10-year-old Kimmy decided to bake the beast of it

Camping was just not her thing. Kimmy did not understand
why her parents felt they had to “Rough it” sometimes.
Even if you had a camper, like they did, everything about
camping was a pain in the butt.

She didn’t know why anyone would leave friends for a few
days — and TV and video games and the mall and
everything — just to live outside. It made no sense, but
she was stuck with it.

Kimmy went to the campground’s lodge to be with kids her
age. There was pool and ping-pong and arcade games, but
the girls always played shy, and the boys teased. No way
were they going to play with a girl! Besides, any guys
she liked wouldn’t look at her twice.

She was learning that to get a boy’s attention you had to
show something. With that in mind, Kimmy put on her two-
piece little girl bikini and went to the pool. She
detested the water, but a swimsuit was as nearly naked as
a girl could bet in public. She walked around the pool’s
edge, checking out the boys, settling on one she liked.
The youngster picked a spot across the water where he
could see her, and just kinda hung out.

The boy she had picked was the lifeguard. He was older,
but he was cute and muscley. Kimmy was ecstatic when he
first looked at her and smiled. Five minutes later she
wished she were invisible. It came on suddenly. She had
to pee. Kimmy almost had to grab herself, but fought the
urge. The guy would probably like it, but…

Instead Kimmy paced the deck. She knew she should just go
to the outhouse, but they were a mile away and she wanted
the lifeguard to look at her as long as possible. She
hoped neither he nor anyone else happened to be looking
at her when she wet herself.

The deck was already wet, so unless someone actually saw
the crotch of her suit get wet or see her urine dripping
from her legs, no one would know. Only the lifeguard
would know she hadn’t even gotten into the water yet.

Kim continued pacing for a while after she stopped
pissing in her bikini. She could get in the pool and
rinse off, but decided to go back to the campsite
instead. If Mom and Dad were there, she could change into
her pajamas.

Instead of following the road and trails all the way
around, Kimmy cut through some other campsites. Most were
unoccupied. Only one had a camper on it, but no one
appeared to be around. She didn’t see the German Shepard
until she was practically on top of him.

He was friendly enough, though, and the ten-year-old
decided to play with him for a minute. The happy animal
did not seem to listen to her at all. He just pranced
around and sniffed at her. When she thought about it, it
didn’t seem strange that the Rocky smelled between her
legs. She had just wet herself, and animals were curious
about such odors.

It did take Kimmy by surprise when the Rocky began licking
her skin. It was like he was cleaning the pee from her
legs. It felt kind of nice, and the girl imagined how
much better it might feel if she didn’t have her bikini

Her short black hair flew out as she quickly looked
around her. She could sit at the picnic table, facing the
fireplace and away from the road and no one could see if
she pulled her bottoms down. In a second they ringed her
bare feet, as she opened her legs and slouched down on
the bench. The nosey Shepard was still there, and still
interested in the pissy smell in her crotch.

Kim was immediately glad she took the chance. The Rocky’s
raspy tongue lapping at her privates was almost as good
as finger fucking herself. She pulled her cunny lips open
with her fingertips. If the Rocky could get his tongue
inside her it might even be better.

By :FJ

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