides everyone knows me on the block that I am a good girl, well boy, hehehe, I just went out on my pink animal printed PJ’S, love it, cos it brings out the animal in me, Yes, mommy don’t like me going out like that cos it makes my jelly BB BITCH ass wiggle more freely, I love it when I make heads turn, Yes, am a cock teaser as well, hehehe, but I didn’t pay it too much mine to the matter cos it was a fast in and out thingy, as I thought, anyway, the older man at the store is a very nice man, well, sometimes he don’t let me pay for things cos he says am real cute, he had also on occasions let me come around the counter and help him out with his customers, he likes training me on work, it’s a tight spot cos he is very fat and every time my back is to him and I pass by him he hugs me so tight and tells me how he wish I belong to him, I guess he means as if I was his son or something, he is so cute like a cuddable big teddy bear, so anyway, I go in the store, I say hi to MONCHY, the store older man, I named him like that cos he is always eating something, hehehe, so Monchy says, Hey my pretty boy is here, come around and give me a hug, you don’t visit me much since your growing up, I guess you must be busy with that sexy ass of yours to come visit this old man, maybe you don’t love me no more, but thank you for the cakes you bring me, Yes, I bring him a piece of my birthday cake every time it’s my birthday, I say, Oh Munchy, don’t say that, I still love you very much, so I go around skipping to him like a good little girl, I mean boy and well, ok it’s impossible but I do try to hug him ok, he is so big and round, like a huge teddy bear, hehehe, he kisses me on my lips, he is Italian, I also like his accent, Monchy sees me in my PJ’S and says, hey, you look so good, come here, he asked me if I can sit on his lap for a while being that I don’t come see him much so I said, well, ok, but just for a little while cos I must get back fast, mommy is waiting for her things, I climb up to his lap, he let’s me take care of his customers by ringing them up while I sit on his lap, he shakes me up and down as he laughs cos his big belly jumps when he laughs, he says I tickle him when I sit on him, so after a while of taking care of like 6 customers for him and when there was no one in the store he hugs me again and real fast humps me on his lap that I had to hold on bending over on the counter as he yells, OOH, YES, YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU, WOW, WOW, WOW, YES, YES, YES, YES, THANK YOU MY PRETTY BOY THANK YOU SO MUCH, OH BOY, GOOD BOY, MMMM, and I get off saying, well, that was one hell of a ride, thank you, my pleasure to help you Monchy, now if you’ll excuse me, I must hurry and get my things, so I get back out from being behide the counter and as am getting my things I feel my PJ’S very wet on my ass, I said to myself, Ooh boy, I can’t believe he got me again, I giggled, I get mommy’s things and put all my stuffs on the counter, he bags it for me, I asked, Ok Monchy, what do I owe you? He says, nothing my pretty sweet boy, say hi to mommy for me, I said, Oh, well, ok thanks, your so kind to me, I will be back later on tonight with your piece of cake, and OH YEAH, thanks for the teaching game, you got me good again, he laughs I giggled, we kissed goodbye, it’s like a game we play, we call it, CUSTOMER SERVICE, in which I must take care of 5 customers real fast while I am on his lap as he is shaking me up and down but I must get off on the fifth one or he will wet me, and boy can he wet, well, I took care of 6 customers, I forgot and I stood on him too long, hehehe, poor Munchy, for the amount of CUM he leaves me I think he don’t get much happiness, I must change clothes now when I get home, Hmm, he really wet me good, am so slippery as I walk, I feel my PJ pants all up in my ass crack, WOW, he really, really got me good again, AMAZING, hehehe, so as am walking home am covering my ass cheeks and I noticed 5 hooded guys staring, pointing to me and calling me names, they are so mean to me, they don’t know me but they call me bad names, some in English, some in Spanish, like, Pato, Puto, Mariquita, Bitch, Slut, Faggot and saying out loud, we know you’re getting fucked by that fat perverted store owner, he love little whores like you, from across the street, I said to myself, why are hey being so mean and saying bad things about my good friend Munchy, he is a good, nice man and for a long time Munchy has been caring for me, my intention was to go back inside the Bodega but I wasted enough time playing games so I decided to go straight home and not look back at the bad, mean boys, but they kept calling me names, so I walked fast with my head down to my house without looking back, this area is getting worse with lots of gangs, drug dealers, which makes it hard for us good kids to have a good life, I get home all nervous, mommy asked yelling, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? WHY IS YOUR TUSHY ALL WET? HEY, IS MONCHY AT IT AGAIN? WHAT’S WRONG? WHY YOU SO NERVOUS SON? You see, mommy don’t know that Munchy occasionally fucks me, I never spoke to her about my wild private life though I tried, cos my mother suffers from cancer and I don’t want her to suffer cos of me, it’s bad enough what she is going through to worry about my daddy issues, besides it will kill her after she kills me, so then I yelled back, WILL YOU STOP WITH ALL YOUR QUESTIONS MOMMY, PLEASEEEEZZ, I took long cos at the store Monchy challenged me again, and Yes, Monchy played with me too, and I lost so that’s why my ass is all wet cos he wet me again with his water gun as I finished the 6th last customer mommy, and Yes, yes, I am nervous cos there were 5 hooded bad boys out there again only this time they were calling me mean names so I got scared Ok, mommy says, well, don’t worry much baby, we should be moving soon, this area is no good anymore, I said, ok, good, Oh and Monchy says Hi and send you back your money, I think he likes you mommy, I giggled she laughs but runs to me and spanks my dripping wet ass saying, GRRRRRRRR, you are so bad baby, he is too old and too fat for me, I know he means well by letting you ring up customers and teaching you how to be fast in doing so but does he has to wet that sexy tushy so much with his water gun just to let you know that you must move your ass faster? I giggled saying, Ooh mommy, so I go shower and get ready for my party, I must admit, as am taking my clothes off I see all the CUM on my PJ’s pants, WOW, so much happy juice that it got me horny so I smear the rest of Munchy’s CUM in my slut hole then I took the toilet plumger stick and fucked my pussy hole with it so good as I jerked myself at the same time, I shot 4 heavy squirts of my seeds on my hand which I licked it clean, I finished showering and I washed my long curly brunette hair smelling good, I called out to mommy, HEY MOMMY, CAN YOU BRING ME MY ROBE, PLEASE, but no answer, I yelled louder, MOMMY, YOU THERE? CAN YOU PLEASE BRING ME MY ROBE, ITS HANGING IN MY ROOM DOOR, MOMMY !!! still no answer, so I get out and run to my room with just the towel around my head and naked cos I forgot to bring my shower robe with me, mommy see me covering my dick and runs after me spanking my jelly BB red and yelling, SHAKE THAT TUSHY, SKAKE THAT SEXY JELLY TUSHY FOR MOMMY, YESS, and she laughs, I giggle yelling back, MOMMY, MOMMY, PLEASE, STOP MOMMY, DON’T SPANK ME, YOUR GOING TO MAKE ME SLIP, AM ALL WET, I giggle so hard, I get to my room and I lock my door I take off the towel around my hair, I gaze at the mirror as I look at my back side and I amazed myself cos I do have long hair down to my cerved ass cheeks and WOW, I have a hot sexy body, I would fuck myself if my dick was long enough, hehehe, I pretty myself up fast cos my boyfriend is coming soon and its getting late, a little make up won’t hurt so I work my face, I gloss up my puffy lips with Vaseline, mommy yells to me from the kitchen, HEY SEXY BOY, YOU LEFT YOUR DIRTY AND WET PJ’S ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR, THANK YOU, OOH, AND YOUR BOYFRIEND JUST RANG THE FRONT DOOR BELL AND IS COMING UP THE STAIRS NOW, I yell back, OK MOMMY THANKS, AND SORRY, so I rush, I fix my thong panties right up, tight in my ass crack, I put my older sister’s body cream on my ass and my little balls, then some on my nipples, my feetsys, my toesys and my bellybutton, you’ll never know where you’re getting your next kiss, hehehe, I wear my see through black long sleeves shirt that you can see my nipples, and my matching black silk tight short pants, with my hot black high hills shoes, I had shaved my legs though I didn’t had much hair, am all sexy dressed up, I come out of my room, party started, I see Honeybee among lots of people there and my older sister is all over him as he stares at me with his mouth wide open and whispers, Hi, I evil smile at him, it gets crazy when Honeybee, my man, comes to my party cos my older sister don’t get off him, always asking him to dance with her but she don’t know that’s my lover, I have on this all black 2 piece suit, but it looks as if am wearing a dress cos the blazer of the suit is long enough that it covers and hides my short tight pants, as I go around greeting everyone trying to get to my man so I can save him from my older sister, I get a lot of spankings from the guesses as always, my man don’t care if I am touched by other hands, in fact he likes the show, he gets horny seeing am being fundel, hehehe, mommy was so drunk she didn’t noticed they were molesting me, I danced my ass off with 3 of my male friends, not including my lover cos he is busy with my older sister, I guess he is trying to make me jealous, so I’ll play his game, I invite 4 older men to dance with me but I see they are drunk, I will name these 4 older men so we don’t get confused, APPLE, RAISIN, PEAR, and BANANA, Apple, cos he has a big Adams apple, Raisin, cos his face is very wrinkled, Pear, cos he has a big pear size balls, and Banana, cos his cock bends like a banana, and I am the Cherry, hehehe, so they all lean on me too much, as I am dancing with them, Apple gets on my back, holds me to him and starts dirty dancing on my ass, I tried to get loose from him but he huged my back tight then everyone gets up and started dancing around us and it got real crowded, so crowded that all 4 men took advantage of the situation and molested me, Apple pulled up my blazer and humped my ass as I stand, cos at this point I couldn’t even move to dance, well, Apple tells me in my ear that he wants to fuck me, I tell him, Sir, Apple Sir, please get off me, I only asked you guys to dance with me Sir, then he kept pushing on to me that I ended up slightly bending over and I had to hold myself on to Raisin, the other 2 guys, Pear and Banana, were at my sides, left and right, I wonder, how the hell do I get into these messes every time, anyway, as we all are on the floor dancing so tight together, with low lights and loud music, they started touching me all over, Pear caressed my dick, making it hard, I see my man going to my sisters room, she is dragging him, I scream to him, GRRRRRRR, HONEY, HONEYBEE, WHERE ARE YOU GOING, COME HERE NOW, GRRRRRR, but he can’t hear me, I looked for mommy but she was all the way to the end of the kitchen serving food to the guess, and I don’t know who the hell are some of these people, I am being kissed on my neck, kissed on my hair, kissed on my face, an being kissed all over, then I feel Pear’s hand unzipping my pants, Raisin was pinching my nipples, Mmm, that feels good, I start to moan, OOH, MMMM, YEAH, am getting weak cos now I feel Apple’s hard cock in my ass dry humping me while Raisin is playing with my nipples and jerking himself, WOW, what a beautiful cock Raisin has, Mmm, while Pear just took my dick out of my pants and is jerking me fast, I moan more, OOH, YESS, OOH YESS, OOH MY GOODNESS, MMM, Banana is putting my hand on his hard bend cock, feels nice so I start jerking him but I really want to deep throat suck it, then I take Pear’s cock and Banana’s cock and I jerk them both at the same time, as I get so horny I perk up my ass and I push back to meet Apple’s fast humping me, so there I am, getting my nipples played with by Raisin as he jerks me, Pear and Banana are kissing my neck and face as I jerk them, Apple is wildly humping my ass and this Cherry is about to burst in to CUM, then all of a sudden my ass gets this very hot wetness again by Apple on my ass grouping me as I was dancing with him, I did felt his big hard cock poking my ass, WOW, he shot me so much it’s dripping down my inner sexy legs, I shoot 3 hot loads on Raisin’s pants, he jerked himself off on me and shoots his 3 hot loads on my front short pants, Pear shot his 3 hot loads on my left side pants as I jerked him off, then Banana shoots his 3 hot loads on my right side pants as I jerk him off also, it does gets a little hot at my parties, hehehe, the 4 men left quickly right after leaving me their birthday seeds, this happened in less then 10 minutes, I bring down my blazer and cover myself, all the CUM with my blazer, I go to my man and I say in a bitchy tone, look my love, thanks for leaving me alone on the dancing floor, those 4 men just popped my Cherry as we danced while you was fooling around with my older sister sweetie, now come with me and I take him by his ear and I drag him inside the bathroom with me to help me clean up, I lock the bathroom door, I grab him by his two ears with my two hands and I pull him down on my tight short pants and I made him lick all the 12 hot dripping CUM off my pants, I get more horny now as I see him sucking, slurping, licking and kissing the CUM spots, he finished cleaning my pants, I kissed him so deep that my tongue played with the 12 CUMS he still had in his mouth, then I thanked him, we go out, they call me to sing the birthday song, we cut the cake, I cut and take a big separate piece for Monchy like always and I tell mommy am going to go take it to him, mommy tells me, Ok, go, but take your boyfriend, Honeybee, cos it’s late night and be careful, I said to my honey, WOW, she is drunk, she called you, Honeybee, my boyfriend, but not like a BOY FRIEND more like a BOYFRIEND, you know like, togetherness, Yeah, ok, anyway, though she did explained to me that it’s ok to call you like that cos you are a boy and you are my friend, but it sounded more like BOYFRIEND not BOY FRIEND to me, Honeybee tells me, Ok, so lets enjoy it, so we go, we look around to make sure the 5 bad boys are not around, OK, cost is clear, we run to the Bodega laughing and giggling cos we are chicken shits, hehehe, we go in, I yelled, HEY MONCHY, I AM HERE WITH YOUR CAKE AND MY BOYFRIEND! !, HE comes out from the back with his zipper open saying, can a man take a piss in peace, and he laughs I giggled, Honeybee says, WOW, thats a big man, Munchy says, I was just closing up the store, Mmm, you pretty boys looks so yammy beautiful, I introduced my man to him, this is Honeybee my boyfriend, Honeybee, this is Monchy, Honey says, Yeah, no kidding, hehehe, Monchy says to me, hey, you become a big boy today, so you may have anything you want in my store cos it’s your birthday ok son, and Honeybee, it’s my pleasure to meet you, turn around and let me see you, so Honeybee turns, Monchy says, Ooh Yeah, you are a good one too, Monchy asks, you girls want to play the customer service game, so I explained to Honeybee about the game and I said, Ok, we can keep you company for a little while but we are dressed up too pretty in new clothes and we will get kill if we get wet in them so to play the game we will take our clothes off, all butt naked ok, and Monchy says, Ok, then I will take off my clothes too and get in position, Honeybee says, but there is no customers and he just closed the store, I said, well, we will pretend that there is customers here ok baby, lets humor him a little ok, he is a lonely man and I like to make him happy cos he has no one to visit him, no family, no friends but me, so I do what I can to make his day, Honeybee says, WOW, you are a good hearted boy, that’s why I love you, so we go to the back of the store, we get naked and I let Honey go first, Monchy is laying on the bed he has in the back room nude, cos he lives inside his store, Hmm, he looks good naked, a hairy big man, though he is very, very fat, his cock is sexy huge, Honey looks at me and asks, now tell me, how in the hell am I suppose to climb up that mountain of a belly? He laughs I giggled, I tell him, don’t be mean and bad, Monchy is a nice older man, here, I’ll help you, so I go in front and over Monchy’s head as he is laying down on his back, I spread my legs, now my asshole is facing Monchy’s face which he waste no time licking it and fingering me, weakness attacks me and I moan, OOH MY GOODNESS, YESS, YESS, YESS, I catch my strength and lean over his big belly, I grabbed Honeybee’s hands, Honey now spreads his legs also and his asshole is facing Monchy’s big fat cock, I tell Honeybee, ok, now pretend I am a customer and I will let go of your hands and you will have to serve me by climbing over to me, I will count to 10 then, if you can’t reach me you will get a wet ass, now Honeybee don’t know that Monchy poured baby oil on his big belly so he can slip, thats how he tricked me last summer and I kept falling on to his big cock, my asshole was so lube with that baby oil that Munchy’s cock just slid in and out of me like nothing, we begin, I let go and started counting, as Honeybee jumps desperately with his legs wide open, Monchy humps and pokes Honey’s slut hole wildly with his big fat cock every time Honey lands on it, Honeybee moans, OOH MY, OOH MY, OOH MY, I count and yell to Honeybee, 1, COME ON HONEBEE, 2, YOU CAN DO THIS, 3, GET UP HERE SWEETIE, Monchy’s cock is precuming fast, and Honeybee yells, OOH MY, HIS COCK IS HUGE, OOH MY, 4, JUMP SWEETIE JUMP, 5, YES, YOUR ALMOST THERE SWEETIE, 6, CLIMB SWEETIE, CLIMB TO MAMI, Honey says, I can’t get up there, every time I jump, I slide back down to his cock, and he humps my hole so fast that his cock goes all the way in me, and Honeybee moans, WOW, WHAT A GREAT COCK, THAT FEELS GOOD MR. MONCHY SIR, 7, GIVE ME YOUR HANDS SWEETIE, but Munchy plays harder with my slut hole which makes me let go of Honey’s hands, 8, JUMP AND GRAB MY HANDS SWEETIE, 9, Honeybee yells, OOH FUCK, OOH FUCK, OOH FUCK, and falls hard slamming on Monchy’s big fat cock again and as he slides back down, he feels Monchy’s cock going in and out, Honey moans some more, OOH YES, OOH YES, OOH MR. MONCHY SIR, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, YOU FEEL SO GOOD IN ME, WOW, WOW, WOW, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, so he just stays there taking it all the way in him, I yell, 10, GOOD JOB HONEYBEE, WELL DONE SWEETIE, ENJOY IT, Monchy moans, YES, YES, YES, AM CUMING, AM CUMING, AM CUMING, OOH SWEET BOY, AM CUMING YES, WOW, YOUR SO TIGHT SWEET BOY, YES, YES, YES, YES, now Honey is full and smiling, I kiss him so good I sucked his tongue out, Honeybee rolls off him, comes to me and says, WOW, that was so cool, I have never been fucked by a big man like him, am going to get him ready for you BB, so Honeybee crawls over and goes to Monchy’s soft fat cock and starts giving him a blow job, I see Monchy getting real hard fast so I tell Monchy, hey big guy, you worked hard enough with my boyfriend so I will go easy on you, I just will get on top of your cock and rock your world with my specialty, my anal massages, I have been known to make the strongest hard core man CUM crying, I have perfected my anal massages so good that you will think my asshole is giving you a blow job, he gets so excited so I climb on and I shoved myself on his big fat cock facing him, my dick and balls are rubbing Munchy’s big belly, he hugs me so I don’t fall and his cock is in me, I fucked away, WOW, did I get weak on top of him, his big fat cock is like having 2 regular cocks in me, I did my master anal massages on his fat cock and it wasn’t not even 5 minutes when I had 6 CUM shots squirting deep in me, I yelled, OOH MY GOODNESS, OOH MY GOODNESS, OOH MUNCHY, WOW, YOU FEEL SO SWEET MONCHY, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, YOU GIFTED ME WITH YOUR SEEDS, GOOD MAN SWEETHEART, OOH THANK YOU, OOH THANK YOU SO MUCH, YEAH, YEAH, SWIM IN ME YOU TINY BABY MUNCHY SEEDS, AHI, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, SO SWEET, UFFFF, I had a triple orgasm inside my inner self asshole and I came with 3 hot CUM shots, I stayed stuck to him for a while as I like it cos am a good bitch, after a good fuck I love it when we stay plugged in like when a Rocky knot his bitch, I just laid on his big belly and he played with my hair as we wait, Honeybee is now getting dressed, so after like 10 minutes I open my slut hole wide and released his soft but fat cock, we get dressed, I picked up some food for the house as Monchy said, then Monchy thanked us for keeping him company and for the cake, we kissed, big tongue kiss goodnight and also he kissed my boyfriend then we left back to the party, it’s really late out, we looked around again but we didn’t see anyone so we ran home again, we sneaked in the party mommy asked, what took you guys so long? But noticing that mommy was real drunk I took advantage and I said, mommy, we have been here a long time ago, I got some goodies from the store that Monchy gave me as a gift and we were dancing right next to you, she grabbed our ass and felt that our wet ass were dry cos we took off our clothes so she says, Ok, ok, you win, and she spanks both of us hard, Honeybee tells me, WOW, your mom has strong hands, her spanking hurts, I tell Honey, you are a pussy, mommy spanks me all the time so am use to it, but she must be real drunk to fall for that one, I giggled he laughs, now the party is dieing out, people are leaving, we are tired, Honeybee sneaks a kiss goodnight to me, my older sister kisses Honey in his mouth, he gets surprised, I giggled, I got so much gifts and so much spanks like always, I tell mom, hey mommy, I will help you clean up tomorrow ok, she says sure baby, hope you had a good birthday, I said, Yes, mommy, the best, sisters said goodnight, mommy said goodnight, I turn off the light saying, thanks for everything you guys, love you much, goodnight, I go to my room, locked the door, got all naked, went to bed sucking my thumb and stuck 3 fingers in my slut hole and played with Monchy’s wet gift…

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